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The India Gate, (originally called the All India War Memorial), is a war memorial located astride the Rajpath, on the eastern edge of the ‘ceremonial axis’ of New Delhi, India, formerly called Kingsway. India Gate is a memorial to 82,000 soldiers of the undivided Indian Army who died in the period 1914–21 in the First World War.


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Our dreams are a second life. I have never been able to penetrate without a shudder those ivory or horned gates which separate us from the invisible world.


[Gérard De Nerval (1808-1855), French novelist, poet.


textures: Joes Sistah

Sim: Misali - hazardous


Wow, almost lost track of the days. Would hate to miss a Friday and seeing all your creative fences.

A black and white take on the churning surf at the Golden Gate a few weeks ago. There are two black dots in the water, which are surfers waiting to catch a wave.


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Montecute House, Monticute, Somerset, England.


Looks like winter has hit us, it is snowing like crazy here. Have a great day everyone

..with a keyhole view. Another archive shot, Tregwainton in Cornwall provides many photographic opportunities, lovely views within and out to see over Penzance, a wonderful place to visit..

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In accordance with the Greek mythology, Selene(moon) was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios and Oious, and was also the mother of Orion with his father the Sun . As the Sun , so the Moon , had her own chariot drawn by oxen or horses or deer . In general, although there was extensive lunar worship in ancient Greece do not know enough details about what took place in them. However it is known that during the worship of the Moon in ancient Greece offered libations with clean water and small loaves shaped circular or crescent .

The ancient city of Oiniades, located on the hill of "Trikardou ', near the mouth of the Achelous River and 4 km D. Occupation of the village of the municipality Oiniades. The Oiniades was perhaps the most important city of Paracheloitidas, as it controlled the mouth of the river and the entrance to the Gulf of Patras. Mythical founder of the city was matricide Alkmaionas Argos, who led the city after the Delphic oracle.

The city flourished during the classical and Hellenistic period (5th-2nd century BC.). Already in the 5th century. B.C. was a city with strong fortifications.

In the photo, appears the main entrance of the city wall known as courtyard gate!


another foggy day in bay area


The Cemetery Gates with the Old chapel beyond.

Fort Nelson, Hampshire, February 2017

Actually those are pond gates...




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- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD

- Not photoshopped


Taken at Gates Of Destiny

-Picture taken at H220 -

-Edited and textured-

Secret Garden Gate or an ornamental fence, whatever your imagination says it is, found in North Carolina.

I'm looking forward to seeing these tiny beauties again...


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Welcome to Gates of Destiny, a place I've created over the last weeks. And although its not finished yet, you are welcome to visit if you like.


Gates of Destiny


I've created a group where you can post your pics from Gates of Destiny. Would love to see the place through your eyes, so please post your pics here

Zoom for more details !!

Oostpoort Delft.


Camera: Canon Eos 6D

Lens: EF17-40mmF/4L-USM

Aperture: f/18.0

Focal Length: 22 mm

Shutter Speed: 25 sec

ISO: 50


Tripod: Siriu T-005KX

ND2-ND400 Filter


The Eastern Gate (Oostpoort) in Delft, an example of Brick Gothic northern European architecture, was built around 1400. Around 1510 the towers were enhanced with an additional octagonal floor and high spires. This is the only city gate remaining in Delft; the others were demolished in the 19th century. It currently serves as an art gallery and private residence.


Water drop gate via 500px

Metal Gate on Dock Channel, River Walk, Detroit River, Detroit, Michigan USA

Digitally altered

UE4 Reflections Subway demo

UE4 v 4.7.6


8k rendering, resized in Photoshop to 4k


Console commands:


slomo 0.01

highresshot 4

Gate of Bandarban Golden Temple.

Everyone comes here in search of light.


thank you all for viewing it and i am humbled with your love. thanks again.

Sulphur Gates (confluence of Sulphur and Smoky Rivers), Willmore Wilderness, near Grande Cache

- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD

- Not photoshopped


Taken at Gates Of Destiny

Well first I missed my plane

So I wound up on your flight

Then we got stuck in Detroit

Half the night

And the only vacant seat

You could find at gate twenty-nine

Was one next to mine ...

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