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"First, prove your bona fides. Give me something linear, but good," said Rob.


"Do da Dunk do Dunk do da DUNK. Do da Dunk do Dunk do da dunk," responded Cherry.


"Good opening riff! Controlled!! Memorable. But your plucking is still in the realm of the norm in a linear world," said Rob. "Now surprise me. Sing me something nonlinear, glissando-like. Bend the rules of time and space. Wake me up. Break me outta this world!"


"HhhhhaaaaaAaaAaaAaAAAAAAYYYYYYYY, DO it nooow."


"Yeah!" shouted Rob. "That's what I'm talking about!! Lift off. Now scream it. PLAY that funky music."

My best friend's husband plays in a band. He has two guitars and one of them is a Gibson. My friend's taking a photography course and we decided that his guitar would make a great subject. I used my macro to take this picture.

“And somewhere in another place, who knows could be another life time, everything we gave away returns like a seed from a fugitive tree. And you only have to wait a little while before you find the truth.”

Clean Slate (Have a listen...)

~ M. Ward


I was fortunate to get the opportunity to see M. Ward play at the State Theatre last night in Portland, Maine. Gibson guitars, Fender amps, and thoughtful lyrics… Pretty cool. I really like his music.


Additionally, the Lee Ranaldo Band opened the show. Seeing Lee (guitars and vocals) and Steve Shelley (drums) is probably as close as I’ll ever get to experiencing Sonic Youth in concert, so I’m pretty psyched. Very, very cool… I hope your weekend was as music filled as mine. Have a great week!


Hasselblad 500C + Zeiss 80mm f/2.8

Fuji FP-100C Instant Color Film


30 second exposure around 11:00- midnight..

Cody Beebe & The Crooks


Photo for Gibson guitars

one of my favourite songs that my father practiced endlessly on his Gibson guitar was the Jitterbug Waltz which was written by Fats Waller after listening to his son doing a piano exercise. I would never remember the name and would always ask for him to play "the bug song". He learned by ear and his favourite guitar player was Chet Atkins. This recording that I given a link to below is how I heard it when my Dad played it, oh so many years ago.


50/50: Day 6


Another shot from the first night at Jays. My Dad with my brothers Gibson guitar. We are lucky that my dad taught us all how to play guitar. I wish I had an ounce of his talent. He's the best picker around.


Strobist info

Sb900 ahead camera right in 50 inch Apollo softbox

40 in reflector on left side

2x alien bee 800's on background

580 exii snooted for hair

All furniture by Pilot (out for the Grand opening, August 25), Painting Birds by Zigana, Taxidermy Canary by Schadenfreude, Gibson guitar by Derek Sienkiewicz, rug by Y's house.

He likes to rock. Knows a pretty good guitar when he sees one. He fuzzy paws don't strum loud enough to hear it but he enjoys himself regardless.

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday

It's bittersweet to see the Checker Motors taxi, the Gibson guitars, and the Upjohn pharmaceuticals exhibited at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Upjohn, which was a very good place to work, merged with Pharmacia which merged with Monsanto then was bought by Pfizer. Though the company was "right-sized" during all these mergers, Pfizer still has operations in Kalamazoo. Checker and Gibson are gone.


Stryker (medical equipment) is still based in Kalamazoo, though, and Bell's Brewery, a newer Kalamazoo company, distributes its craft beers as far away as Atlanta.


Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA



Photo for Gibson guitars

The Spirit of America - made by Gibson Guitars

Bock’s Juke Joint, Amherst, Ohio, Bocktoberfest 2017

A handsome Les Paul Gibson guitar awaits its next player.

CME's prized guitar, a $130,000 Gibson guitar hangs in the main show room



Photo for Gibson guitars

At the Motorbike Live event in Birmingham this afternoon.

This was a small lounge area next to a cabinet of Gibson guitars, so I took a couple of shots of the guitars with a plan of shooting these guys as I turned to walk away. A sneaky trick : )

This fantastic guitar sculpture is located along Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. Designed by Craig Hein, this sculpture was part of a public arts project sponsored by Gibson Guitar, which resulted in a variety of guitar sculptures being displayed across the city for a time. I was glad to see this one while visiting Austin. Information from an online Austin Chronicle article.

This smoke-stack is part of the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is slated for demolition !!!






TrackHead Studios Websites




Waukesha is proud to announce that Gibson Guitar has chosen the birth and resting place of guitar legend Les Paul for its next acclaimed GuitarTown community arts project.


Kick-Off Events Happening Friday June 1, 2012 and Saturday June 2, 2012

Saw this guy with his Gibson guitar case, suitcase and amp near Waterfront Station today. Took special note of his awesome Led Zeppelin tattoo on his upper arm. (Not posed, but serious crop)

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