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There is poetic justice in knowing that a jackass got his or her Hummer booted. That means the owner had to have multiple parking tickets. And parked, again, in a forbidden spot. I'm not sure I approve of keying someone's vehicle simply because it's obnoxious, but I must admit it made me laugh.

The only thing this guy is missing is a "W" sticker. Look at the notes for all of the annoying things. I hope you are enjoying the price of gas, ha!

the monster was there again today -- so, as promised, here is my own contribution to the FUH2 movement!


(for the context, go here. for the bigger picture, go here. but walk, or take the bus to get there, ok?)



iili <--- The bird in ascii


You can say that again.


If you drive a H2, Youre an asshole


Thank you very much . Now fuck off and die.


I pity you if you already own one. You must be "car poor. "


Don't you know that American car manufacturers are feeding you the fat of their own gluttony?


A Prius meets a Hummer at the gas pumps


Prius driver


Hummer driver


1 gallon


That’s really quite a beast you’ve got there.


Yeah, what of it? I like my vehicles big.


2 gallons


But isn’t it the height of arrogance to drive such a gas guzzler? Especially, these days.


Hey, it’s a free country, buddy. At least my vehicle’s made in America.


3 gallons


Yeah, I suppose it is, everything but the gasoline that goes in it.


Well, if you liberals would open up Alaska to drilling there would be plenty of domestic oil.


4 gallons


Interesting, isn’t it, that when it comes to conservation of natural resources it’s the liberals who are conservative?


I’m not short-changing my lifestyle for some made up gas crisis.


5 gallons


I haven’t seen your rear bumper but I’m guessing there’s a W sticker back there.


What makes you so sure?


6 gallons


I’m guessing that not many Hummer drivers voted for Kerry.


Not if they had any sense. And what about you? What’s on your bumper? ‘Visualize Whirled Peas’?


7 gallons


That’s funny. Nah, just one sticker: 'Think. It’s patriotic.'


Are you saying that because I drive a Hummer I don’t think? I think plenty.


8 gallons


I’ll bet. Especially while you’re hanging around here at the gas station filling your tank every few days.


Look, I’m not an asshole, okay?


9 gallons


I never said you were.


But you think it.


10 gallons


There’s this game I like to play at parties. As I mingle and get to know people, I try to guess which ones would be Hummer drivers.


So the less you like people the more likely that they would drive a Hummer?


11 gallons


Pretty much.


You know, I could play the same game only in reverse.


12 gallons


Hey, I’d love to chat some more, but I’m finished here. 12 gallons. That’ll keep me going for a few weeks. Listen, take care. Good luck living with yourself.


Happy trails, granola boy. Try to stay out of the tread in my tires with that windup toy of yours.


13 gallons


What a prick.


14 gallons


I’m not the asshole; he’s the asshole.


15 gallons


I don’t know what this country’s coming to.


16 gallons


Damn, do I look hot standing against this Hummer, or what?


17 gallons


I wonder if we should have a family picture taken in front of the Hummer for our Christmas card this year.


18 gallons


Darla’s gonna love those breast implants I’m getting her for Christmas.


19 gallons


Look at these gas prices! I sure hope the President can do something about this. Maybe we do need to invade another Arab country.


20 gallons


Bush is a fine president, you know? Maybe even as good as Reagan. I think they ought to put both of their faces up on Mt. Rushmore.


21 gallons


I miss full serve gas stations. I could be sitting inside listening to Bill O'Reilly on the radio right now.


22 gallons


I wonder what kind of bonus I’ll get this year.


23 gallons


What we need in this country is another tax cut. That would set things right.


24 gallons


Stupid hybrids. How would I tow my speed boat in one of those goddamned tin cups?


25 gallons


Me an asshole. Imagine. How dare that guy judge me. People look up to me. That reminds me I need to clip my nose hairs.


26 gallons


Maybe I should take this baby off-road some time. Man, that would be a blast. Nah, all that mud. I just got her detailed.


27 gallons


What would Jesus drive? I’ll bet he’d drive a Hummer.


28 gallons


Born in the USA, I was born in the USA – I really love that song...


29 gallons


...too bad Springsteen is a communist traitor now.


30 gallons


Thirty gallons? That’s all? I’m going to be late for work again.


31 gallons


Look at all these foreigners around here. Good thing I renewed my NRA membership.


