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Palette knife technique, Acryl on canvas

Just one shot, without Photoshop.

Representing a Dutch Church ...Painted by Thomas Jervis 1777...In Baddesley Clinton House...Just a little History!

In the 19th century, and perhaps earlier, reverse painting on glass was an art form used in mirror manufacturing, clocks and more. This is from an old Gilbert shelf clock that keeps time and adds its rhythm (need a word origin search for this one) to a quiet room. Nice background for thought and meditation. If you looks close, you can see the painter's technique.

Another little set of vintage ornaments I've picked up. Most of the older bulbs I find were painted in Poland, which I think is nice!


YN560-III with gel pointing at black background below table.

½ power @ 28mm

YN560-TX trigger

Glasses on large piece of black granite

best against black!

last one of these...

windows of our local industrial laundry. I guess the heat and condensation has done its work on the paint

I was walking out of a coffee shop at work, and noticed a wall of windows that had these images of leaves painted on them. I took a quick shot with the camera app on my iPhone, and used Snapseed to edit it. It was really very quick and easy; it didn't need a lot of processing to make it work. I love the detail in veins of the leaves.


Taken for Macro Mondays "Bottoms up" challange

Created on the iPad with Sketch Club

lonely shadow

landscape version

series : glimpsed

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18th century painted glass by Thomas Jervais. The image is of a dutch scene in church.

The pain of glass was broken some time a hundred years ago and repaired in 2000.


Summer Holiday 2012 08 4147 England Baddesley Clinton

My sister made for me.


Taken Friday April 10, 2009

glass in window displays


Ronit Dagan.

Dagan's surreal view of the world and her provocative humor, already evident in her early series, is manifest anew in this witty series.

This intriguing body of work synthesizes Dagan's painting skills with Benny Agam's lamp-working skills. By playing with everyday object and questioning their original purpose, she shifts their identity and turns them into seductive, sharp, and subversive sculptural objects.

Painting with light and glass


Treat This Challenge No.9 - Cloudy Sky texture and / or background found here:


Added pleasure with ChromaDepth 3-D glasses.

acrylics on canvas.

My friend challanged me to paint a still life... I do not "do"still lifes if I can avoid it. This is the result... very traditional I am afraid:-)

Discover the new sandblasted bespoke patterns on white back painted glass for wall cladding, splashbacks, etc.

close up, the whole glass half full / half empty thing is a little more complicated...

Glass painting while hanging with Shaun Mullen in London...the only person who can get me to draw...and draw....and draw.......... Lol



I was strolling down the streets of small town Winnsboro, Texas and spotted the storefront window of an art gallery where this vase was sitting beside a masterpiece in the making. The sun was at my back the glass from the window was causing all kinds of reflections but I just couldn't resist because it had such a "painterly" feel to it.

Farting around in spare room playing with lights etc etc.

On this I learned that the painting needs to be directly on the glass of the scanner.

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