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It's Friday! Kick your feet up and have a chilled glass of white. It's the weekend THANK GOD and I'm going to relax!

***Highest position: 146 on Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(since we started tracking this statistic on April 19, 2006) Woo hoo... ***

almost like a kitty futab.

Week 1 - Day 5

Friday = Blue Day for Rainbow Week group.


For those wondering.... the shoes and the umbrella are both blue.


If you put your feet up against an umbrella

if you put your umbrella up against the sunlight


you can almost feel like you are on vacation




Happy Friday everyone. FUTAB!


Color Psychology of Blue

(from Wikipedia)


Seas, skies, peace, unity, harmony, tranquility, calmness, coolness, confidence, conservatism, water, ice, loyalty, dependability, cleanliness, technology, winter, depression, coldness, idealism, obscenity, tackiness, air, wisdom, Earth (planet), Virgo (light blue), Pisces (pale blue) and Aquarius (dark blue) (star sign), strength, steadfastness, light, friendliness, July (sky blue), February (deep blue), peace, mourning, truthfulness, love.


In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, believed to keep the bad spirits away.


Highest position: # 23 on July 6th, 2007

been battling the flu since tuesday ... blah

Happy Friday! And some of you may be happy to know that I am actually happy today. Nice change. I'm much better and ready to be back. But just so you know that yes, I'll be here but not as much as I used to be. I've gotta start to use my time better and begin to put more energy toward other aspects of my life. But I'm NOT quitting. So yay. ♥ to you all.

Wishing you all a sunny weekend! :D

Is my mood in this period.

showing you my second favourite pair of socks ;)


*piccola digressione*

ieri ho cominciato il corso di Igiene. Il profe è in pensione e si è lamentato che lo pagano 20€ l'ora. mentre armeggiava malamente con l'astina del microfono ci guarda e fa: "non mi sta su perchè sono anziano"... XD

non che il corso sia particolarmente eccitante, ma una volta tanto andare a lezione è divertente.


technical note: too bad for the shades, i was too lazy to correct them.

I love taking shower.

I can stay for hours and watch the water hit my skin.

And feel it wash the day off of me.


As requested a link to the original size


For Flickr Group Roulette

and Mid Falling


Fun in the water


Explore #12



Today is the midpoint in my 365 days project! :D Only 182 days to go. oh, and WOO!!!


To celebrate this occasion, here are a few stats from my first 183 days of self portraits, which you can check out here.


Total Days: 183

Days Missed: 0

Made Explore: 28

Highest explore: #4 [133: SOTTS will make you jump!]

Most views/faves/comments: 1,811/86/93 [133: SOTTS will make you jump!]

Cities taken in: 10

Taken in public places: 56

With people actively watching: 19

Taken at work: 42

Taken in a bathroom: 35

with sunglasses: 7

guest appearances: 8


(oh, and the king of stats, who did a version of this stats list first, is


explore #100.

Put your feet up and take a break, the weekend is upon us! :)


Happy Friday!~


This photo has been selected as the FUTAB ICON OF THE MONTH! :)

A (vastly inferior) copycat of this shot by the very talented and creative ~maitexu~.


For February's Alphabet Fun - F is for feet, and FUTAB which is today's TRP pick.

Also Theme of The Week - Extreme Stripes and FGR - Little Feat as I only have little feet (bit of a long shot that one!)


i forgot to post this crazy FUTAB combo....


not sure i would venture out of the house ...

but one never knows =)


come dance along with ms. dee-lite =) cause groove is in the heart!


It rained and rained over a month. Our garden turned into a wild meadow.

Before daddy mowed the lawn, she picked some clovers and made a long long chain on quiet Sunday afternoon.

366 SP


FUTAB...what could be more relaxing than that soft belly fur...


Grateful for...Tanner and his sweet, loving, and VERY trusting nature. He is 15.5 years old and when I put him on my feet, he was purring the whole time. Afterwards he just cuddled on my chest and purred. I just love him. xoxo

8/15/08 - This is Today! (37/365)



Even after a long, strenuous climb in 29 degrees heat, with these spectacular views looking towards Capri, I still thought of you, my Flickr friends!


... Happy FUTAB!!!

Happy FUTAB everyone!


Sorry, you're right Nicki, it should be Happy TUTAB!!!

“The person lives most beautifully who does not reflect upon existence.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche


I'm not one of those people. Today is just. A hard day.

At least I killed two (three!) birds with one stone. Ha.


We're Here! : It's Friday, so put your feet up and take a break! | FUTAB!


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AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox overhead left. AB800 with HOBD-W overhead right. Triggered by Cybersync.


I do love what this lens does with sun flare.

