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Olympus OM-10

Olympus OM 200mm f/4 Zuiko Auto-T

Fujifilm Reala 100

Negative scanned


Sorry girl as i can't give you this picture

Your granpa gave me an invalid email adress... :(

Special Web Exhibition ''Girl Friend''


Flickr Group: 「Girl Friend / Boy Friend」

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Strawberry Machine 3rd Album ''Girl Friend'' 12/24 On Store.

This is her new album ''Girl Friend'' 's special theme web exhibition.

It’s extremely difficult to nail focus with this lens on moving subjects. Looking at the floor, you can see that the girls are a shade in front of the focus point in this case. I am just glad I’m using the Sony A7 that has a decent Electronic View Finder. I think things would be a lot more ‘hit and miss’ with optical viewfinder without a focusing screen. Taken using a Samyang 85mm f/1.4 lens mounted on a Sony A7 via a Fotodiox Pentax to NEX adapter. Shot at f/1.4 with and exposure of 1/160s at ISO 400.

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ok so I love blur so I am in love with what slow shutter speed can do:)

My little girl dancing on in the Art Institute Garden.

I couldn't help it. lol I did use ps to burn in the corners.

legs of a beautiful young girl)

long fingers ...


Explored 06 June 2015


Girl poses on her horse into the fields! It was a great photoshoot!


Nora and Brian.

and you can tell

by the red in my eyes

and the bruises on my thighs

and the knots in my hair

and the bathtub full of flies

that i'm not alright at all

there i go again

pretending that i'll fall

don't call the doctors

they've seen it all before

they'll say just let her crash and burn she'll learn

the attention just encourages her. -love.

Granny and Grand-daughter.

A girl at the beach




Canon 600D

Canon f/1.8 50mm


Strobist information

Canon 430 EX II in boomed octobox camera right.


Yongnuo 460 II in gridded softbox camera left at back of models aimed towards legs.


Triggered with Yongnuo rf-602's

Margret shot by Adam

sb-600 @1/16 from left

أزرع الامل و أمنح السلام

~~ The Team: ~~

Concept: Nataya Malul & Omri Suissa

Photography: Omri Suissa

Set Manager & Styling: Lahav Shemesh

Hair Styling: Nataya Nooley M

Wardrobe Styling: Kareen Hill

Makeup Artist: Alex Michal

Photoshop Wizard: Eden Meiman


~~ Starring: ~~

Adela Werner

Cage Dana

Dafna Bar-el

Kareen Hill

Malkiella Benchabat

Nataya Malul

Yarden Wallage


~~ Also Big Thanks To: ~~

Ron Friedman and Noa Shmueli

Is there anybody going to listen to my story

All about the girl who came to stay?

Girls On Film

Duran Duran


See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight

Heads turning as the lights flashing out it's so bright

Then walk right out to the fourline track

There's a camera rolling on her back, on her back

And I sense the rhythm humming in a frenzy all the way down her spine


Girls on film, girls on film, girls on film, girls on film


Just too good an opportunity not to use this song and lyrics. Khosrow and JA capturing the most photographed tree and bridge of the weekend. Had a great time with these two guys and Ian. This was taken about 30 mins before sunrise.

Hope you like "Girls On Film". Cheers, Mike

My brother wanted a picture of the lemonade girl, but only from behind...

got this beautiful chinese shape and skin from a lucky board tonight and i immediately thought of David Bowie's China Girl.


The skin is DrLife SilkGirl Jing free on the lucky board last night.

The Earrings are a group gift from Alienbear

The shoes were on a lucky chair at BM Ultimate (although I couldnt find the shop when i looked this morning.


Pose Striking poses Alyssa Milano

Girl walking on Ho'okipa Beach

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Comparison of bodies from this Friday!

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