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A vintage Dodge of some sort (Town Panel, circa 1961-1966). There was a green paint on top of these letterings for many, many years, but the green paint has gradually flaked off, leaving the lettering exposed again.

Machar Township beaver pond, just west of Frostpocket

if you leave something alone long enough, even clichés can be overcome.


Actually, this is probably a cover for a well.

abandoned truck, Frostpocket. John Anderson is not related to me that I know of.


Brief bio:

A cabin in Frostpocket

Fish based restaurant, Dundas St W, Toronto


can’t say the ‘hookee” looks happy

wagon wheel, Frostpocket, Township of Machar, Ontario

remnants of our maple syrup making equipment in Frostpocket.

presumedly a Monarch anyway, hovering around the Milkweed plants

Near Frostpocket, in the Township of Machar

what's left of it. Frostpocket.

Although we didn't get walking unitl late-ish yesterday there were still a few pockets of frost along the banks of the River Colne near Brightlingsea :-)


Remnants of a VW Microbus, Frostpocket

Remnants of a VW Microbus, Frostpocket

Eagle Lake Road. The McLaren’s might have sold this barn, actually, but they used to own it anyway.

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Lens: Watts

Film: Big Up

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I probably wouldn't eat this mushroom, but perhaps you are more knowledgeable about mycology than I am…

Remnants of a VW Microbus, Frostpocket

A graphic designer my mom once knew

Frostpocket. Stored some leather stitchng machinery, various tractors and what not, with an apartment upstairs.

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Lens: Watts

Film: Cano Cafenol

I am patiently waiting for my solar shower to warm up. Wish there was more sun to work with

Managed by the Nature Conservancy, this 1,600-acre nature preserve is located in Preston County, West Virginia and Garrett County, Maryland. From the Nature Conservancy site - "A window into ice ages past, Cranesville Swamp is located in a "frost pocket," an area where the surrounding hills capture moisture and cold air that conspire to create a landscape more reminiscent of habitat found much further north in Canada. Given Cranesville Swamp’s lush forest and wetland, it’s not surprising that it is home to an exceptional variety of animals. In total, more than 50 rare plants and animals live at Cranesville." Did not see a ton of birds, mostly they were high up in the trees - along with the squirrels. But I did see a hairy woodpecker and a few butterflies. Still, it was a nice day to be in the preserve on my visit, Thursday August 10th, 2017.


Maple leaf, Frostpocket, after a brief rain.

Ottawa Avenue, Machar Township

Little Portugal, Toronto


actual title/ artist unknown

housing for a heater blower

I found and used some oregano and wild chives. Amazing how certain plants survive years of neglect…

Somewhere in the vast swampland…

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Lens: Watts

Film: BlacKeys Extra Fine

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