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MRL 4408, 4406 lead the Day Gas back to Missoula, seen just west of Plains, MT on the 4th Sub. 5/18/15

parte finale del viaggio per un treno di gas giunto dalla Francia a un deposito nelle campagne lodigiane

On Highway 33 between Ripley and Cushing, OK.

Corner Gas & Ruby Cafe - Film Set.

(demolished in Nov. 2016)

Rouleau (Dog River) Saskatchewan.

Gas flare of the oil refinery in Lingen/Ems, Germany, 23-06-2017

MRL's Day Gas crew crests Evaro Hill, Evaro, MT.

Gas flares of the oil refinery in Lingen/Ems, Germany, 23-06-2017

Montana Rail Link’s gas local creates its own snowstorm as it thunders eastbound through Weeksville, Montana, on February 9, 2014. Heading up the 30-car local this cold day is venerable SDP40 (rebuilt by MRL and now classified as a SD40-2XR) No. 290, a former passenger-hauling Great Northern locomotive.

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Foto realizada durante la quedada de amigos Valencianos y Catalanes en Barcelona.


Puede que os suene la foto, LombartBCN tiene una en el mismo angulo, no es casualidad, tal como llegas ahi desde la Barceloneta es el mejor angulo posible para pillarla entera.

Green Acres Studio

A 5000 sq. ft. commerical photography studio.


Digging through archives.....taken on vacation.

We visited the village Bakkafjördur because it was not listed in "The Lonely Planet" and we enjoyed the mood of this secluded place. North East Iceland 2015.

Apparently this bike was 99 years old (in 2014). It was built only 11 years after the tungsten incandescent electrical lamp bulbs were invented. So it used this cool gas lamp instead for light.


Vintage Bike Show, Toronto, Canada.

Long time exposure of a gas station. Passing the station on the freeway and taking a photo out of the side window whit an exposure time of 5 sec.

Gasometers reflected in the Regents Canal in East London. I am fond of these victorian structures and several appear in my photostream. Happy New Year to you all!

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This shot was taken today at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA. Went around the Seattle area today trying to get shots of all the different places and I felt like today was the day to get married because everywhere I went there was a wedding party where I wanted to take shots...



Canon 450d (Xsi)

Canon EF 18-200



3 shot hdr (-1,0,1)

Photomatix: Tonemapped with Details Enhancer Sliders

Topaz Detail 2: Very Minor Detail work

Photoshop CS4: Rotate Image, Crop, Rotate, Vignette, Drop Shadow


Want to learn more about HDR?


Check out the link below! I have bought a few of the products here and learned a lot!

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Belmont, Nevada

A classic gas station selling our favorite Octan stuff.


This is my 11th build for the Iron Builder with Matthew De Lanoy.


The seed part is the Brick Round 2x2 Dome Bottom.

HDR shot a Gas Station on the River


Dist 8. Saigon cloudy day


Saigon, Vietnam 2010


This photo is one of My 20 Favs +++

Cowan, Tennessee

Adobe Lightroom was used to mute the colors and somewhat give a faded look to the Red gas pumps.

The sky was darken with an adjustment brush and then warmed a little in the right top.

The pavement was painted and desaturated and warmed a little, a blur was used in some spots thru out the pavement to take away some texture.

I painted the Pump Island and along the bottom of the building dark, to get rid of the standard bright green color.

This shot was taken form Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington State


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Old relic.....most of our gas guzzling vehicles [mine included] will be sitting in a field to rust if gas prices keep going up.

I took this chevron sign pix below over the weekend...prices are even higher today.

The old gas storage at Gravesend in kent.

Double exposure

Lubitel 2

Kodak Portra 160

Epson V500

Street style....

I was on my way to the Peninsula, stopped and stuck at the traffic lights and on my right was this guy on top of a truck full of gas cylinders....I couldnt resist.




Seen in Everwinter - Post-apocalyptic Theme Park [Elven Mist (170,117,26)]


Gas Works park contains remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the US. The plant operated from 1906 to 1956, and was bought by the City of Seattle for park purposes in 1962. The park opened to the public in 1975. The park was designed by Seattle landscape architect Richard Haag, who won the American Society of Landscape Architects Presidents Award of Design Excellence for the project. It was originally named Myrtle Edwards Park, after the city councilwoman who had spearheaded the drive to acquire the site and who died in a car crash in 1969. In 1972, the Edwards family requested that her name be taken off the park because the design called for the retention of much of the plant. In 1976, Elliott Bay Park, just north of Seattle's Belltown neighborhood, was renamed Myrtle Edwards Park. (Fr. Wikipedia)

Gorgeous gas guzzler somewhere in Krimpen aan den IJssel, South-Holland.


Happy Sliders Sundays. Use your brakes wisely :-)


Oldsmobile F36 Sedan 1936. Thanks, Peter!

Valero Gas Station, 5th Street & Alameda Street, Downtown Los Angeles, California


10/14 Impossible ColorSX70

A little road trip to Wisconsin tonight. It was nice and foggy. First pictures I have posted from the dslr in awhile.

Gas and cafe stop at Amboy, California

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company manhole.


Baltimore, MD

central drive, blackpool

Las armas químicas llamadas agentes nerviosos, que suelen incluir el gas sarín, somán, VX y tabún. Se denominan agentes nerviosos porque bloquean la transmisión de las células nerviosas.

Afectan una enzima que permite a los nervios hablar entre ellos, así que las víctimas se sobre estimulan. Además, sufren opresión en el pecho, respiración agitada, vómito, diarrea, confusión, dolor de cabeza, cambios en la frecuencia cardíaca, pérdida de conciencia, convulsiones y parálisis. Finalmente, y dependiendo de los niveles de la dosis, puede ser sólo una cuestión de minutos, y la muerte es por insuficiencia respiratoria.


Gas Street Basin on a sunny winters morning

this was taken from a film set.... guess which!

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