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Cliff stands frozen for a few moments, listening to the sound of the truck growing ever fainter and the weak, feeble moaning coming from the patch of grass where Eric landed. He realises what he’s listening to, inclining his head slowly to look over and then tears across the porch. Eric goes to speak, but Cliff yanks him onto his knees by his collar, knocking the air out of him.


Cliff: Where did he fuckin’ take him? WHERE DID HE FUCKIN’ GO?


Eric splutters as he tries to find the words, when Rita finally moves off the porch and over to Cliff.


Rita: Cliff, don’t!


Cliff: Back off princess!


Rita: Don’t call me that!


Cliff: I’ll call you what I… what the fuck were you doin’ just then? Didn’t think to step in at any moment?


Rita: I panicked, okay?


Cliff: Fuck me…


Rita: Oh so I’m not allowed to panic now, am I?


Cliff: That’s not what I said.


Rita: Oh isn’t it? Tell me then, Clifford, since you seem to take such an astute interest in my life, what else can’t I do? I’m not allowed to eat, I can’t panic. What else?


Cliff: You’re not still hung up on that, are you?


Rita: Of course not, your words have absolutely no meaning to me whatsoever!


Cliff: Then why are you still goin’ on about it?!




Morden: Um, excuse me?


Cliff/Rita: WHAT?


Eric flinches.


Morden: Oh it’s just… is he okay?


He raises a shaky finger over Cliff’s shoulder and points over to Larry, groaning on the floor.


Rita: Oh God, Larry.


Cliff: I’ll get him inside. Watch the dweeb.


He drops Eric onto the lawn and helps Larry onto his feet and back inside. Rita and Eric stare at each other for a few moments, before Cliff re-emerges and grabs Eric by his shoulder.


Cliff: In.


They head for the lounge, Eric stumbling ahead. In the doorway, strewn across the floor in the exact position it fell over, is R.A-2. It inclines its head and looks over at the three of them.


R.A-2: Excuse me, but could I have, some assistance?


Rita gets it to its feet, patting it on the shoulder.


R.A-2: Thanking you, kindly.


Rita joins Cliff in the lounge as he throws Eric into a small armchair and looms over him. Larry, flat out on the couch, groans slightly as he rubs his chest. Rita flicks on the light, casting dark shadows around the room.


Cliff: Now you’d better start explainin’ exactly what the fuck happened out there, or I swear to all things holy I will knock that Freddie Mercury fuckin’ moustache into next Tuesday.


Morden: Well uh… what would you like to know?


Cliff: Oh, I dunno. Perhaps start by tellin’ us who the fuck you are and what you’ve done with Niles?


Morden: Well, my name is… uh… Eric. Eric Morden. But that’s all I can say…


Cliff: You’d better be jokin’.


Morden: Well, uh… I don’t think my bosses would be too happy if I said anything else…


Larry sits up on the couch, rubbing his head. He looks over to Eric, who would appear to be on the brink of tears.


Larry: Hang on a second, didn’t that other guy say your bosses wanted you dead as he tried to kill you?


Cliff: How do you know that?


Larry: The Spirit saw it happen. It saved him.


Larry points to Eric.


Cliff: You didn’t think to tell it to save Niles instead?


Larry: I don't have that sort of control over it, Cliff.


Rita: Oh stop interrogating him, he needs rest.


Cliff: Yeah, you’re right. At least he made some kinda effort to help.


Rita scowls and folds her arms.


Rita: I tried, okay?


Morden: He did mention it, maybe. But I’m sure he wasn’t thinking straight!


He looks round the room, grinning and laughing quietly. But as he realises no one else finds it funny, his grin fades.


Morden: Oh, who am I kidding? You’re right. He did try to kill me!


Tears well up in his eyes.


Morden: I didn’t want to believe it, but you’re right. I thought they liked me… I thought we were a team…


He drops his head in his hands and begins to sob. The others all look around at each other uncomfortably.


Larry: Listen, Eric. We aren’t going to hurt you. Just tell us what’s happened to Niles.


