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One, two, three, four, five,

Once I caught a fish alive,

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

Then I let it go again


Why did you let it go?

Because it bit my finger so.

Which finger did it bite?

This little finger on my right.




September 21st, 2008

Espoo, Finland.


A repost of an image taken nearly two years ago... Reposting because this shot got shortlisted for the Landscape photographer of the year 2011. :-)


It was my first ever "real" competition, and even although I didn't get into the final selects, I'm still really chuffed to have been shortlisted amongst such wonderful photographers and to have been judged by Charlie Waite.


You can see the winning images here and the very talented Angus Clyne was runner up.





Original post

Regular visitors to my stream, will know about my DSLR trials and tribulations.. so I wont bore you... I've had a borrow of a 350 for a wee while... after an initial euphoric return to shooting... I've actually found it incredibly frustrating, and failed miserably to get anything that I'd be even remotely proud of sharing. It's been really demoralising, to the point I actually wondered if it was worth getting a new camera at all!


This morning changed all that... eventually, conditions ( -8 and some new snow), light (dawn breaking through the mist), me (getting the settings right on camera and in focus), all came together, for that 5 or 10 minutes that makes it all SO worthwhile:-)


Highly recommend a look at the large version, if you can.


Also just found out two of my prints have raised £150 so far in a charity auction for Haiti


Please view larger (worth it - if you can spare the time)

Amorous Marjorie is frustrated with her husband’s ability to sleep extraordinarily heavily. For this week’s Macro Monday theme “frustration”.

Taking a moment to let out some emotions....

Frustration. It's what I felt during this outing to Bwlch Gwyn for the beach shootout to celebrate Mike's birthday. It seemed that for every frame I shot, I had to clean my filters. I'm well aware that because of the kind of photography, this is to be expected, but every single shot?

View On Black

Explore #22

not getting what I want in physical art, so back I go to least I can get plenty of color, design and texture!!

Mandlebulber - Thanks to my friend Tabasco Raremaster without his help i would not have persistered


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I've put the toys away for now and decided to do some 'from the heart' stuff.


This photo expresses my current feelings of frustration. I've had a day of feeling like a failure. Over the past 3-4 years my confidence, ambition and enthusiasm have slowly dried up. I don't believe I'll ever get them back and it frightens me. I'm seeing a close friend tomorrow so I'll talk it out and he'll hopefully have some wise words to help me make sense of how I feel. He's good at that sort of thing.


Please ensure you gain my permission before using this photograph elsewhere. Thank you.


BTW - It is food colouring and not blood. Don't panic! ;o)

Still trying to capture a nice water drop.

This blue heron chased the osprey off of his catch, but the fish was gone when he landed - I didn't see it, but I expect it fell into the water. The crabs will be happy.

Endless Frustration. Midtown. San Jose, CA 2017

Last photo of my 52 weeks project! Which was probably inspired by this one by Martin Blanco.

Thanks a lot for your inspiring comments during the year, Merry Christmas!

lol explore in my 52/52 photo... that was funny :P

This Great Egret circled a school of juvenile scup several times in the early morning calm, but he was unable to do anything more than look at them in frustration.


Egrets can only feed by wading (or from a perch) -- Great Egrets can't wade in water much deeper than 12 to 18 inches (approx. 30 to 45cm) -- and the water here was too deep for him to land, even though the fish were visible to him right at the surface.


He left after a few slow circles.

So this is my first time actually photographing a male subject with a concept in mind. The shoot was very different and above all it was a great learning experience. Nic was awesome and patient. I think we both learned a thing or two.




In case you want to buy prints of my work, please visit my website:

Self portrait through ripped paper.

... yes, this is the tree outside my door.. and so is the sunset.. except my camera (set to neutral) didn't even come close to capturing the real fire in the sky.. I tried more saturation but no way.. oh, sure I added the hot air balloon.. I hate an empty sky.. a seagull didn't seem to fit. The title reflects my frustration as I tried to get the sunset right. Please view this on black.. something I seldom ask... the 'black' offered on Flickr is more like 18% grey.. in fact, it probably is...tsk. OK, I'll stop

Particularized Frustration's.


