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Klasse Nachmittag mit meinen Flickr-Freunden

Auf Tour mit Annabulf & xmyrxn & pe_ha45 &

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my man on his bike is always a bit crazy ;)


textures: Joes Sistah

I jumped in to this photo I couldn't let Brad have all the fun. at this point the fog was so thick the lights just glow. The Big Dipper is in vertical position with the handle down on the right

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Juste pour le fun .... oui je sais expression des années .... euh je ne sais plus quelles années en fait ... hier ? oui c'est cela hier !

Light & Fun - that's (what and) why I shoot......


Lemur Frog.... 2nd shot. (1st / another) (new pc)

Taken at the top of the main tower of the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, commonly called just the de Young Museum. There were crazy panels in the top corner that caught the light in weird ways and as they were blue of course I spent a fair amount of time shooting them.

Park Wilhelmsthal, Calden

Just as I was getting ready to capture this sunset, this little dog came speeding across the sand and went straight into the sea, so I knew I just had to capture his fun.


Out on a family walk in Harlestone Firs, my daughter happened upon a piece of rope tied to a low branch, and the fun began! Simple things!

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Concept : Byn Nguyen

Photo + Retouch : Byn Nguyen


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Phone : 0916634039

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Copyright © BynNguyen. All rights reserved.


A fun shot in the center of Dublin.

Temple Bar is a colourful quarter in the heart of Dublin City which, almost accidentally it could be said, over the years developed a bohemian 'Left Bank' character.

It is a shopping, dining, entertaining and exploring feast for the senses. On a typical Irish morning, Temple Bar wakes up to the smell of steaming espresso, the clatter of kegs of Guinness rolling off delivery trucks, and rainwater running between the cobblestones and setts down to the Liffey( the river that runs through Dublin).


Paul and I have this agreement, that the 'REAL' photographer is the one who has the original idea. So, when I saw 'the Wall of Fame', Paul had already taken many shots of it, but this was how I saw it, I explained it to Paul and he took it, that makes it my photo... although we have a different 'eye' and artistic temperament and view, we avoid taking the 'same shots' as much as possible.


Wishing you all a great day and thanx for your comments every day, Magda, (*_*)



I'm not so crazy about this picture. Just another fun with drops :)..on a rainy day.

Its not really easy to shot a drops, i do admit that but the real challenge is to find a spider's web with a 'dewdrops'.



رغبّةٌ مجّنونة تراودنيّ الآن !!


أنّ ألّعـب بالماءِ والصابـونْ

وأصنع فُقاعات صَابـونْ

وأتابـع تطايرها في الهـواءْ ،

وأنّ أطلّـقَ على الفُقاعـات

” أسماء أرواحٍ خَذّلتنـي“


وأتابـع إنفجّارهـم في الهـواءْ بصمّـتْ !

These are the horses that made the tracks in the last picture.


Not a lot of realism here, but sometimes its better that way IMO.


I've had a few people questioning processing recently. Processing is half of photography for me, the first half is getting the RAW material and the second half is making it into an image. Very rarely do I post SOOC. Photography for me is about dreams and fantasies and I use my camera and software to the best of my ability to achieve that. I'm not a purist, even when it comes to wildlife shots... I will take the best picture I can but if its worth improving I will try to improve it. In my hands, camera and software always lie and I don't feel a lack of integrity because of it, my aim is to make pictures, not to show reality.


Just thought I'd mention that so we all know where we stand :o)


Yes, even the dogs want to have "Bubble fun"!!!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz, California, USA

oana had a lot of fun


Just having some fun....


Have a great weekend everyone :)


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