Morden: I only wanted to be a part of something… a team… I didn’t think… oh!


He cries harder.


Larry: You wanna be a part of something, right? Help us and you can be. Please, Eric.


His crying subsides into wet sobs as he looks at Larry.


Morden: What… what do you need to know?


Cliff: Who was that other guy?


Morden speaks between sobs.


Morden: His name is Beard Hunter.


Cliff: Wh- wait, what? Fuckin’ Beard Hunter? Seriously?


Morden: Yeah.


Cliff: And how exactly did you pair of fuckheads find Niles?


Morden: He… hunted his beard.


Larry: And this… Beard Hunter… was he your boss?


Morden: No, we’d just hired him for the job. My boss is the Brain.


He looks around at them, blankly, and sniffs.


Morden: You don’t know the Brain?


Larry: Are we supposed to?


Morden: He’s a criminal mastermind! He’s a super-smart Brain in a jar, and he’s got a pet gorilla, Mallah. But he’s pretty smart, too.


Cliff: You’re fuckin’ me.


Morden: No! Really, I’m not!


Larry: And what does this Brain want with Niles Caulder?


His sobs grow louder.


Morden: I can’t *sniff* say…


Cliff: Then perhaps we’d better beat it outta you.


Cliff steps forwards, but Larry raises a hand to stop him. Cliff grunts and sits.


Larry: Eric, listen. Your boss – the Brain – just tried to have you killed. You said it yourself. He clearly didn’t care if you were or weren’t a part of his team. So surely it wouldn’t matter if you told us his plans, would it?


Eric looks up through watery eyes.


Morden: Well… I guess…


He snivels and wipes his nose on his sleeve.


Morden: But promise it won’t leave this room?


Larry: I promise. We just want to know what’s happened to Niles. We don’t want to hurt you.


Morden: Alright. Brain wanted revenge on Niles Caulder. I don’t know what for, he never told me. I think the two were old enemies. Come to think of it, they never really told me anything. They just sorta… used me, I guess. I thought they liked me!


He sobs harder.


Cliff: Well this is all real touchin’, but can we get back to the subject at hand? Niles is gone, and we’ve got no fuckin’ idea where.


Morden: I know where he’s taken him.


They all look at him.


Larry: Where?


Morden: Colombia. They’ve got this hideout there. They were planning to do something to your friend, but I don’t know what. It didn’t sound great… something about a machine… they didn’t tell me the details.


Rita: Colombia? As in, Colombia?


Eric nods.


Rita: And how were you going to get Niles back to Colombia?


Morden: Drive…


Rita scoffs.


Larry: Do you remember where exactly they were taking him in Colombia?


Morden: Uh-huh.


Larry: And you could show us how to get there?


Eric goes to speak, but before he can Cliff gets to his feet.


Cliff: Hang on, give us a minute.


He plucks Eric by his shoulders, marches him out the lounge and shoves him into a cupboard in the hallway. He walks back in and sits down.


Cliff: Larry, you’re not seriously thinkin’ we go all the way to Colombia, are you?


Larry: Why wouldn’t we? We’ve got to get Chief back.


Rita: Larry, we don’t even know if this man is telling us the truth. Why should we trust him?


Larry: Why wouldn’t he be? You saw what happened when he found out his boss had betrayed him, he was devastated! You think he’d be loyal to him after that? I believe him. Don’t you? Cliff?


Cliff reasons for a moment.


Cliff: It does sound pretty ridiculous.


Larry: Look at us, Cliff. We eat ridiculous for breakfast!


Cliff decides if he could cringe, he would have done so. He sinks back into the couch.


Cliff: Do you think this has somethin’ to do with what Niles was tellin’ us about? This was the thing he had to go away and deal with?


Larry: I don’t know. This feels different. He was preparing to go do that thing himself. Why would the Brain send someone to abduct him if Niles was going to go himself? It wouldn’t make any sense.