32 gallons


Nice weather, I should leave early and play golf at the club.


33 gallons


Hey, nobody’s called me on my cell phone in like ten minutes. What’s up with that?


34 gallons


I wonder how the market is doing.


35 gallons


Lordy, look at that babe. She’s checking me out. Chicks dig my Hummer. And guys are jealous. That’s the flat-out truth.


36 gallons


I can’t get that Prius guy out of my head. Why am I letting him bother me?


37 gallons


He’s nobody. Probably one of them crazy scientists who believe in climate change. He should listen to Rush Limbaugh. Then he’d know the truth.


38 gallons


Okay, I’ve got to let go. Remember, liberal Democrats are people, too. Just misguided.


39 gallons


See, I am not an asshole. I’m a compassionate conservative blessed with uncommon good sense and lots of money.


40 gallons


Full. Finally. Now I can be on my way. It’s gonna be a great day. Sure is good to be me.


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A Large Economy Sized FU, H2...

Or is this an F Thee, H3?

i parked next to this at work the other day.


i mean, come on, people.


see a followup pic here.

yo prohibía los hummers en madrid, por abusivos... para ampliar el tema, hay algo en flickr y en la red

If your car can't fit in the average parking space as picture above, then it's deserve to be scrapped., especially those Yanks Tank.


The irony is that this is the smallest one they sell (H3) is too big for Europe.

The FUH2 Photo Mosaic--over 700 of the best submissions to Check it out with a magnifying glass at

From the craptastic cameraphone on my hiptop.

As desired by 12 yo boys the world over.

i don't care that you cut part of your roof off.

My friend's roommate created this web site:


Earlier example:

what the fuck does ANYONE need a vehicle like this for? in new york city? i ask you. what fucking rough terrain in new york is this fuckwad going to drive over?




dave teter's got a shot or two like this, if i recall.


actually, if you search everyone's photos for "fuck you hummer" there's quite a few with the same sentiment. pretty awesome.


in fact, there's a whole fuck you and your H2 website but it doesn't look like they've updated in a few months. eh, i submitted this anyway.

In some cases, when you can invade a parking lot using the buddy system, it's possible to create a much more substantial zone of influence around your vehicle.


This gives you an even more superior transportation and parking experience and allows you to overcome the plateau of assholeness you reach simply by owning and driving a Hummer. When reaching such a plateau, it can be difficult to come up with ways of increasing your asshole quotient. In such cases, partnering with another asshole can allow both individuals to exceed that high brown mark.


Here, we see how utilization of two Hummers allows the elimination of more than two spaces worth of parking and also impede traffic flow. This makes it easier to get in and out of the spaces and lot when your vehicle is as large as, or larger, than most individual spaces and maneuverability is restricted.


While the Hummer on the right has parked askew and could have hindered normal usage of adjoining spots on its own, the second Hummer provides even more obstructive goodness by not only occupying a bit of the next space (completely preventing anyone from parking there...unless they've got one of those Smart cars), but by also leaving its backend sticking way out into the driving lanes to provide an effective obstruction to the flow of traffic in the rest of the lot.


Truly inspired. If only I'd remembered to record images and video for use with I Humped Your Hummer and Fuck You And Your H2.

I was trying to get fancy and capture a "message" here with the high fuel costs and the low MPG for the Hummer.

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There is poetic justice in knowing that a jackass got his or her Hummer booted. That means the owner had to have multiple parking tickets. And parked, again, in a forbidden spot. I'm not sure I approve of keying someone's vehicle simply because it's obnoxious, but I must admit it made me laugh.

It's been a long time. I shouldn't've left you without a H2 to flip off.

Pictures from trip to Portland on April 14th, 2007

My late contribution to the awesome FUH2 tag.


I was walking around my hometown of Mill Valley in the Blithedale Canyon today. Someone's sticker campaign caught my eye. This Hummer was the first of many SUV's I saw that had a bumper sticker reading "I'm doing my part for global warming" affixed to the back. I encountered many more of these as I walked around. I was slightly confused and amused when I ran into a Prius that had one slapped on its bumper.


This Hummer is also donning the YUPPIE bumper sticker which I think the same person may be responsible for. The YUPPIE sticker ended up being more confounding because the only other cars I saw it on were really not particularly yuppie-ish cars (a Mercedes station wagon that must've been around twenty years old and a Honda Element).

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