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My first chain build!


If all goes as planned, I will post a build every odd day of the week during March and Joe Miller (Joeseidon) will be posting them on even days. Our only requirement is that we must feature the 5-link chain. Hopefully we will challenge ourselves and have some fun. :)

A new Years shoot with Carl the gingerbear for Bearracuda.


Mr. Dave Bias, Impossible V.P.


Taken w/ Polaroid SX-70 Sonar

Impossible Project PX 70 NIGO Rainbow Frame film


Inspired by kishalady's recent Nigo film portraits.


Read the Nigo Film Edition newsletter HERE


Exposure wheel neutral.


May 14, 2016. Appreciated those colorful gingerbeard building along the canal of Colmar, France.

A Jacobite soldier relaxes in camp by playing his tin whistle before the Battle of Prestonpans re-enactment in 2011. I missed last years event, but am currently going through my archives looking for unprocessed gems from 2011. I like this one as he looks the real thing. Music before bloody battle must have helped to soothe jangling nerves and aid the onset of sleep. The Jacobites were brave men fighting a doomed cause trying to resurrect the Stewart dynasty and bring catholic monarchy back to Britain. Despite popular myth, there were more Scots against this cause than for it and they also had English sympathisers. Scots fought on both sides during the short-lived war and like the American Civil War, brothers could be fighting against brothers.

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From one slightly ginger beard to another! Welcome to week 10 of fifty two - I have a few lego figures which were invested in for another challenge - I had a good feeling this one might come in useful.

There is some nice moody lighting in our lift at work, it's just at the right height to catch my eye. I had to be quick as I did not want the embarrassment of getting caught taking pictures of myself in the lift!!

The best Mother's Day present is when your kid says "I know where there's an abandoned meat-packing plant."

Liz made me post this. It's true!

yes... I have ginger-fever.


fortunately only Chad's beard is red otherwise they'd have to put me in a home.

I love summer and so does my love.



He scheduled a layover at the airport near me.



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