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Posted this originally as a black & white - processed in Adobe Lightroom. I love Venice!


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Los banqueros de Génova (donde nació el término "banca") compraron un gran terreno donde construir sus palacios, la hoy llamada Vía Garibaldi. A más ostentoso el palacio, más prestigio para su dueño y por tanto más y mejores potenciales clientes.

Además, estos banqueros ofrecían estancias permanentes a la Aristocracia, hecho conocido como "los rulos". Los rulos eran las listas de aristócratas y banqueros que se cruzaban para el emparejamiento, por supuesto, por riguroso orden de poderío.

Yesterday was an awesome day in Garibaldi Park. After a 9 km hike we were rewarded with this view of the lake, a small island and glacier covered mountains in the distance.

Warm morning light on the mountain tops in Garibaldi Park. We waited 3 day's for this display.


January 2010

Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC

Hiked up to Garibaldi Lake in Aug. 2016 to catch the Perseid Meteor shower. The hike in the dark was worth it. Sat by the lakeside and saw plenty of meteors. This was one of the better shots I got with the meteor reflecting in the lake.

Looking up in Via Garibaldi in Torino in Italy

Lagoa dos patos - S.S.Paraiso - MG

A serene morning at Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park


from my book This Little Corner

This photo I captured a few winters back of the original Elfin Hut in Garibaldi park. This morning capture was made even more special with a fresh dump of snow. This old huts first level is totally buried under the snow.

Classic coast mountain country. A gradual uphill 9 km (5.5 miles) hike through dense forests of Douglas Fir and volcanic lava formations to the deep subapline basin that contains the glacial waters of Garibaldi Lake at 1,500 m (4,900 ft) and Mount Garibaldi, a potentially active stratovolcano with its highest peak reaching 2,678 m (8,786 ft).


Another day or two to explore some of the lush alpine meadows, streams, waterfalls, glaciers, icefields and other peaks in the larger volcanic field, including BlackTusk at 2319 m (7608 ft). Garibaldi Provincial Park, Pacific Coast Mountains, British Columbia., Canada







James and I hiked to this beautiful, but now clearly very popular destination during the summer in 2016.

Overlooking Garibaldi Bay on the Oregon Coast.

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A hiker stops to take a photo of his friend on the other side of the crystal clear water of Garibaldi Lake, BC.

Last weeked I went camping at picturesque Garibaldi Lake close to Whistler, BC.


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Pousado em um botão de lotus


Red lights on Garibaldi Station in Milan.

Mount Garibaldi, Sunset, British Columbia, Canada

Magical sunrise at Garibaldi Lake in Canada, BC.


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While standing outside the US Consulate in Florence, Italy my eye caught this imposing shadow of Giuseppe Garibaldi against the Consulate's exterior wall...the light was good and so I clicked! In Italy every village, town or city has at least one statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi!


EXPLORE #262 of 14 March 2009

Up in the mountains again...

I got my little adapter ring for the A and now I can mount a polarizer...yay.

Hiking up towards the Black Tusk.

Garibaldi Prov. Park

Whistler, BC

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This is a 9 shot pano of Garibaldi Lake in Squamish, BC.

Watching the sun come up as we climb Mount Garibaldi with the moon above.

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