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First, no snow here! Love seeing all the snow images in Europe:)

I decided this flower needed twice as many petals so I turned on my multiple exposure button. Zoom in for best results. I move the point of focus one petal to the right to give the flower additional volume.


The texture is by Flypaper - thanks, Jill!!


Today and tomorrow I'll be posting more than usual. Will let you know why on Monday.


Be well, enjoy the snow, and thank you so much for visiting!

The other day I a little bit bored and I did a funny session with Adara and Suki and this cute hats. I have some more pics of this session!

...sometimes is funny ! sorry but no more new photos in my pc


I sensed this horse had some personality so i pulled faces at it & he pulled some back !

Menorca, May 2011.

funny door, seen in Cadaques, Spain

Boo trying to get the chesse on the tredmill. Lol like it guys?

Funny faced macaw. I think it thinks something funny is going on. It looks like it is laughing inside.

Haha... Best attempt.. You better laugh!


I have a feeling I no longer have a good image ... haha



Cows are so much more interesting shot from low down...

Well, my publicist doesn't ALWAYS get purrfect pictures of me! I don't think I was quite ready to have my picture taken yet...hehehe!


My latest videos:

Me choosing skritches over treats:


Me playing with a toy & the camera bag!

- Bánh kem E iu tặng..Cá ngựa bông E iu tặng..làlála..đc đón snhật w E thôi là đủ r..hf r..ý nghĩa& đáng nhớ nữa..yêu E


-Mình thik bé cá ngựa wá nên mình tưng tưng :]]


* Bấp design ..tks B tks tks :p

My funny valentine

Sweet comic valentine

You make me smile with my heart

Your looks are laughable


Yet you're my favourite work of art


Is your figure less than greek

Is your mouth a little weak

When you open it to speak

Are you smart?


But don't change a hair for me

Not if you care for me

Stay little valentine stay

Each day is valentines day


Is your figure less than greek

Is your mouth a little weak

When you open it to speak

Are you smart?


But don't you change one hair for me

Not if you care for me

Stay little valentine stay

Each day is valentines day


Faye Dress by Dead Dollz at FaMESHed February Round

- EXPLORE, Highest position: 214 on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

I've been sick for several days, due to some taco-induced acid reflux fireworks. This may not be the most inappropriate greeting card, but it fits my situation this week. Besides now that I have invented Mr. Taco, I'm imagining there can be a series of inappropriate tacos. They'll be the "taco" the town.


Created with My Digital Studio by Stampin’ Up. The artwork used to create the design is Copyright © 2009–2011 Stampin’ Up!. All rights reserved. The designs themselves are my own work and would probably be disowned by Stampin’ Up.

it was hard to pass on this one... I just love her hair all wild and crazy.... Funny how kids get away and actually look cute like this... Us, the grown ups, not so much heheh :)


This is a funny looking car I saw while touring around Munich. It's a one seater that has four wheels.

Dedicated to Giannis , Αφιερωμένη στο Γιάννη .

Zoologisch Botanischer Garten Stuttgart

...back from Heligoland.



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Sometimes looks can be deceiving. What appears to be a very funny or aggressive scene was in fact the end of a yawn.

(Lion, Kgalagadi)

Comical Chimp at a local zoo!

vor Helgoland

Funny animal pictures

Walla F'9awaaaah :P

without idea , just 4 funnnnn ;DD



By: TwilightBabiie


A minha primeira reação ao ver esta foto foi rir....muito. Não é engraçado?

É fofo, mas muito engraçado.

Petting zoo joker

Funny little jellybean shaped critter I made today. Not sure what he is but he's cute! :)

FUNNY EGGS by Mad Match exclusive for ILLUMINATE


Sunflowers by Mad Match available @ ILLUMINATE


Unicorn Easter Egg by APHRODITE


Easter Egg Hunt Prize by by TLC


White Orchid Tree by Little Branch

Bouton d'or Flowers by Little Branch

Snakeweed by Little Branch

Daisies by Little Branch

Red Poppies by Little Branch

Buffalo grass by Little Branch

Mushrooms by Little Branch

party lights by [we're CLOSED]

balloon swing white [we're CLOSED]

Balloons - by Intrigue Co.

Autumn Picnic Table by *DAWN*

Somerfield lemonade by Raindale

Ellesmere berry pie by Raindale

Easter nest by !! Follow US !!

'Elvira' Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast by Apple Fall

Heart Balloons by [PR]

Picnic 10 - Basket Stack by *AF*

water jug by --ANHELO-

Potting Shed Book by Apple Fall

Sourbread Loaf in Tin by Apple Fall

happyendpark. color little chick by {anc}

Skippy Scooter LIGHT LAVENDER by Serenity Style

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Looking out of this particular window can forecast a funny cloudy sky made of little white clouds against the blue of the desert sky.

I shot this picture across the street from Public Market Center Seattle. These two homeless guys were really funny and ingenious on getting attention.

I absolutely adore all the outfits Audrey Hepburn wore in her photo shoot in Funny Face.

L to R

Look of Love in fishing outfit

Japan Poppy in suit and hat

Lilac Frost in black dress with balloons

India Poppy in runway dress (without pink over blouse)

two little girls enjoy good conversation

and funny faces


Real Name: Johnathon Arbuckle


Current Alias: Funny Face


Abilities: He is a professional bank robber and is an explosives expert.


Attire: Wears a brown suit and pants, with black shoes and a green vest and shoes. He also wears his signature yellow helmet, which is supposedly inspired by a videogame.


BlackGate File: Prisoner 1234897 Johnathon Arbuckle Aka Funny Face was a Cartoonist who lived in Metropolis. Johnathon applied to work at Whiz Comics, but was not due to his lack of creativity. That night John broke into into the company and set a bomb with his gang (who dressed like Whiz Comic characters) and blew up the building. The Hero of Metropolis, Superman pursued John and his crew and subdued the gang. After being incarcerated at Stryker's Island, John planned an escape with some other small time convicts and escaped during a fight between Superman and John Corbin Aka Metallo. John left Metropolis and set shop in Gotham after he had received an invitation from Drury Walker Aka Killer Moth to join his new Organization called "The Misfits". After John joined The Misfits he robbed the First National Bank of Gotham with other costumed villains like Walker and Crazy Quilt. He was captured by The Batman during the heist along with his cohorts and imprisoned in BlackGate.

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