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det 4a13304u, 12/3/07, 9:41 AM, 8C, 5994x7466 (5+158), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R50.8, G36.3, B63.1


det 4a06542u, 2/12/08, 9:17 AM, 8C, 5818x7233 (164+341), 100%, Custom, 1/50 s, R50.5, G36.0, B63.9


det 4a18586u, 1/23/08, 9:12 AM, 8C, 5976x7508 (8+120), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R51.2, G36.1, B63.2


det 4a18586u, 1/23/08, 9:12 AM, 8C, 5976x7508 (8+120), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R51.2, G36.1, B63.2


A 5.56x45 bullpup rifle.

That's really all there is to say on the matter.




Zefir for the font

Shockwave for the magazine and Honey Badger stock

Beck for the ejection port

Wes for the charging handle

Amy for the flash hider

Sweetwater team for the logos and rail

Little tribute to Electro, just because.

det 4a15440u, 12/3/07, 9:57 AM, 8C, 5994x7460 (5+316), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R50.8, G36.5, B62.9


Because Christmas draws near AND because of the NILTC event we are going to next week. We are ramping up on figure production. These are some military figures I made tonite but I don't know what guns to give them for the most part.


Obviously the breacher gets a shot gun type weapon but I really want to make these guys "cool".


If they dont sell at NILTC I will post on the website. :)


Inspired by Kalon. :)

Almost 4MB of code, tons of shapes(only 2 premade parst used) shit loads of grouping errors, shitty colors, pain to the ass with saving it(had to put 3 screenshots together in corel) but Im fking proud of this sonofab****.


Recreation of M14 EBR.

100% PMG // NO WHITE SHAPES // ALMOST ONLY SHAPES (2 premade parts used)






All comments are welcome.

Greetings. xLunaticx.

Credit to Mooseykins for his short barreled shotgun!


Code here.

7.62x39mm rifle for desert Spetsnaz and sexiness.




Nikita: Magazine

Shockwave: Grip, foregrip, muzzle brake, handstop

Benjoo: Irons

Travis: Color

Eddie: bolt idea

Someone from VRW: trigger guard

Wezzy: rails (although extensively modified)

Keeb: Ksystems K

Juice: shading design on the barrel

A tribute to one of Garde's recent designs, I really liked it so I thought I would try my hand at it, hope you dont mind Garde.


credit to Dukeleto, Nikita and most importantly Gardehusar


original here

Tried to get this cleaned up a bit. A medium support weapon built for SOF operations in CQC environments.


Jill, I made this for u. Marry me plz?=P


Credit: Hongooi, Kevin, and for the heck of it, the entire SPW team.

What do you think of the new logo?

My build for the 1st round of the tournament.

Made in 0.6

Group D

+1 comment If you want me to move on.

Credit to C-Cow.


. 6 remake of Shockwave's AK.


Special thanks to Juice and Robbe for keeping me company and giving me suggestions and Shockwave for proposing me such a fun challenge :D


Credit to Beck for the shaded rails.

This G36 has been tailored to a PDW length and been re-chambered for 6.5mm Grendel. Features a low profile reflex sight, collapsing stock and a fixed cheek rest.


Credit to Bleau, Xan and the other 'Sixers :)

Inspired by Frams J-Tac g36.

woah this build got out of control fast. I realize that this is a little more unconventional than the regular style of SIA, so feel free to pull it from the group if it's too weird, haha.

Credits to React for his workspace and his Janus scope

Shock for his G36 grip adapter (haha i had to avoid white shapes again)

and Miko for his font! how could I forget?!


I sense a lot of weapons with camo on the way.


Credit to Murdock for inspiration.


Heavily inspired by Mattia's G36

But this was just a quickie to pass the time...

Very Easy, and Useful Mod.

Requires a G36 (Or XM8), U-Mag (From the MG-34) A Bipod and a U-Clip.


Magazine in Detachable




On another note, This picture is horribly out of focus, and I found Specter, Somebody had wrapped him up and left him for dead under a tree. Mission Over :P

For all your close quarter needs, with the class and reliability of the Kalashnikov family.

