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"You can't run from me, little guy".

Brimketill is a unique creation by nature‘s forces on the south-west coast of Iceland not far from Grindavík, looking like a big man made jacuzzi at the sea-side. The fact is though that the constant beating of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean gradually rounded off the lava rocks on the shoreline, forming in the end a kind of a big bowl or kettle, or ‟ketill” when translating this into icelandic. The first part of the word "brim" can be described as the waves breaking into foam against the shore.The depth of Brimketill is at most two metres, the bottom being rather flat and smooth. In stead of ‟Brimketill” sometimes the word ‟Oddnýjarlaug” can be heard which derives its name from a giantess by the name of Oddný. She regularly visited this place to take a bath (”laug‟ means bath). The shot was taken at low tide in quiet weather, however at high tide in windy or stormy weather visitors have to be careful when trying to take a close look.




By Leonora Carrington.


1947.Postcard from the Leonora Carrington exhibition at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool.

Thanks to the excellent photography of Sarah Lee!

Erzgebirge, 2017.


“They heard a distant rumbling, like thunder on the peaks, or mountains crumbling, or huge waves crashing to shore, and the earth shook with each rumble.

“My husband is coming home,” said the giantess. “I hear his gentle footsteps in the distance.”

― Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology


Miley naturally thinks that a fly on her legs.

De F16 vuurt een torpedo tegen Miley's been.

Maar waarom gild Miley niet van de pijn? Miley's mooie benen zijn met een dikke huid gepantserd, het deert Miley niet.

Giantess,Caroline de Bruijn trapt op een voorbijganger

Giantess, Caroline de Bruijn crush the white bus

Legs climber in the dress of Miley

Ariana giantess naturally think that there is a fly on her legs. And, with her ​​purse on her upper leg.

Forget Planet of the Apes!

Here is Planet of the Giantess!

Full Video The Giantess By: Bombay Bicycle Club

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