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WOW! I'm really annoyed right now for multiple reasons.

First of all, this is not the picture I was originally going to use. I spent like 20 minutes editing another one and this was going to be an outtake, but oh? Apparently I forgot to save it? COOL.

Essays suck.

Especially when they're due tomorrow...and about the Odyssey.

The internet keeps freezing on me which is probably a sign that I shouldn't be on in the first place.

This is awful.


Excuse the rant. My apologies.

Explore #316

been after this shot for a long long time ,a large raptor flying across the daytime moon .so you can imagine my nice words when (1) it was to bloody high (2) didn't fly across the face of the moon .

i'll get it one day though

... held up

knock down

settle on frustration ...

There's been many reasons to be frustrated. I haven't been able to view any of my work from the past 3 months because my equipment hasn't arrived yet from overseas. Instead I have a 7 year old laptop which I can't tell if it's dust on my sensor or dirt on the screen.


The location I shot this was in Queenstown, New Zealand. The days have been wet, humid and sandflies everywhere. I was in a pretty dark mood when I shot this, and I guess it reflects on the image.

Exposure 360

Aperture f/22.0

Focal Length 11 mm

ISO Speed 100

Part of my long running project about this place. Check out the whole Project Koski -album.

"Dad you really are an annoying man.....leave me alone"



Happy Wednesday All!


Im still having major internet problems you would think I was in the middle of the Senrengeti with the speed of my connection!! And to add to this my ancient pc is so hit & miss I think its on its way out :(


I am desperatley trying to keep up with your streams but the connection is SO slow !!


So im apologising now for my absense of comments and if I disappear without trace I will be back at some point when I have dosh to replace the pc.


sara feeling frustrated whilst trying to learn a tune..

I am having the biggest fat day ever today, it SUCKS. I had a different shot planned, but I got home and felt so huge I couldn't bring myself to go out.


Today also sucked because:


I have another 6 essays to do tonight, which are all due in for tomorrow, and are all psychology essays

I worked really hard on a philosophy essay on freaking substance dualism and all I got was load of red scribble on how I got stuff wrong


Thats one thing I hate about my school. All you get is criticism. I'm not saying crit is bad, but when its hammered into you day after day after day it starts to make you lose will. Its parents evening soon and I'm going to be getting bad reviews from my teachers because I've been getting so weighed under with work from all the subjects. I can't stand school right now. I can't stand the whole idea of being forced into a square when I feel like a circle. Its draining me and its making me into a miserable, horrible person and thats not who I want to be.


So I'm afraid you all get a crap 365 today because I am in a crap mood after a crap day and I really want to go to bed but instead I have to go out and write essays so I can be told how I'm going to fail at life some more.





you guys are so lovely! i thought it would be damn near impossible to put a smile on my face after today but hey presto, flickry people all seem to have that quality of being able to do it. I finished my 6 essays, and I can't bend my little finger any more. I feel better to have done them now.


I am posting a before/during/after of yesterday's shot on mine and Aaron's blog as I type! I've formulated some sort of idea for tomorrow's photo, so there's some pressure off too. All that is left is a big long nap before Aaron calls, hopefully he won't have to deal with me in crazy psycho bitch mode, I feel sorry for him sometimes I do.


9 days until I go fly to see him! On the bus home I fell asleep daydreaming about it and the bus driver had to wake me up at the final stop. oops!

Mari Meszaros



Courtesy of Habatat Galleries

This poor bee was trying to gather pollen from the pink poppy but it couldn't get at it through the shade cloth.





So I took advantage of doing the next theme, I got bored.... so here it is...Enjoy!


bts :


“The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities; the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision.”


~ William Arthur Ward


“I am as frustrated with society as a pyromaniac in a petrified forest.”


~A. Whitney Brown

In this case practice did not make perfect - it made anger!

Since installing Sl on my new laptop I have been unable to upload my images directly from my Firestorm viewer to Flickr. I have gone round and round in circles, authorising and applying the code but no, it's just not working. Grrrrr XD

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