To this day, I have yet to decide on whether this should be an automatic shotgun, or just a really high-caliber rifle.


That aside, I'm quite proud of how the 0.7 version came out. Took me quite a while, too, as I had to make most of the gun entirely from scratch.


A few ideas I've had lying around for a while.


A few things that might be hard to see: double taped ak mags on other side, sanded own hand guard, mag switch on g36, switched it to an m4 mag, as the xmp mag is very thin.


Comment if you fave.

no white shape :)

credit me for my work :)




Felt like making it bullpup. There's not much g36 left now is there?...

Also didn't havetime to make any sighs so just imagine something awesome being there. :3

Another commissions finished and another one that I may well cry when packaging for shipment :(


This is supposed to be loosely based on an S.A.S. Halo trooper, so the camo is supposed to be MTP (not all that different from Multicam in my eyes) and I went with a G36 just for a little variation over an M4.


I went with a slightly lighter look than most Halo jumpers, as I thouight that the MASSIVE pack would obscure too much of the fig, but as it goes, I made the pack detachable via magnetic strip, so I may mess around with a larger flight pack next time.


This will be one of the last full (from scratch) commissions that I'm going to do.


Hope you guys like it!

9714, Thu Feb 07, 2013, 11:37:07 AM, 8C, 3694x5266, (1159+0), 100%, Forbo Coral do, 1/40 s, R64.4, G36.3, B58.1.

AAR (Advanced Assault Rifle) is a modern AR using 5.56x45 bullets, designed to use STANAG mags. Upper, lower, and side rails allow montage of different accesories.

As standard, folding stock is equiped.




100% PMG // Almost only shapes (4 parts used) // NO white shapes.


All comments are welcome.

Greetings. xLunaticx.

The Thunderclap is a 5.56x45mm assault rifle designed to supersede many of the rifles in service today, such as the G36, M4 and L85A2. It features a bullpup configuration in order to maximise barrel length, but minimise overall length. Full ambi controls and a switchable EP allow for the rifle to be used by people of any dexterity. The model features the handguard, though a RIS'd version is available.

Thanks to the goddamn lag, i couldn't finish this one properly.I made it from a sketch


Credit to Xenol for the GI logo,srews and Felipe for the rail,Badger for the griffin logo


Done in PMG 0.6.

Credit to Beck for the rails shading


Done in 0.6


Wes, Beck, KevinTK, Snipes, Braydenmaine, Duke, and Murdock


Adaptable mid range carbine firing the .300BLK from a detachable 40 round box magazine. Uses a rugged AK style gas piston system with SPW Recoil Counter System behind the bolt.

Ultra-sleek no friction zip-lock tight seal bolt carrier allows for maximum performance in dirty conditions.

Grip includes trap door storage compartment.

Vented heat shield with side rails and removable bottom rails to reveal no slip grip handguard.

Detachable carry handle fitted with picatinny rails and BUIS.

Electronics include a 1-6X Day/Night NV variable zoom illuminated crosshair scope and Aimpoint Micro T-1, both on a QD mount.

Stock is custom lightweight aluminum alloy folding action with buckle sling.

The Desert Fox - best weapon for every operator.

Camo, Silencer, Watch, Sights : Shapemade

No white ones.


-Eotech EXPS3-0TAN (by Trapezoid)

-HK Silencer

Accutact Anglesight

-Cool camo

-Some Aquaforce watch :D


Credit to davidman and Miko for their fonts + Shockwave dor the QD mount! Thank you guys!


And please, take a look at the awsome HD picture -






My belated entry for Xorg's compact shotgun challenge.

I felt that this was a great opportunity to retread one of my old favorites, and give it the ol' Sweetwater spin.


Credit goes to Amy for the fire selector.

det 4a08430u, 11/6/07, 9:52 AM, 8C, 5776x7138 (135+576), 100%, Custom, 1/80 s, R49.1, G36.9, B64.1


Done in PMG 0.6.

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