Rita: There’s so much about him we don’t know; none of it makes any sense. Why wouldn’t he tell us about this? Doesn’t he trust us, or something?


They are silent. An idea pops into Rita’s head and she calls out to the hallway.


Rita: R.A?


R.A-2 trudges into the lounge.


R.A-2: Yes, Rita?


Rita: We need your help with something.


R.A-2: Well Rita, you are in, luck! It is my prime directive, to assist those in need! It is in my name, in fact. R – A – Robot, Assis-


Rita: Yes, we get it!


R.A-2: What can I help you with, today?


Rita: Do you know if Niles ever mentioned any… enemies? Anyone who might want to hurt him?


R.A-2: Well Rita. What can I say? Doctor Caulder has done, a lot of things. Sometimes these things, have upset people. Therefore, it is inevitable people, will get a little bit cross. I hope that has answered, your question!


The three of them are silent for a moment.


Larry: Well that does it. We get to Niles before these people can do whatever it is they’re going to do to him.


Rita: Now hang on a minute! We need to discuss this first!


Larry: What is there to discuss? We owe it to Niles to save him. Look at us. He saved us for hell’s sake, all of us! If the shoe was on the other foot, don’t you think he’d do the same?


Rita: But it’s like R.A said. Niles has done so much we don’t know about. And don’t you remember what he told us: ‘there’s a lot about me you don’t know, and a lot you will never know’? He was perfectly happy to just up and leave us all without telling us why. Perhaps he wouldn’t want rescuing. Though maybe it’s another thing I wouldn’t understand!


Larry gives her a moment to compose herself.


Larry: You know you don’t mean that.


Rita frowns.


Larry: I can’t even believe we’re having this discussion. Don’t you think it’s at least worth a try?


Rita: But Larry, what you’re talking about here is… is going outside. Into the real world. Do you seriously think we’d survive ten minutes out there without Niles?


Larry: That’s exactly the reason we need him back.


Rita: But Colombia, Larry. Colombia.


Larry leaves her and turns to Cliff.


Larry: What about you, big guy? What should we do?


Cliff looks up from the floor and considers for a moment.


Cliff: Well, on one hand, you’re right. Niles did save us. We owe him big time, no one doubts that. And yeah, I’m sure if he was in this situation he’d do the same for us. But then, on the other hand, it’s like Rita said. Larry, we won’t survive out there. Look at us. We’re fuckin’ freaks.


Larry sighs and falls back into the couch.


Larry: But we have to. Please guys.


He looks around at them. He wishes they could see his face beneath the bandages. After a few minutes, Cliff looks round and points towards the hall.


Cliff: We’d have to take him with us, though. He’s the only one who knows where they’ve taken Chief.


Larry: Yeah, we would.


Rita: I still don’t think we can trust him.


Larry: That’s a risk we’ll have to take.


Larry stands, goes to the cupboard in the hallway and pulls Eric back into the lounge. He’s thankfully stopped sobbing, though his eyes are red and puffy and his right sleeve sodden.


Larry: Listen. If we go to Colombia, to rescue Niles, will you help us get there?


Eric sniffs.


Morden: Promise you won’t hurt me?


Larry: Of course we won’t, will we?


No one says a thing.


Larry: Will we?


Cliff: No.


Rita: No.


Larry: See? You promise to lead us to the Brain, and we promise we’ll look after you. Sound fair?


Morden: Yeah… like a sort of team, right?


Larry: Uh… sorta.


Eric manages a weak smile through his sniffles.


Larry: We have a deal then.


He turns back to the others and claps his bandaged hands together.


Larry: Pack your things, people. We’re going to Colombia.


These fuckheads right here are the true meaning of family!~ I wonder often how I stay sane when they are so damn insane. <3

falling so far behind and feeling like a snob around here but I will catch up.... are you sick of hearing that yet? haha


okay rant post, even though I have calmed down since my last upload, the break from here helped that... I am still pissed off a bit when coming into Flickr


The reason? private messages from anonymous profiles that have no uploads and only porn in their favourites. I am not talking about real messages from my contacts nor people with streams, just fuckhead sleaze-balls who want my private details or for me to see their cock....


