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Dear friends, yesterday afternoon I went to Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy to take a look at "Giro d'Italia", the famous international cycling race. When I came back from the race I took this shot, as you can see the weather wasn't so good...


Digitally developed from a single RAW file with RawTherapee and enhanced with GIMP.

Questo magnifico murale si trova tra il paese di Bordano e quello di Friuli





Giro d'italia zipped through here.

per un delirio perfetto, prendere:


persone da tutta italia

mescolare con vecchi amici

aggiungere birra

dormire su un tappeto

aggiungere ancora birra

mescolare a fuoco lento

uscire di casa lasciando il forno acceso

cercare mozzarelle per la città

indicare un panettone da 100 euro


aggiungere vino col collo storto



farsi un occhio nero

perdere la voce


mancava solo un ingrediente

in norvegia


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100° Giro d'Italia - arrivo al Vesuvio

Cosa hanno potuto godere i ciclisti e tutta la carovana rosa da lassù......


Have a great week end!


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Via Jervis

Arrivo 16a tappa giro d'Italia 2013

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I used to be a King and everything around

me turned around

But I know all I have to do is sing

And I’ll lift myself way off the ground

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Such joy and happiness you bring

Like a dream

A guiding light that shines in the night

Heavens gift to me

You are so beautiful to me

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The sky is blue and the sun is shining

I feel like a bum with a pocket full of diamonds

I'm free as a bird and my spirits flying

That's enough to keep me smiling

» The 100 Bicycles project: 100 different bicycles photographed in detail. This is bicycle number 20.

To learn more about this project see the 100bicycles group.


De Giro d’Italia van 2016 start op vrijdag 6 mei in Nederland. De Grande Partenza is in Apeldoorn met een individuele tijdrit, waarna de volgende twee etappes Arnhem en Nijmegen gastheer zijn. Na het afscheid van Gelderland vervolgt het roze circus op Italiaanse bodem. In totaal staan er drie individuele tijdritten en zeven bergetappes op het programma. Op papier kunnen de rappe mannen zich zeven keer uitleven.

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Show me round your snow peaked mountains way down south

Take me to your daddy's farm

Let me hear your balalaika's ringing out

Come and keep your comrade warm.

I'm back in the U.S.S.R. hey

You don't know how lucky you are boy

Back in the U.S.S.R.

De Giro d'Italia (de beroemde jaarlijkse internationale wielerronde van Italië) start dit jaar in Nederland. Mijn woonplaats Apeldoorn kleurt al aardig roze, de kleur van de Giro. De gemeente Apeldoorn heeft de hele route van de eerste etappe, een individuele tijdrit, gemarkeerd met roze fietsen die in lantarenpalen hangen.


Zie de hele fotoserie van hoe Apeldoorn roze werd:


The Giro d'Italia (annual stage race bicycle race) starts in the Netherlands in 2016. Its start in Apeldoorn, my hometown, with a individual time trial. The city turns Pink, the colour of the Giro. The city marked the entire route in Apeldoorn by hanging pink-coloured bikes in the street-lights. The evening-light turns this pink-coloured bike more into orange.

Olympus digital camera

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Faster than a bullet from a gun

He is faster than everyone

Quicker than the blinking of an eye

Like a flash you could miss him going by

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Everything is good

And brown

On I'm here again

With a sunshine smile upon my face

Better view (the spectators) in large.

Serie: "Smiles from Giro d' Italia"


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Non c'è più chi perde o vince

quando il tempo non vuole.

Quando la strada sale,

non ti voltare; sai che ci sarò

Olympus digital camera

Olympus digital camera

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