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Copyright © 2007 Tatiana Cardeal. All rights reserved.

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São Paulo's Military Police Force yesterday, who decide to explode gas bombs in a crowd of almost 10.000 people at the World March of Women and anti Bush protest, causing panic and hurting people, because a few "punks" and protesters, not more than 15 young, tryied to close the avenue lying down in front of some cars and provoking disturbs.


"We who in engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive."

Martin Luther King Jr.


More of this day,

by good fellow's eyes:


Um dia. Uma foto.

from the "Scream of the Excluded" day.


I invite you to read my interview at the GLOBAL VOICES.

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Another piece of the Afroreggae project.

Here is Afroreggae group playing at the meeting, inside the headquarters of the

military policy of Rio de Janeiro, where they did a coletive show, trying to approach

the military policemen from the favela's people.

A very very difficult challenge for both sides.


This belongs to Afroreggae set.

Copyright © 2006 Tatiana Cardeal. All rights reserved.


Published by Global Voices

The Pareci's myth of creation tells they were birth from a stone, led by a mythical hero called Wazare, which had spread them from all the land. After Wazare finished his mission distributing the Pareci People on the Pareci's Chapada, he did a big confraternization's party before going back to his world.

During this party he taught the functions from the head, from the mind,

commanding the body, and our capacity to develop intelligence while finding mental and spiritual fullness. He did it teaching the Xikunahity, the "head soccer".


>Indigenous Meeting at Betioga city.

The Pareci People live at Chapada dos Parecis, on Mato Grosso State from Brazil.

Population about 1.293, in 1999.


Published by Global Voices (interview) and Flickrama


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