SO here are some basic Brooke rules if you are one of these fucktards


I will not tell you my full name, give you my home address, phone number or email.....

Why does anyone need to know my home address I ask??? ..... all I can think of is to stalk, rape or kill me with an axe!!! because I doubt it is to send me gifts!!! paranoid and extreme yes haha but I am not some naive teenager who will tell anyone my details, I have been around since the internet was invented (seriously I am that old) which means I have seen shit happen to good people and therefore I keep my personal details private. All you need to know is I live in a Sydney suburb in Australia and like bacon.... LOL


I do not want to see your penis, suck it, fuck it or do some kinky shit to it!! I have a perfectly fine dick I can access any-time lol nothing else needs to be said here :)


I will not send you any photos of my pussy or nakedness..... actually any photo lol If I wanted to have naked photos of me around the net I would get on a pay site and make you pay for it like the other girls around here do haha


I don't webcam so please do not ask, I don' t need to see you wanking or blowing all over your screen, keep that for some other random chick :D


YES I really am married and yes he does know about my flickr. He is not interested in flickr, does not have an account, nor looks. We are not interested in any Ménage à trois.... We are not swingers so sorry to disappoint haha


My photos are all public, I do not have any sex photos just for my 'friends' haha and I am glad as I really don't think my real friends want to see that LMAO


hmm I am sure I have forgotten something but I guess that is the main points at why I have been not getting on Flickr very much as I get sick of the questions.. I wish blocking worked but when they are faceless its pointless as new accounts get opened.


I hope I do not sound stuck up here as I am not meaning too. I understand I have posted photos which may attract these messages so I just have to take the good with the bad, maybe I will just start posting 'safe' photos lol maybe by garden or what I made for dinner ;p


I would like to say while I am having this huge rant and on a roll that I am very lucky to have a lot of contacts which I think have become my friends on here which are always lovely to me and supportive. If it wasn't for all you then I doubt I would keep coming back :) so much love to all of these people <3


We thought Sean Spicer was bad. We thought Anthony Scaramucci was bad. We thought Scott Pruitt was bad. We thought Betsy deVos was bad. We thought Ben Carson was bad. We thought Ryan Zinke was bad...


But those guys are paragons of integrity compared to this lying, sniveling (I got into Yale!) piece of dogshit.


NOTE: Because Mr. Kavanaugh is a "family man," I left motherfucker off the list of tags. I'm sure he qualifies, but I didn't want his children reading it here first...

Andrew’s Summary of 2018

Another Pretty Good Year for Me


If 2017 was a year of big changes, what with getting married, going on our honeymoon, and starting a new job, 2018 was more of a steady year spent chugging along, with quite a few enjoyable highlights.


We started 2018 at Ally’s friend Cass’s house party. Also in January, I paid off my student loans! It feels good to be debt-free!


At some point in December 2017 or early 2018, I started watching Land & Sea, which helped to maintain my Newfoundland renaissance, including the Wade Kearley book (The People’s Road) that I started reading in December 2017. 2018 was peppered with lots of reminiscence about my homeland, including the many parts of it that I haven’t yet explored. Newfoundland becomes more appealing the longer I live away from it — and it’s been almost 15 years now.


Around January, Ally decided to try and sell the old Honda Accord. One morning, she tried to get it going but it wouldn’t start, and the guy who boosted it told her not to turn it off. So she drove it up to her parents’ place, and it was transferred to her dad’s mechanic, who tried in vain to sell it. Around March, I heard that it had been scrapped. I don’t think I felt as sad as I thought I would when that moment came. The Accord was my first car and I drove it for over 6 years, but I’ve had my new Corolla now for 3 years, and other than the better visibility in the Accord, the new car has a lot more useful features and isn’t in the shop every other month, so…the memories are what matter, and I do have good memories overall. The Accord was a tank, but it was 18 years old, and it was time.


