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The shot is actually a great thing to do in Cincinnati. Go car tossing! Club Blatz (Misfits with Cameras), a local camera club who are one of the groups attached to this photo run these "Junkyard Madness" events occasionally, and they are well worth doing. So, why the title? I rarely engage in such commentary, but I have to rant about Time Warner Cable, that sad excuse for a Cable TV provider, and a long time nemesis of consumers across North America. If you are not in the US, no need to read on, and just be happy, as only America suffers this terrible affliction. I have a service call scheduled for later this week with the aforementioned Time Warner Cable, (the earliest they could accommodate me), for my non working cable system, and while I am skeptical that they will turn up (they didn't last time), they have badgered me every day this week with phone calls asking me to reconfirm that I still want the appointment. I have now had to reconfirm this one service appointment 5 times, and have been told I will have to at least one more time tomorrow! Their rationale for the constant phone calls is that gas is expensive, and this is from a company who I pay $130 a month to for basic internet and cable TV. Time Warner is renowned for its horrible customer service, but this is a new low even for them. I know that this is not the biggest issue in the world, and probably ranks somewhere below the Iranian Nuclear program, so my apologies to people who are dealing with real problems, but sometimes, it's the little things that really get under your skin! Ahhh Now I feel better. (12/1/12 update, I now have Dish!). :-)