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First attempt to shoot LE of Carousel.

shot taken yesterday in G.V - Dubai City

this was the Indian Village :D Loved the reflection 9ra7ah!


w chaan ashoof awal bent a3arefha fe flickr

( m!st )

w weyaha ( mentalo0 )

w weyahum ( amouna )

w weyahum hhhhh bs bs

fedaaaaitkm u made our day ams - me & to7fa!! :p


hope u like it :D

only 20% of contrast has been added




Jum3atkm Mbarakah ALL =)

t3bt MN elfra8 elly abd ma shftlh 2aaa5r .. !! ~


Shot for

Global Village Festival

10th Anniversary Celebration

Photography project =) if you want to see the results ,,, just check my latest portrait shots =)



next to el al3aaab area


الإجازة تعني شيئا واحدا: أن نمتلك 24 ساعة لمدة ثلاثة أشهر،

بها نمسك مفاتيح الحياة، ونفتح لعالمنا أبوابا كثيرة ، نترك أثرا

و نعلن في بدايتها : إنها الإجازة ؛ إنها العودة إلى الحياة

* أفنان الصالح


I clicked this one during an annual shopping festival in Dubai

Shot for

Global Village Festival

10th Anniversary Celebration

"In their wisdom, the children whose intermingled voices gave birth to the Peace Poem know that peace is far more than the absence of war. Children know that peace comes from the heart; it lives in the way we see others; it survives in the respect we show our neighbors every day. They also know, often better than adults, that today’s world is a global village and that we are all neighbors."


Preface by Kofi Annan

Model: Marfo0os


:::::We Had So much fun todaaay ^_^ !!:::::


Looking through the earth, Argentina can be seen beneath Australia, currently ablaze.


Global village 01

Global village 02

Global village 03

Thanks 4 taking time to notice my pic..!

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