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take 2. got some new pink stuff this past weekend. :)

I'm only posting this shot so folks can see how the entire ship looks in relation to this picture here:

For "Our Daily Challenge ... gadget"


Kitchen whisk on blue chopping board.

Still in 80s cartoon mode

this was on my list since i built the Gadgetmobile:


The GALOOB figure from back in the days gave the inspiration for the gadgets like the coptermode.

This figure scale will get some more attention on other projects for this year.

Full gallery:


...This message will selfdestruct....

"I could've been as ruler of my people, like my father and my father before him. I could've learned who my mother was. I could've changed my world. Now I'm stuck here, till the end of this place or my death, whichever comes first."



Quick LR composite of all the gadgets from a while ago. May they rest in peace.

Sometimes I stand at certain locations and just wait for interesting subjects to pass by. This man reminded me of an old school detective for some reason or a retired Inspector Gadget.




Canon t4i / Canon EF-S 18-55mm


Lightroom 5




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At the Motor Transport Museum, Campo, CA.

Toy Sunday - Gadget


Umlaut likes being in the city where he has access to fancy gadgets.

Thanks for your help Xavi.

Another young baby working instead of studying

Replica of the first nuclear device detonated in the Trinity Test as a part of the Manhattan Project. The Gadget's detonation produced the explosive power of about 20 kilotons of TNT (84 TJ). After witnessing the detonation J. Robert Oppenheimer was said to have lamented, "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds," a verse from the Bhagavad Gita. History has shown the quote to be quite appropriate.

Hill Air Force Base, Weber County, Utah.

i had same title for picture i've deleted, but since i like it (title) i decided to keep it for better occasion - so here it is...


My daughter literally grew up with her ipad. Not really a great thing but she has learned a lot on her own. It kind of worries me as she spends a great deal of time with it and lacks physical activity. When I get home she spends a little enery playing football with me, with the ocassional walks and running around in the park. Hope she will let it go once she starts school.

Musée des Confluences

For Our Daily Challenge - Gadget


For Our Daily Topic - Diagonal


Can you guess the gadget? Check the tags!


Gallery -


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission.

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My submission for week 21/52 of the 2010 Challenge. The theme is GADGETS.


I bought this keyboard on a whim, and have since become inordinately fond of its sleek shape. So call me shallow.... Ah, well. This is just about SOOC.


View On Black.


The Swiss Army knife is one of the world's most recognized gadgets.


Shot for Our Daily Challenge : "Begins With 'G'".


Recycled for "Our Daily Topic" :"Begins with 'K'".

Inspector Gadget is an animated TV show from 1983, and here it is in LEGO! This photo shows the evil Dr. Claws flying ship and Inspector Gadgets van.

Said gadget, NECA's BioShock Skyhook, isn't new to my photostream, of course. But it's new to Donatello.

Inspecteur Gadget (1983, Galoob) & Sweetie (Barbie Fashionista, 2010, Mattel)

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This is 1 of 2 displays I have in my bedroom, my other figures and such I store under my bed. :-) I loved my childhood :-) :-) :-) :-)

Gadget Vessel 1 (before the tower, but after assembly)


Camera: Zero Image 6X9, Tmax 100 film in D76.

Post processing in Lightroom and Silver Efex plugin, plus Photoshop CS4 used for "spotting" dust and scratches.


Circo Massimo, Rome, Italy

This was a nice gadget you could take photo's of driven by solar energy, my kind of gadget

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