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I decided to go back to one of my earlier pieces in this project and recreate it.

This is it: Supernova Girl - 115/366


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Anytime I do something crazy like get my fingers covered in wax, pour paint on myself, tape my camera to my tripod because I can't find my tripod head, slam myself on the ground or sit on huge stuffed animal and yell like a psycho where people can see me... I realize how much I love what I do.

Photography is such a beautiful thing to me & honestly it's what I love the most. It's such a burning passion & I'm willing to do anything to make a good photograph. I carry my camera to every single place. REALLY I DO. I sit in my classes all day throughout school & my camera is snugged with me on my desk. I love my camera, I feel empty without it. Anytime I'm feeling down, I can always turn to photography. I dream about someday working for awesome magazines & having huge sets with assistants and pretty dresses and I feel all these butterflies in my stomach. I really hope things work out for me... I feel like they will. I feel like no matter what happens, I'll be in a great spot... just because I'm willing to fight like hell for my dreams and never give up. I feel like in the end it will work out.

I feel spellbound ♥


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Watch this video:

It's my trip to california :D


This piece us very experimental!

I'm so behind it's ridiculous :/

oh I re dyed my hair yesterday :)

purple & pinkkk


(ps. sorry for being a lousy contact)


Quedada con el grupo "Madrid y sus fotógrafos" en los Jardines del Buen Retiro, de Madrid, el día 15.08.2008


Pre Construction

Loading At United Coffee Warehouse

Color Version of this


I'm leaving to Cali on Friday! I'm so excited.


I've been keeping myself occupied, I've been a horrible contact & I know it. I will fulfill my promises soon I promise.


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she is almost ready to go, these are the last pictures of her.

Goodbye Glenda, you'll always be my little blonde princess ...


ok, you're right, I understand...

you are the most blonde of all my girls.


Model: Lindsay Worsham

MUA/Hair: Sara Egri

Styling: Erica Hanks

Decided it was time to have a play with shutter speeds. I found a little bit of a river and with the help of a +8 ND filter and my new tripod...... this was the result - SOOC.


thanks in advance for the views and comments, tips and suggestions :)


This was a practice run, so hopefully as I find more interesting bodies of water, these should improve :)


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