In February, we went to house-sit for Ally's friend Kara at her lake-side house outside of Kingston for a weeknud. I say “weeknud” because that’s how I pronounce name of the rapper and/or singer who spells his name “weekend” without the last “e”. Anyway, I did eat a ton of tovfefe cookies (since the word “covfefe” can mean "coffee", “tovfefe” can also mean "toffee") and I got to see a bit of actual Kingston, including this ancient bookstore embedded in what felt like a stone castle.


On February 21st, I started getting intense pain in my tooth. I called my new dentist and got a referral to an endodontist. That evening, we went to see G3 at Massey Hall, which was probably the loudest concert I’d ever been to, because I forgot my earplugs. It was actually kind of a miserable experience because of the volume, although it was good to cross off my bucket list, and I’m glad I went.


To anyone who’s about to gripe because I like to wear earplugs at loud shows, I can’t hear you over the permanent ringing in my ears, which is why I wear earplugs :)


On March 8th, we saw Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers at the Flato Theater in Markham. It was nice to go to a concert and not have to wear earplugs. And once again, it perpetuated the aforementioned Newfoundland renaissance.


Also in March, I made a photo book of our honeymoon, which took time to prepare but was definitely worth doing, as I don’t know for how long our digital photos will be available, whereas the printed word (and photo) really don’t seem to be going anywhere in terms of technological obsolescence. I’d like to make more photo books of other trips.


Also in March, I started getting harassed by a courier. Turns out the *censored* who stopped in the middle of an intersection and caused an accident with my car in 2016 was going ahead with the lawsuit she threatened a year and a half earlier. So my isurance company (there’s a Rickyism for you) hired a lawyer and I was told I’d have to go to pre-court in October. Fucksakes.


On May 10th, I had to get my root canal re-treated, which wasn’t as painful as I thought. In fact, it hardly hurt at all. They used a heavy dose of anesthetic though; it was enough to make my eye droop. After it was done, I went to work.


On May 26th, we saw Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was better than the reviews would suggest. I liked the story of how Han Solo met Chewbacca, and I thought it was more like a James Bond movie than a Star Wars movie, especially with the train scene.


For our first wedding anniversary on May 28th, we went to the Keg Mansion, and sat in the same booth where we sat on Ally’s 30th birthday in 2016, the day after we got engaged.


On June 16th, after dealing with the slow decline of my laptop’s ability to access websites without the dreaded red httpsx coming up, I bought a new iMac. I had the MacBook Pro for 8 years, and it served me faithfully — well, other than that time it crapped out in March of 2014 — but it was time to fix my posture by getting a desktop, and be able to make browsing great again. However, I have yet to wean myself off of the laptop. I still have quite a few pictures on it to post on Flickr, and it’s not as simple as transferring them to my new computer, because I don’t have editing software on my new computer yet. But I’ll get there eventually!


On July 6th, Ally and I embarked on our pretty-much-annual trip! Ready to get the eff out of Toronto’s brutal heat wave, this year we drove my car to Nova Scotia and Quebec. I had never gone on a roadtrip that long a) in my own car, or b) without at least one of my parents, so I wanted to do that. We got to Temiscouata-sur-le-Lac near the New Brunswick border on the first night, although the power was out when we got to the little hotel. The next day, we made it to Margaree Harbour on Cape Breton Island and soon got settled into the little AirBnB trailer.


On the third day, we awoke to the sound of a bird whistling the first five notes of “La Cucaracha”, then drove to the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which was a nice hike to the ocean. Then we walked around Gampo Abbey, and then made our way to the cottage, driving along the Ceilidh Trail side of Cape Breton; the allegedly-scenic route which I hadn’t seen before. Ally slept through most of it. On the fourth day, we watched Love & Mercy, about Brian Wilson, which briefly got me listening to a few Beach Boys songs — I had previously hated the Beach Boys.


