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I find it fascinating that many people knit at meetings and conferences in the USA. Especially library ones. Curiously, the highest proportion of knitting librarians I've seen in a room is when they've been discussing metadata, at a workshop. Make of that what you will.

Currently eating desperately needed late lunch and, slightly surrealy, following keynote in the room next door through twitter.

library mini golf

Lots of healthy and unhealthy stuff. All manner of drinks.

The damned clock shows the wrong time. I tried to adjust it, and it started playing music that I couldn't shut off for 30 minutes. I can't work out how it works. Pulling out the power supply doesn't stop it - it still operates! (Hence, evil).


It also has the wrong time on it by an hour and WILL NOT let me adjust it :-(


Last night, in fear of it blaring music at random, I stuck it in the bathtub. The chambermaid put it back. Tonight it's outside on the balcony and hopefully it'll either be removed or will stay there.

First meal at GLLS2008 in the italian restaurant in the hotel. Using Twitter at the same time to link up with people.

In a row, pretending to blog whilst really playing WoW, checking their stock portfolio's.

The footwear of choice for #glls2008, and for US Presidential Election Day.

guess I should take it down before the maid comes in to clean my hotel room

Gratis gave til alle deltakere

Amy J. Kearns, MLIS

library mini golf

He was good, on real data concerning aspects of violent games and kids.

joe_librarian, now taking tips.

mario kart