Now just got to get through the DaY so I can FUTAB~~~;-)

Im not a FUTAB kinda guy, so...............:))))

it's friday people. futab.

not all Crocs are created equal ... fortunately!


slim and lightweight, these pack and travel marvelously well ... so all I had to take was a carry-on backpack for a week's worth of vacationing

(so no charges for checked baggage - woohoo!)


In Explore 13 October 2009.

Here you go. Futab, Simpsons, Friday.


I have been waiting for this day for about five years. Ever since I heard the rumors of a Simpsons movie, and now its here.


So I guess I should explain my infatuation, or obsession, with the Simpsons.


Starting with the obvious:


Its been on for 18 years, thats more than half me life. I was 12 when it premiered.


Homer is the everyman. Including me.


They have given classes at Harvard regarding the philosophy and cultural signifigance of the show.


Two words: Ralph Wiggum. (You must watch this video!)




Duff. Oh glorious Duff. Even if it's spilled in the shag.


The episode "D'oh in the Wind" where Homer mistakenly spikes the organic juice with marijuana and peyote is still one of the greatest moments in tv history.


And last but not least...


The Simpsons made me smile again. It came about at a time when my life was at its darkest and I can honestly say that it made me smile again. I grew up with Homer.


And I guess I should take this time to thank all of you that check out my stream on a frequent basis! I don't do that enough! For all of you...



Took quiet a few pictures at Chickies Rock Park today. The sun was just so beautiful today.



*Explored..#13 at the lowest!


71 of 365

FGR- What Dreams May Come...

AAS-U=Uninvited & Under my hair



I had no clue what I was going to do today...then I took my hair down (after being up all day) and saw how crazy it was and ran to my garage to take these


Anyway, I passed my skills today and have another test first thing in the morning, then I am off for a week, so I promise to catch up on everyones streams this weekend!'s so crazy what one day can bring... this morning started out really crappy and i was feeling so desperate.. so down and depressed... the day continued on any way and a little while later i had a new desk! (for free) well new for me~ now i have a spot...other than the end of the couch! so that was cool right.... then, i got a call~ a really great call! A job offer!!! THE job offer! woohoo~ i start on Monday!!!! (for those of you not paying attention or just tuning in~ i got laid off of of my job a few weeks back~ title company i was with for 5+ years) anyway~ the search is over, i'm happy about it...still want to go back to school but this is good..i'll have my med. benefits back and that's huge for me~ (having Crohn's disease i have to make sure i'm covered just in case) it didn't stop there!!! After going over to sign my job offer/agreement i came home to mail.....i usually get crap and i freaked out cuz i saw something that said "attorney law" ~ and that never seems to be a good it was~ it was MOOS from TOM!!! THANKS TOM! XOXO~ i was so happy it wasn't bad mail~ lol! AND~ i got sarah's purple velvet hip scarf from the "i love that please send" group!! how cool it that??~ way!! i love it!! so yeah~ what a f*cking awesome day it was...really such a nice relief and i can finally celebrate my time off again!!!


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Feeling yucky so only taking a pic of my feet this evening. Hopefully tomorrow is better!


PS If you are dirty - you get blocked! So think twice my loves!



If you want to buy my Adobe Lightroom presets (over 100 at this moment), feel free to contact me :


do you twitter? I do!

We're Here! : It's Friday, so put your feet up and take a break! | FUTAB!


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AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox overhead left. AB800 with HOBD-W overhead right. Triggered by Cybersync.


Have a great weekend, guys!


God bless :)

I almost drowned a few times getting this shot in the bathtub!! What I won't do to please you!!! So you better freakin enjoy this!! Hahahaha


Happy Friday to you All.. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!




And I thought I would never use4 these toe socks!! Now I am glad I held on to them!! My first FUTAB photo!!



One of mY Favorite places to put my feet up!!! Tex-Mex and a Top Shelf!!!


Have a Great Week-End EveryOne!!!!!


365 days 254/365 11september2009

Thanks for the well wishes yesterday! I slept like the dead last night and woke up late this morning. I feel a lot better.

I've been running around today getting errands done and laundry done because we are OFF TO TEXAS tomorrow at 5:30am! We are going with my parents to visit my brother and SIL and my nieces in Houston.


I won't be back until late Monday night and don't think I'll have any Internet time while I'm away. So I will continue to be behind and catch up with you all next week. I'll of course take my self-portraits while I'm gone and share them when I return.


I won't be able to post my FUTAB or my SSUC shots tomorrow, but I will probably take them and post when I get back. Not sure about Class with Daves either, but we'll see.


Will try to get on here a bit tonight, but am off now to take our dogs to my friends' house.


Don't forget me? :-)

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