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It's such a beautiful church , but very difficult to make pictures !

It was terribly dark in there ......



mac crystal avalanche as highlight, mac bell bottom blue pigment, ben nye amethyst, Pop Iris liquidlast liner,

a bluer blue on the bottom lashline and ben nye mermaid green. Sticker pearls by kaiser crafts.(australia)

أتستبدلني بذبابة ؟؟


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The fly was a mere coincidence. She may have read my thoughts :))


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الصباح أتى.. فتنفسوا، تجددوا !

وكونوا غيمة تهطل على الآخرين فرحاً وهي في السماء

وأرسلوا سعادتكم طردًا بريديًا حتى تتسع بكم الأرض ")

* رهج حلم




أسعَد الله أوقـاتكم ،

وشكراً لأنكم هُنـا (F)

اللهم صلِّ وسلِّم على نبينا محمد



The amazing Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

Keep an eye out on the blog and I will teach you how I photographed this.


Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis near Lake Calhoun has a bit of a special meaning to me party because of this failed photo outing.

But there are ather great reasons for thinking that it is amazing.


Lakewood has long been considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country. It was modeled after the rural cemeteries of 19th-century France, such as the famous Père-Lachaise in Paris. When Lakewood was established in 1871, these spacious cemeteries were flourishing in the United States.


Stained glass window in one of the Mausoleum rooms

In July 1871 Colonel William S. King, local businessman and newspaper publisher, proposed to community leaders of the city that they work together to establish a cemetery in Minneapolis where "the encroachments of the city would never seriously interfere". On August 7, 1871, a group of fifteen held a meeting and established the Lyndale Cemetery Association. According to the minutes of the original meeting recorded by Thomas Lowry, "that after an examination of various localities they had chosen the land owned by William S. King lying between Lakes Calhoun and Harriet". Colonel King agreed to sell the land for $21,000, "on one year's time at seven percent interest". During a time in which a home in Minneapolis could be purchased for $500, the new trustees voted to raise $25,000 "for the purchase of grounds and improvements". The money was raised by selling 250 shares of stock at $100 a piece, two-thirds of which was purchased by the trustees themselves. The remaining balance was solicited by a committee and sold to other residents of the city. The organization was later renamed the "Lakewood Cemetery Association". In an Executive Committee Meeting held on April 23, 1872, Superintendent A.B. Barton and the board of trustees employed C. W. Folsom, Superintendent of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts to develop plans for the grounds.



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I think blue might be my fave colour!

En fait non. Il s'agit de la bibliothèque administrative de l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris


Assemblage de 3 photos prises à une focale équivalente à 38 mm avec un trépied depuis l'étage.'h%C3%B4tel_d...


5 rue de Lobau


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Explore # 470 March 12, 2009

Con questa immagine ho cercato una composizione spazio temporale.

Lo spazio; dato dalla profondità verso l'infinito del portico.

Il tempo; la figura in vetrina (personaggio immaginario).


Portici lunghi, centro storico di Casale Monferrato.




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The Candelária Church (Portuguese: Igreja da Candelária) is an important historical church in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It was built and decorated during a long period (1775 to the end of the 19th century) and combines a Baroque façade with a Neoclassical and Neo-Renaissance inner decoration.

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will see around you tomorrow..

(I'll be slow down for the posting in Flickr for welcoming Christmas and new year. )


It is a perception we don't experience while we pray, for we bow our heads and look downwards. In Sulaimania, one feels crushed by the grandeur of the mosque should one raise one's head up to look at the dome. It feels as if one gazes the fathomless heavens. Indeed the dome is an excellent symbol for the firmament. The verse selected from Quran aptly reflects this grandeur and magnificence:


إن الله يمسك السماوات والأرض أن تزولا ولئن زالتا إن أمسكهما من أحد من بعده إنه كان حليما غفورا

which means: "Allah grasps the heavens and the earth that they deviate not, and if they were to deviate there is no one to grasp them after Him. Indeed, He is ever Clement, Forgiving."


You can view the verse when you view the image in large size.



Bu guzel camide basinizi kaldirip kubbeye baktiginiz zaman manzaranin azameti ve ihtisami altinda eziliyorsunuz; kendi kucuklugunuzu ve aczinizi hissediyorsunuz.


Asagida, benim ve Yavuz'un yorumlarinda ayet hakkinda, hat hakkinda aciklamalar bulabilirsiniz. Yavuz'a cok tesekkur ediyorum.



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Back from the supermarket, while the produce looked good to the shopper, I want blown away looking at macro level.

I was looking at some 'summerfruits', I suppose the clue was in the 'group' of foods, but obviously they weren’t going to be locally sourced, it still being

winter and all, but looking at the different destinations of each of the fruits, each a different and considerably long haul distance away, it bought home

the often talked about concept of food miles, my fruit salad had done many thousands of miles to arrive here.


There is a demand for such produce all year round to satisfy a thist for variety and choice, and diversity that wouldn’t have been possible a couple of

generations back, of course this also means that we are less in tune with local seasonality, being able to get just what you want, I suppose we sacrifice day to day variation in local produce.


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Have a great macro Monday!


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يرجى عدم استخدام أي صورة من صوري على مواقع الإنترنت او المدونات أو وسائل الإعلام

الأخرى دون إذن صريح مني


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Nikon D3s 135mm f/2D DC

135mm @ f/2

iso 2000

1/320 second

flash did not fire


texture by: Diana Thorold Thank you for the beautiful texture!

found here:

Regno Unito, Londra, Heal’s staircase, Tottenham Court Road, Primavera 2013


Molto vicino al mio ospedale, nel cuore di Fitzrovia vi è una delle più famose scalinate di Londra ... scalinata della guarigione ... un'ottima opportunità fotografica dopo il lavoro! La scultura gatto in bronzo è stata realizzata dallo scultore francese Chassagne. Sir Ambrose Heal, l’allora proprietario lo acquistò nel 1925, pensando di venderlo in negozio, ma alla fine gli piacque così tanto che questo non avvenne mai.


Very close to my hospital, in the heart of Fitzrovia there is one of the most famous staircases in London...the heal's staircase...a very good photographic oppurtunity after work! The bronze cat sculpture was made by the French sculptor Chassagne. Sir Ambrose Heal, the owner of Heal's at that time, bought it in 1925, planning to sell it in the store; he liked it so much that this never happened.


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