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Chorsu Market, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Istambul, Turkey (1998)

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Location: Manuella Restaurant, Jounieh Bay, Lebanon


Bread shown in this shot is Khubz, which is the most common staple food in the Arab world. They are made with all purpose flour or with wheat flour.



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An old Russian tradition: newlywed groom's parents are greeted with bread and salt. Biting the bread in turn, whose piece will be more, he and the head of the family:) This is a joke, but it is very fun guests..This tradition is very many years old. Bread and salt always met the most expensive guests in Russia. The combination of bread and salt played an exceptionally capacious character: bread expressed the desire for wealth and well-being, and salt was considered an amulet capable of protecting a person from hostile forces and influences. The hospitality of the guest with bread and salt established between him and the host a relationship of affection and trust; It is not for nothing that it says: "The king does not refuse bread and salt."

Winter needs warm baked bread.

" Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

~ Matthew 4:4


I do enjoy a nice thick slice of good bread (not store bought) with butter or dipped in olive oil and herbs, especially when it's still warm and fresh from the oven. Not the best thing if you're cutting back on carbohydrates but Mmmm, it's yummy. We finished off this loaf tonight using a buttery garlic spread.


Thanks to Shadowhouse Creations for this texture.

Our Daily Topic - Bread

Bread and games, just like it was yesterday, just like it is today and just like it will be tomorrow.

Do not fool your self thinking that today it is even a bit different or better from what it was.

Only freedom of your inner world is always there.


Underneath of the reconstructed amphitheater in Xanten, Germany.

invites to the groups only by admins, please spare me of the awards iconography

After 2 hours of prep last night, 20 min this morning, and an hour baking this afternoon, my first artisan loaf of bread was a major success. There was a lot of... uh.. passion, put into this bread.


I guess when you read that it might sound gross and sexual. Lets just say I got angry a lot in the process. I made a huge mess, I might have been kinda violent with the dough. But on the tag, it reads "made with passion". And it worked!


My loaves of bread have come a long way in just 2 short months.

i make this a lot... to the point that we rarely buy store-bought, at least lately. difficult to describe how good it is so i won't really try.


Pentax K-3 | A50/1.4 (top) FA31/1.8 (bottom)

Haven't posted a pic of my bread lately.


Nut bread, sesam bread, and poppy bread ^_^

Bread & Butter at KEXP Rocks the Dock - Seattle Waterfront, July 1, 2017. Photo by Bebe Labree Besch

Reminds me of the face of a sloth • Cut loaf of bread with natural bubble holes • 2017 • Cleveland northeast Ohio


iPhone 6s • Photoshop Elements with Anthropics' Smart Photo Editor plugin

Pecan Bread, walnuts and serrated knife on wooden chopping board in kitchen

Puffed up so beautifully after the second rise.

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