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Well, I feel a little bit better and I took the opportunity to shoot some self portraits, to try our new gray background with different lightings.


I love this one so much I can't resist to post it at once. The rest will be soon on my 365 project.


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My outfit for Pride 2011. Genderfuck represent!

all original me :-)

took this just as a test for a bridal set... I liked it somehow so I decided to upload it.


self in Censier - 11.01.2015

10-07-2010 I'm so thin now that even my belts are too big >.<

We did it again. Darkier, queerer, dirtier.


This is our tribute to the artists Luigi y Luca, shot by Temper, featuring her amazing clothing line Anthracite and her dog's strap.

Teabagging is an "erotic" BDSM activity that suggests male dominance and resembles the top dunking a bag of tea into a cup.


On that note, we're inclined to believe that earl grey (hot) is the dominant form of teabagging, despite the gender of the person consuming. Jean Luc Picard would agree.


Model: Maxx Sundquist

Photography + Food Styling: Libby Bulloff

Hair + Makeup: Lindsey Watkins


Earl grey teabags from the Seattle QFC.


Shot at Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA, April 2009.

Yell like hell.


Shoot with Willow Brugh (willowbl00) at Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA.

August 2009.


Makeup + hair: Lindsey Watkins

Photography: Libby Bulloff


Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel XT, the stock lens, and one 300 watt light at 3/4 power. How you like me now?

Format: Glass plate negative.


Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.


Repository: Phillips Glass Plate Negative Collection, Powerhouse Museum


Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection


General information about the Powerhouse Museum Collection is available at


Persistent URL:


Acquisition credit line: Gift of the Estate of Raymond W Phillips, 2008

24-09-2010 And now I'm this mean and skinny ladyboy. Hee hee.....

And despise my darker appearance, I actually feel so much better in my mind and body.


Don't judge the book by its cover. Never.


(oh and don't start asking me stupid questions, I wrote "ladyboy" as a genderqueer name, not that I changed anything of my physical attribution)

Shoot with Willow Brugh (willowbl00) at Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA.

August 2009.


Makeup + hair: Lindsey Watkins

Photography: Libby Bulloff

Chance has fantastic legs, and his tattoo looks killer through a pair of burgundy tights.


Studio shoot with Finn von Claret and Chance Koehnen. Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA. July 2009.


Photography by Libby Bulloff.

Chance's tattoos by Stacie Jascott, Lit Fuse Tattoo, Olympia, WA.

Two years ago, I started taking pictures seriously. I posted my Day 1/365 on February 21, 2008. I finished my 365, without missing a day, on February 20, 2009. During the next year, while I certainly did not post daily, or follow any strict rules, I continued to post on a very regular basis. All told, I have over 650 pictures posted to flickr. Of these, 147 have been “Explored,” with my highest at No. 9 (although, between you and me, I think most of these are not at all interesting). I have over 60,000 views or 250,000 depending on which number you look at. I have sold approximately $3,000 worth of pictures through Getty (unfortunately, they kept 80%). Many of my pictures have been pirated and used by bloggers and other web sites, and this simply tickles me pink! My favorite is, a site that used my picture of me with lipstick and a cigarette.


When I started, I had no idea how to take a picture. I did not know about Depth of Field, I did not know about the Rule of Thirds, I did not know about lighting or noise or textures or b&w conversion. I did not know how to use photoshop or lightroom. I did not know about bokeh, or gaussian blur, or that shooting a man is much different than shooting a woman. I did not know about strobes. I did not know who Richard Avedon was or what made him great.* I did not know about anything. I knew how to point the camera and push the shutter button. I still, to this day, have no idea how to read a histogram or even what a histogram shows.


Which brings me to Flickr. Without Flickr, I would not have learned these things. Without Flickr, I think I would have quickly become bored of my new found hobby. Flickr gave me the opportunity to create and participate in groups. Flickr gave me the opportunity to interact – a necessity in any artistic endeavor.


Flickr has been many things to me over the last two years. An obsession, certainly. A learning tool, absolutely. A source of happiness and of strife – if you are at all a veteran of my site, you know that flickr has been for me a somewhat bumpy ride. I have made and lost friends. And, yet, I continue to enjoy the passion and artistic brilliance of many many people here. I continue to find friends with whom I can shoot the shit, commiserate about our children, talk about the day, talk about photography, encourage mojo. I continue to love the community that I find here.


And, still, I wonder what I want to take from Flickr. Many times, I find Flickr to be stifling. Many times I find Flickr to be an alternate facebook – people playing games and saying hello just for the sake of … I am not sure. I still question whether I am looking for a community of comments or artistic critique and inspiration.