On the fifth day, we went to Caribou Island to continue my nerdy tradition of taking pics of the PEI ferry. The zoomed-in pictures I took of the MV Holiday Island were blurred by haze, which I didn’t find out until I saw them on my computer the next week. Although it didn’t feel oppressively hot while we were down on the beach taking pictures at that moment, in general I had never felt heat in Nova Scotia like we felt this summer. I went there expecting it to be cooler than Toronto, and it was cooler than Toronto, but it was still 29 or 30 degrees some evenings, which is not normal for the east coast, especially less than 100 yards from the ocean.


On the sixth day, we went on a tour of the Jost Winery, since we saw it profiled on Land & Sea earlier in the year. On the seventh day, we went for a walk to the wharf, during which I filled my lungs with the scent of various grasses and wildflowers carried on the cool fresh air. By the point, I guess the heat wave had dissipated.


On the eighth day, we drove along the Sunrise Trail to Amherst, and got to Quebec City in the evening, where it was almost 30 degrees out. We dropped our stuff at the AirBnb, went out for supper, and then walked to a park where we got sprayed by a surprise fountain.


We spent the ninth day walking around Quebec City, including taking the ferry across to Levis, where we had some delicious expensive ice cream. On the tenth day, we drove home. When I went back to work the next day, I heard that the heat wave hadn’t broken in the least, and indeed, it continued into what was the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced. I’d experienced hot days in a summer many times, but never was it that hot for that long. The sooner we end the use of fossil fuels, the better off we’ll be. And because this is my post, I’m going to delete any comments to the contrary :) The pro-coal, economy-before-Earth worldview has no seat at this table.


On July 20th, we saw Radiohead at the ACC, er, Scotiabank Arena.


Later in July, Ally and I decided that we wanted to ride bikes again, so we started using those BikeShare bikes located in the neighborhood. They were too big for Ally and not fast enough for me, so in early August we decided to buy our own bikes. It was fun to ride around again — I had abandoned my old bike in front of the ShitHaus on the day we moved into our current apartment in 2013, partly because it had rusted a lot during the previous few years — but this new bike was a step up, and we spent many an evening riding around this summer.


Also in August, I got rid of my old drumset — The one I had as a kid in the ‘90s; the one with which I recorded music with Cloud Machine, Xephyr, and Adam & Evil, and played shows around St. John’s and the GTA. They’d been been sitting around in the apartment for close to a year, and so I brought them to Alex’s apartment in Oshawa, which made room for my new bike.


Also in August, in an attempt to deal with my worsening baldness and the ludicrous, prolonged heat of this summer, I started shaving my head bald. It looked good, but was too time-consuming and painful to maintain, so I let it grow back in October after the temperature plummeted.


Also in August, we saw the Smashing Pumpkins at the ACC, which was a long-ass show, but one I thoroughly enjoyed, as they played pretty much all the songs I loved as a teenager, including a few from their greatest album: MACHINA/The Machines of God.


Also in August, we saw WWE Monday Night Raw at the ACC, which was pretty fun. Most of the wrestlers I grew up watching have long since retired or died, but I’m glad I went, and now I can cross “going to a wrestling show” off my bucket list.


For my birthday weekend, Ally drove us up to Algonquin Park, where we hiked a couple of trails and ate lots of yummy snacks. I had never been there, and while the leaves were just barely starting to turn, it was nice to get out of the city again and into the forest.


Also in September, I custom-ordered a pretty cool pair of New Balances in bold ‘90s colors. Expensive, but worth it!


Toward the end of September, I got a letter in the mail saying that the lawsuit over the car accident had been settled. I haven’t found out how they came to the agreement, but in any case, I was relieved that it was over.


Also in September, I downloaded an album of classical music — something that I’d never been interested in for the longest time, but became more open to. I’m glad I did. It’s good dish-washing background music, and now I know the names of some of those famous songs I hear in movies. Although I was a bit perturbed to find out that the three most British-sounding songs I knew of (due to their inclusion in British-themed movies) aren’t actually British at all — "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi; "Eine Kleine Nachtmusic" by Mozart, and "String Quintet in E Major, Op. 13: Minuet" (not sure if there’s a shorter name for that one) by Luigi Boccherini.


