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Designed by Isabel & Julian Bannerman, The Collector Earl's Garden includes domed pergolas of weathered oak, and fountains inspired by the garden vista in the famous Mytens portrait of the Countess of Arundel.


The grand centrepiece is the rockwork 'mountain' planted with palms and rare ferns to represent another world, supporting a weathered oak version of 'Oberon's Palace'; a fantastic spectacle designed by Inigo Jones. This contains a shell-lined interior with a stalagmite fountain and gilded coronet 'dancing' on top of the jet. from

This Knot garden is in the grounds of Bishopscourt. It looks to me as if it is just maintained but not really looked after. Some of the beds were empty and others had lavender and some rosemary that were past their best and really in need of rejuvenation. At least the box hedge was being maintained. I suppose it will take a new owner before it gets any real attention.

Today while taking photos of the sea my camera suddenly stopped working! I guess I'll have to send it away for repair so in the meantime I'll have to use my phone or borrow a camera!

Texture: Topaz Studio


Macro Monday: Photography Gear


My Hosta and Impatiens reflection in the camera lens.

Claude Monet's garden in Giverny_France

I found this hidden-away garden corner at Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario. Of course, it's not a secret anymore:)

Have a great week!

Ascott house Gardens

The Japanese Garden in Spring at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.


Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, fave and comment on my photos - VERY MUCH APPRECIATED !!!!!!

Autumn at the Japanese Garden in Seattle.



Thank you all so much for your faves and comments.

I appreciate each one!



Killarney Nat'l Park, Kerry, Ireland - Irlanda


Shot with the Samyang 7.5 mm

This is a winter garden from a month ago.

It doesn't even look like winter, more like your summer in August.


We're upside-down people and parrot in down-under world, so everything is confusing.


@Japanese Garden at Auburn Botanic Gardens, Sydney

From the archives, a shot from May of 2014. This was taken at Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin. This beautiful park has it all where beauty is concerned. The manicured grounds and gardens are gorgeous and a memorable delight to anyone who takes the time to visit.

One of the many pathways through the gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny, France.

An early rhododendron was displaying near the gardens bridge.

My back garden under snow this morning. The second day of snow here this season ;-)

I decided to take a picture as it'll certainly be the last picture I take of this garden as I move out soon...

New Mini Challenge # 162.0 ~ The Award Tree

~ October Days ~ The Award Tree ~


giardino del Convento di Trinità dei Monti-Roma

Auckland Botanic Gardens


The 64-hectare Auckland Botanic Gardens is home to over 10,000 plants from around the world. There are comprehensive collections of ornamental plants and extensive displays of native and introduced plants.


African Plants Garden

Splashes of colour throughout the year


Visit the wilds of Africa... in Auckland

Visit the African Plants Garden in winter alongside flocks of noisy silvereye and tui feeding on the vivid aloe and protea flowers. Come again in spring for the explosion of bulbs – the Cape is the bulb capital of the world– but you can get a taste of Africa right here at Auckland Botanic Gardens. Imagine elephants and giraffe wandering by, grazing on trees like the Acacia sieberiana. With its dry herbal scents, unusual plants and busy birds there is something stimulating for all the senses in this garden.


Leucodendrons, proteas, watsonias, daises, nerines, strelitzias, freesias, gladiolus, gerberas – many plant species common to our gardens or florist shops have their origins in southern Africa. The Cape Floral Kingdom alone has a staggering 9,000 species of native plants (in comparison, New Zealand is 3 times larger and has 2,400 native species). The Cape lies on the same latitude as New Zealand and like us, has wet winters and dry summers. Most of these plants are self-sustaining – they don’t require much water and perform well in poor soils - perfect distinctive yet low-maintenance

Lupines are blooming, it is hard to belive it, but we are entering summer in May…/Tiempo de jardín, florecen los lupinos, cuesta creerlo pero vamos entrando en verano, en mayo…/Trädgårdstider, lupiner blommar, sommaren är här, i maj...

Cheetal Grand, Khatauli Bypass, NH 58, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh 251201, India

I enjoy photographing the red bridge in the many different lights that filter through the woods at Sarah Duke gardens.

or a window....?

happy W Wednesday

Ashford, County Wicklow 14 May 2018


Longwood Gardens. Flower Garden Walk. Color Blue.


Today is a big day for Longwood Gardens. Their Main Fountain Garden is back after extensive and long renovation. Visit if you can

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