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You know who you are ♥


And those who miss also know who you are~

Stock: Le Phuc Sinh

B&R: Le Phuc Sinh

bromoil print on Fomabrom 123


taken in Ukraine in 1980-1983

78. The Missing Girlfriend (quote) In a storm of worry, Jasper bestowed those still eager to meet him with ever-subtler compliments.

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Patrice PETIT - © 2009.


Samsung P10


Aucune photographie ne peut être reproduite, téléchargée, copiée, stockée, dérivée ou utilisée en partie ou en intégralité, sans permission écrite du propriétaire. Tous droits réservés.


No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without my written permission. All rights reserved.

Guy taking girlfriend pics in an abandoned and highly graffitied warehouse in Niland, CA.

ⓒRebecca Bugge, All Rights Reserved

Do not use without permission.


CDV of two young women. Probably dating to the 1890s, by the photographer "Hj. Kylander" in Kalmar.


My Girlfriend's a dick magnet

My Girlfriend gotta have it

She's hot, can't stop, up on stage, doing shots,

Tip the man he'll ring the bell, get her drunk she'll scream like hell

Dirty girl, gettin' down, dance with guys from outta town

Grab her ass, actin' tough

Mess with her, she'll fuck you up

No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned,

But she's comin' back to my place tonight


She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat

She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth

I like to strip her down she's naughty till the end

You know what she is, no doubt about it

She's a bad, bad girlfriend


Red zone, party's on,

Love this song, sing along

Come together, leave alone, see you later back at home

No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned

But she's coming back to my place tonight. I say

No one really knows just how far she's gonna go,

But I'm gonna find out later tonight.

She was my first love and she also liked the forest....


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II & Canon EOS 40D

Little India.

Fuji X100F

VSCO Film 06 + Classic Chrome

"Girlfriend now

I have a girlfriend now

No way, no how

I get a girlfriend now?


I remember it vividly, love

I’ve been walking erect

since the moment we met

And I caught your eye

To my surprise

Your white thighs

Hebraic neuroses ceased to be

An angel’s conversing with me

The new attractive to me

Is divine


Even if your friends don’t understand

No matter what I’ll always be your man

Even if you go

You know you’ll leave me feeling grand


Yeah Yeah


I’ll need new contraceptives,

Green eyes

I found god when you left him,

Green eyes

Let’s spend the night entwined

Out on the boardwalk in sickly summertime

Like the yin and the yang of the afikomen

You’re the omen

That all has changed that was deranged

Even if you suck me til I’m sore

No matter what,

I’d bleed to be your whore

Even if the cancer grows til we explode,

I’m yours"


- Max Bemis


Say Anything | In Defense of the Genre | 2007 | Brad Wood | J Records


*Taken at The National Gallery of Art in 4th St NW Washington, D.C.

*Model: Kimmie Nguyen foodiesUNITE!


© Michael Andrade

All Rights Reserved

18x12cm collage using figures by G. Peto

:copyright: 2017 photos4dreams - all rights reserved.

Girlfriend waitng for her boyfriend :P

Spider genus Micrathena is rarely seen and comes under endangered species...

SLR Camera: Nikon F5

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AF-D

Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

Filter: B+W UV-Haze MRC-nano XS-Pro Digital


Kobylianskoi Str. (HerrenGasse). Chernivtsi, Ukraine.


To see the pictures taken with this camera click here.

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A photo of my late partner Casey with her youngest child Johnny, taken in Summer 2005, provided by her brother-in-law.


Casey had lived a difficult life and had substance abuse problems, but in 2013 she was hard at work on her way to recovery and having a life again. I fell in love with her warm soul and her ability to bring me out of my shell.


But relapse started in 2014, and my refusal to be her enabler caused the relationship to stall, and for her to move back to her family in Las Vegas, where the relapse continued to take a toll on her and her loved ones. The pain came to an end in April 2016, when an overdose episode claimed her life.


Casey, your pain is over, it's time to be at peace and happy about the delightful soul that was you. The demons that haunted you are now history too. You will live on in the hearts and minds of your family and friends, and it was a true delight having had a chance to know and love you. Rest in peace.

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I could be your girlfriend


Hey! Hey! You! You!

I know that you like me

No way! No way!

You know it’s not a secret

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I want to be your girlfriend


You’re so fine

I want you mine

You’re so delicious

I think about ya all the time

You’re so addictive

Don’t you know what I could do to make you feel alright?

Don’t pretend I think you know I’m damn precious

And Hell Yeah

I’m the motherf******princess

I can tell you like me too and you know I’m right


she's like so whatever

And you could do so much better

I think we should get together now


I can see the way, I see the way you look at me

And even when you look away I know you think of me

I know you talk about me all the time again and again

So come over here, tell me what I want to hear


In a second you’ll be wrapped around my finger

Cause I can,

cause I can do it better

There’s no other

So when's it gonna sink in?

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