On October 8th, I baked my first pie (with Ally’s help). We carved a johnson into the top, as the air vent.


Also in October (or late September), I started reading Mein Kampf. For those of you who haven’t closed this post in disgust, I bought it when I was in university, and it sat on my shelf for over ten years as I hummed and hawed over whether reading it would alienate people — as though my friendships are that fickle. I challenged myself to read the 688-page book by Christmas. I finished it on December 16th. The first several chapters were sloppily written, with run-on sentences and ideas that didn’t make sense. Other sections clearly resonated with the recent successes of assholes like Doug Ford and Donald Trump — there are absolutely some parallels with their approaches and some of the ideas that Hitler put on paper, especially about how it’s a waste of time to appeal to the [smaller-numbered] intellectuals, since the working masses are the ones who will take up arms to support a movement. Overall the book didn’t meet my expectations because it spent too many pages rambling on about ideas that could have been summed up in a few sentences (much like my own writing!), but it was interesting to spot several of Hitler’s nascent ideas scattered throughout the book that later became reality. I’m glad I read it. And no, reading Mein Kampf doesn’t make me a Nazi, any more than you reading Harry Potter makes you a wizard or reading about serial killers makes you a serial killer.


On October 16th, we saw Florence & The Machine at the ACC, after I won tickets in a work draw. We got to sit in the booths at the back, which was more comfortable than the regular seats. And they’re one of Ally’s favorite bands, so I got points for that!


Also in October, I got the idea to take music lessons to improve my fingerstyle guitar playing and learn more theory, neither of which I’d ever made an effort to learn properly. So on October 23rd, I had my first lesson. I also went to two group jam sessions, which were fun. I played “Cold Blooded Christmas” in front of a bunch of strangers, and none of them appeared outwardly mortified. I gave them fair warning though. I also played “Polly” with one woman, and that rendition appeared on the center’s Instagram page.


For Halloween, we carved a peace sign pumpkin, in pleasant contrast to last year’s Trumpkin.


In November, we saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which was a great movie. Also in November, I got a cold that lasted two weeks, and we saw Bill and Hillary Clinton at (once again) the venue formerly known as the ACC. It was satisfying to hear Hillary’s quips about Orange Fuckhead. That evening, I pretty much lost my voice for a few days, probably due to going to work while I was sick.


On December 7th, we went to my work Christmas party, and went to Ally’s work Christmas party on December 14th. We went to my aunt & uncle’s house for an early Christmas dinner on the 15th, and spent the rest of the lead-up to Christmas doing a bit more shopping, baking cookies, watching Christmas specials, and downloading more Christmas songs. On Christmas Day, we opened some presents and spent the day at Ally’s parents’ house, where I taught our oldest nephew a few things on his new guitar, and ate a ton of dessert.


One of my Christmas presents was a DNA kit, which I plan on sending off soon. I became interested in my ancestry in October after my Greek dental hygienist speculated on what part of Greece my last name might have come from. I talked to my paternal grandmother at Thanksgiving, who said that the first member of their side came over from Kilmarnock, Scotland in 1824. I’m also in the process of finding out where my mom’s side came from. My goal is ultimately to make a white-privilege pilgrimage (by which I mean “short visit”) to the parts of Europe that my ancestors came from.


In terms of the ongoing elements of my life this year, there’s work, TV, books, music, art, food, and so on. What happened on these fronts in 2018?


I plugged along at my main job as a gambling worker. We didn’t have quite as many clients coming to meet with us (per unit of time) as last year, but I was able to do more meaningful work with them this year; helped find housing for a few, and I felt stuck less often. We had an article published in the Toronto Star in April, which was cool. I worked at my other job basically twice a month all year, doing data entry.