So, when I received my email from Flickr two days ago that asked whether I wanted to renew my pro account – well I seriously thought about it. Do I? Do I want to continue with this? The answer was, of course, obvious. How could I not?


I have no idea what the next year will bring for me photographically or otherwise. I think that I still have a story to tell. And, I fully expect to use Flickr to do that.


Thanks to everyone who helps me see my life through a lens.

Sadly, I didn't put as much effort into my costume this year as I did last year, but I think I still pulled it off!

This is the kind of outfit that would make me fall in love if I saw someone else in it. Sometimes I dress like what I'm attracted to. It's a bit silly.


White tank - gift

Purple suspenders - gift

Tie - inherited from dad

Jeans - Bluenotes

Heels - thrifted

Bag - Canal Street

Earrings - Ardene


Apologies for the angry expression. There were some very scary pigeons in my yard & I really just wanted to get out of there.

I enjoy the contrast here. Peeling paint vs. perfect hair.


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09-02-2010 Yeah i'm super happy with my tattoos and wanna show them again and again :)


(picture by Galou)



Published here and here.

My niece Jacque Diane as a mermaid. She wanted to do this on the edgyer side of the mermaid look. I'm so happy with these! One of my favorite painting teachers, Patrick Palmer the amazing figurative painter, encouraged us to choose an image that we would come back to over and over again in our careers. To make it a personal icon, a barometer of our personal style over time. I can see myself taking mermaid portraits of Jacque every couple of years. Ever since she was a little girl she has wanted to be a mermaid. We once sung to the little mermaid sing along tape for an ENTIRE 4 hour car ride from Deming to Albuquerque. I think she was like 3 maybe 4. I think mostly "Le Poissons!" over and over again. Actually all my nieces and nephews are fond of me singing that song. It's one of the silly things we do. :)


We had so much fun during this shoot! I love my nieces and nephews. I can't wait to get the rest of them in front of the camera. My sister wants hers to be along the theme of witchblade. Fun, fun! I really want to do a La Llarona theme too.


Bill Nye stage makeup from Off Broadway, my favorite local costume and vintage clothing shop here in Albuquerque's Nob Hill district. A sea fan , and several textures applied from 2 of my own photos in Corel Photopaint.

Queer news:

I am now the profile curator for Genderfork & loving it.

Kay, Chavery & I have started a blog where we will share our thoughts & experiences about sexual orientation, gender identity, & other such things.

“Octo” : eight

October is the month of witchcrafts and sorcellery. Especially the odd-numbered days.


These have been shamelessly taken just because I totally digged my hair and new clothes this day.

Outtakes from a future set. As usual we take out the pictures for some reasons (lack of continuity, too repetitive, too artsy for a SG set,...), and often, it's exactly for the same reasons that I find them much more interesting.

Some other self shot with the great Anthracite breast band.

Finn von Claret of Abney Park in Gasworks Park, Seattle, Washington. July 2008.


Photo by Libby Bulloff.


Shoot with writer/model Katie Blue, Starfish Studios at 619 Western, Seattle, WA. February 2010.


Makeup + hair by Lindsey Watkins.

Papier-mâché wardrobe by Lindsey Watkins, Libby Bulloff, and Noah Beasley.

Concept and photography by Libby Bulloff.

self in Censier - 11.01.2015

I went to a costume party last night. I figured I'd have some fun and wear something shiny. I took this picture after coming home.

Surprise! Chance, manly man that he is, was wearing a skirt and tights throughout the entire shoot. I like it.


Studio shoot with Finn von Claret and Chance Koehnen. Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA. July 2009.


Photography by Libby Bulloff.


Recently I have been thinking about gender boxes, and how one is basically shoved into a box. If you don't identify as a female anymore? That means you're transitioning into a male. Don't want to use female pronouns? Ok male pronouns then. Seems that it's difficult to stay somewhere in the middle... and the mainstream seem to not want to have to deal with something as strange as neutral pronouns, and the thought of maybe not identifying as either genders. I've noticed a pattern too, that if a female bodied person says they are genderqueer, people assume that they will only want to express themselves in a masculine way... which I think is kinda crappy. I sometime feel this pressure to ONLY express myself in a masculine way, and while I do mostly only want to wear "masculine" clothes and be flat chested etc, I keep in mind that this is how I feel right now, one day I might want to prettify myself and go out in a dress but I hesitate to do so, because of the fear that people would then doubt and question my gender identity and think that me in a dress somehow invalidates my identity.


