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Klasse Nachmittag mit meinen Flickr-Freunden

Auf Tour mit Annabulf & xmyrxn & pe_ha45 &

angelus_beep &



Here's to a happy & blessed new week :-)


New ways to keep your pants up..:) Or, what to do with old pants..I saw this at the Rock Stacking contest and had to shoot it

girl dress dandelion fields green happy sunlight


I jumped in to this photo I couldn't let Brad have all the fun. at this point the fog was so thick the lights just glow. The Big Dipper is in vertical position with the handle down on the right

from my archives...

Park Wilhelmsthal, Calden

Light & Fun - that's (what and) why I shoot......


Lemur Frog.... 2nd shot. (1st / another) (new pc)

Juste pour le fun .... oui je sais expression des années .... euh je ne sais plus quelles années en fait ... hier ? oui c'est cela hier !

Just as I was getting ready to capture this sunset, this little dog came speeding across the sand and went straight into the sea, so I knew I just had to capture his fun.


I'm not so crazy about this picture. Just another fun with drops :)..on a rainy day.

Its not really easy to shot a drops, i do admit that but the real challenge is to find a spider's web with a 'dewdrops'.


(e se non c’è il sole, non importa) - (no matter if it’s cloudy)


♬♪♩ (I want to be the one to walk in the sun) ♭♫♪


Yes, even the dogs want to have "Bubble fun"!!!

When you were young.... you just had fun!

I had fun trying various lighting and pottery glazes. This is just one of them with backlighting and an off-camera SB800 strobe set to 1/8 bounced off warm wood to the left.


The glaze is on a Raku vase I bid on and won at a fundraiser black-tie event years ago, and I'm so relieved to avoid those now.


I stuck a daffodil into the pottery to give an idea of small size of the opening, which is 5cm /1.97 inches.


An explanation of Raku pottery and glaze by oxidation:

Raku ware on wikipedia.


Thanks for looking and for your previous kind little stars ;)

oana had a lot of fun

I think my work and play with the new (used) 500mm f/4 needs more experience before posting. Less so the 70-200mm f/2.8 that I've had for about 14 years.


This is a rework in Lightroom of fading leaves last October. Slight crop, mainly.


Many thanks for looking.


Just having some fun....


Have a great weekend everyone :)

Explored # 143


Just an experiment....


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