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Taken for the macro mondays weekly assignment: cloth/Textile My late grandfather gave my dad this vest several years ago and my dad gave it to me about four years ago. Someday I will be able to give this to one of my sons. Top quality, in its day it must have costed a fortune.

Urban Art ~ downtown Toronto


My son, daughter in law and grandson.

It was always a case that whenever I approached the bench I would never know what I would find when I got there. Sometimes there was not very much, other times too much :)

The old city of Panama on the right, aka Casco Viejo, or old quarter, and the newer, sky scraping Panama City, the modern, busy, dense, capital city of the country of Panama on the left.


The old city has undergone a lot of renovation in the last decade. Although one will still see lots of houses falling apart in Casco Viejo, there are even more that look like new while still retaining the Spanish colonial style of yesteryear.


:copyright: 2014 Brian Xavier

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again, dipping into the archives!



Last year I posted frequent updates about Mrs Mami Mallard and her six ducklings. Mami is a resident Mallard duck who sucessfully raised her second batch of six remaining babies at Foppe's Acre past Summer after having lost her first brood in Spring.

Mami tried again earlier this year but sadly none of her kids survived.


I am still waiting for Mami to return with her new brood but much to my enjoyment three of her kids from last year showed up past week with their own babies, Mami's grandchildren so to speak!


The whole yard comes to life again with these little peeps. Two mothers live with their kids on the canal where our Scovies live and the other one chose a ditch behind our house. I guess the canal gets too crowded for all these ducklings because the two sisters don't allow anyone to come close to their babies, there's quite a lot of chasing and quacking going on (besides peeping).


These kids will stand a better chance to survive because the water's edge is overgrown with grasses and reeds for them to hide (which wasn't the case in early Spring), and the predators who killed the early ducklings don't have mouths to feed themselves anymore.


I wish them all well and welcome this new generation to Foppe's Acre:-)


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Canon EOS 1Ds Tamron AF 70-300mm 4-5.6 Di SP VC USD

Kiev 2016

Royalty free for commercial use.

From "NAPLES" to the world,


It's just love,

it's just love,



Why must the children play in the streets,

broken hearts and faded dreams,

peace and love to everyone that you meet,

don't you worry, it could be so sweet,

Just look to the rainbow, you will see

the sun will shine till eternity,

I've got so much love in my heart,

No-one can tear it apart,




Feel the love generation,

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Feel the love generation,


C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon yeah


Don't worry about a thing,

gonna be alright.


Gonna be, gonna, gonna, gonna be alright.


Listen to this great song!

it makes me singing...


"Love generation"




:copyright: 2010 Helmuth Boeger - All rights reserved.

The boys with their paternal grandparents.

Millenium line, Vancouver 2014

Porsche 991 GT3 & 997 GT3

Captain Nikhil Kesireddy (l), an AV-8B Harrier pilot , and Major Nathan Corkill (r), an F-35B pilot, both with VMFA-211 'Avengers' walk back to the hangar after a mixed formation flight that represented -211's final Harrier flight as the squadron has transitioned to the more capable F-35.

On black in the light box is the way to go here

I was finally able to meet my uncle on my mother's side while traveling in Vietnam. Despite the language barrier, a very funny guy that has seen quite a bit.

Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known. Ronald Reagan

The new Vanquish and a DB5 at Aston Martins Skyfall Premier last night.

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