As I stepped away from the female gender box, I felt the pull toward the male gender box. Some people started using masculine pronouns for me, and male terms, I at first found it curious, exciting, and fun, but over time, I've come to the conclusion that the male gender feels just as wrong, if not more. I just end up feeling stuck in yet another box, and it feels as if I am ignoring/denying one aspect of me. I am not completely male, nor am I completely female. I like being able to express myself however I want on whatever day, and I am realizing more and more that I like being as androgynous as possible right now as it gives me a lot of freedom to go either way, it's nice having that freedom.


I guess, ultimately I prefer everything to be neutral. Neutral pronouns [ze/hir/they/their], neutral terms [ie: elf, dude -yes that's neutral to me-, person, individual, etc], and there's some female terms I am okay with, such as sister, daughter, mostly family related stuff though because that's what I am to my family and I am okay with it, and it feels more right than brother or son. I am starting to think that also, in society in general, I am okay with being seen as female and having female pronouns being used. I can't be bothered to correct people who I don't even care about in the first place. But with friends [and family], I would appreciate the effort to use neutral pronouns/terms. I'm trying hard to not shove myself into yet another box. I need to remind myself that it's okay to choose to express myself in any way, as a female-bodied genderqueer. So if anyone has been using masculine/feminine terms etc, let's drop it... unless I am in character/drag.


This quote from genderfork describes my feelings on this topic pretty well:

"Every time I have to choose between the boxes "male" and "female", I feel like I'm betraying a part of myself."



Well, Saturn influence force you to ponder about what is essential, and then, to prune. I do.

I'm cleaning out my contacts all over the internet. Enough is enough. It's like making a huge spring clean, except it's fall and it's both in my head and on the web.

20-02-2011 Long time not being sick (well by "long" I mean, almost 3 months, a record !)...... But here I am -__-

The debut of my 2006 Halloween costume! I put a lot of effort into my costume this year... I hope it paid off!

Une aube affaiblie

Verse par les champs

La mélancolie

Des soleils couchants.

La mélancolie

Berce de doux chants

Mon coeur qui s'oublie

Aux soleils couchants.

Et d'etranges rêves,

Comme des soleils

Couchants, sur les grèves,

Fantômes vermeils,


Défilent sans trêves,

Défilent, pareils

A des grands soleils

Couchants, sur les grèves.


(Verlaine, poèmes saturniens)

Inside the shed and a wrecked bathroom.


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Model: Ana K.

Hair: Rain

Make-up, styling: MdS and Fra


“Octo” : eight

October is the month of witchcrafts and sorcellery. Especially the odd-numbered days.


These have been shamelessly taken just because I totally digged my hair and new clothes this day.

Please welcome the cute Paprika for the first set we shot together for Zivity : "November Rain".

We shot under the rain, indeed, during my South American trip, since November is the Spring in Uruguay.


Click here to see the whole set on Zivity. Zivity is a paying site, but don't hesitate to drop me a line with your email adress if you want an invite for a trial account !

08-06-2010 Seeing my new set on Zivity makes me miss this haircut so much. But it's too depressing to wear where I live. Too much troubles.

another preview from my set on Zivity : "The Prisoner", shot by P_Mod for the tomboy contest.


Click here to see the whole set. Zivity is a paying site, but don't hesitate to drop me a line if you want to get an invitation for a trial account.

I think I'm nurturing a passionated love for blinds.

22-06-2010 We had a lot of funny and interesting shooting sessions lately. Here, with the awesome Mr Pan, by Galou.

28-06-2010 We spent a wonderful evening, shooting at the lake and in the golden fields, with P_Mod and Apory. I love how I look like a boy dressed as a princess.


(picture by P_Mod, originally uploaded on his flickr)

Tofu has very little flavor of its own, but it compliments other foods when juxtaposed with them. It might be submissive, but don't you dare call tofu "bland". Don't you dare.


Model: Maxx Sundquist

Photography + Food Styling: Libby Bulloff

Hair + Makeup: Lindsey Watkins


Extra firm tofu from the Seattle Cash and Carry.


Shot at Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA, April 2009.

[Probably the best part of photographing tofu with Maxx was all the yelling and grunting we did to get in the right mood. The second best part was the mess. :)]

14-12-2011 Salut j'ai un peu l'air d'un emo de 16 ans, salut je kiffe grave.

03-07-2011 "Voilà ce que c'est, premièrement, de communiquer.

On parle, on est compris ; ensuite peut être on saura ce qu'on dit."

(Emile Chartier)


Picture by P_Mod

Willow Brugh.


Image was shot in Bloomington, Indiana with a Canon Digital Rebel XT and then adjusted in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

27-04-2011 This week we spent a lot of time shooting in the basement...


This one taken by Emilia

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