As usual, I read a handful of books in 2018 — the number usually tends to be between 4 and 7, I’d say. Other than The People’s Road and Mein Kampf, the other books I read in 2018 were:

Overcoming Compulsive Gambling by Alex Blaszczynski (a book for work, started in 2017);

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell (which was interesting in a general sense);

The Wealthy Renter by Alex Avery (which made me feel better about being on track to be a renter for the rest of my big-city life);

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai (which made me a little less big-C Conservative regarding my take on that part of the world), and

Cash: The Autobiography by Johnny Cash (which had sat on my shelf since 2003).

•As of this writing, I’m halfway through Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye.


2018 wasn’t a big year of music discovery for me, but I did start listening to a few new ones, like the aforementioned classical music; a young drummer from Caleefornia named Elise Trouw; Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter album, and a few older jazz and Christmas songs.


I hardly picked up my DSLR this year, and the same goes for my paintbrushes. I painted a few stripes of color on a board; a fish on a birthday card for Dad; a larger fish on a canvas; a little point painting of Terrance during a paint night with Ally and her friend Jenny; drew Ally at Algonquin Park, and drew a Halloween candy-tossing house at the suggestion (sort of) of the nurse at work.


My average walking distance has remained largely the same as last year, at 4.8km/day, which means I need to step it up (pardon the pun) in 2019!


We watched some good TV this year, if I do say so myself. Including the aforementioned Land & Sea, we also watched From the Earth to the Moon in the winter, and then started watching Trailer Park Boys, from the first episode to halfway through the twelfth season. Around the summer, we started watching Band of Brothers, and in December, we started watching The Pacific. I’m really grateful that I have a wife who likes watching all these man shows with me.


Finally, there are the little things that helped to pass the time and/or made me laugh in 2018 — Wordscapes, Star Wars prequel memes, Instagram in general, Colbert late show videos including his hilarious Trump impression, my little windowsill gardens, and watching Terrance slowly but surely destroy a box next to my desk.


That brings us pretty much to the end of 2018 — the year was tumultuous in a public sense, what with my province voting to Make Ontario Great Again (bad) and America voting to wrest a bit of power from Donald Trump’s tiny hands (good) — but 2018 overall was enjoyable for me. Enjoyable years make for less-dramatically-written summaries, but if that’s the price to pay for stability, I’ll take it.


Happy New Year!



Popular graffiti stencil found all about Buenos Aires.

November 2014

Hey PEGIDA-fuckheads! This message is for you: "Kaum steht die Frauenkirche wieder, versammeln sich die Idioten und beweisen, dass sie keinen Schimmer haben, warum sie mal kaputt war."


Please do not invite this photo to private groups. Thank you.

That's the name of the artist from Linz/Austria


FUCKHEAD: Als 'existenzialphilosophische Schicksalsgemeinschaft von Hightech, Arsch, Peinlichkeit und Debakel' bezeichneten sie sich selbst 2001 in einem Interview mit dem Falter. Foto:

I made this for the last election. Guess I should have been more clever.


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A year later this is, to my great joy, the most interesting picture on flickr - if you search under the word "retard."




We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.... it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.



it's the kind of thing that once drove men

into the desert night

i see no deserts here

and the east end rogue you so admire

is a murdering fuckhead

the influence is clear

you're only a stone's throw from

all the violence you buried years ago



Sorry for the noise, the d3200 doesnt handle high ISO very well

There are not enough words in the dictionary to thank you for being the friend you have been to me. You've been constant when I've been a sad burrito. Thanks for keeping my spirits up when I thought I'd never crack a smile again. IC & OOC, you have been great and a pleasure to roleplay with, I hope we are buddies for many years to come.


Big love, you big fuckhead.

* Essa fiz o cut-out direto da câmera, e usei tripé com flash na 2ª cortina! Esse maluco é um amigo meu, Dog!


* This one I made a cut-out directly from the camera, and had to use a tripod with flash on 2nd-curtain! That crazy fuckhead is a friend of mine, Dog!

You can see from his face what an entitled, indolent little shit he is.

Forbes And I Took My Child For A Play At The Park.... Lawl


An Austrian Performance Artist Group


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