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meravigliosa terra, dove si arrampica nel profumo del mare



I want to take this time to thank my dear flickr friends who thought about me, commented and wrote to me, inquiring about my health and wishing me well and praying for me! I could not have asked for more! You are a group of very QUALITY people!

God Bless you!!

Obrigada por tua amistade e muito bonita testimonial....beijooooos.

Some of her incredible soulful images..check here

Nature Finest Group - November 2007 Week-3 Winner



Mostafa Hamad

مصطفى حمد

Camera:Canon IXUS 110 IS




I've seen fire and I've seen rain

I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end

I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend

But I always thought that I'd see you again..."


I don't know what they are but they appear to like each other : )

Yesterday i was showing Rebeca Cuore di Amore and we explored that beautiful place. I took a snapshot, she was standing there and i fild it with flowers and some other stuff and made this romantic picture. Beca dear friend i could not resit to put you in this picture, i enjoyd to make this.

Rebeca's stream


Becouse of the weather (it's 25-30 degrees) im not much behind my computer. I wish all people a wonderful and sunny weekend! (-_-)

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Explore # 396 December 16, 2008


Front page - All kinds of beauty - Thank you

Front page -America, America

This is not the shot I planned to upload today but my husband has told me I need to erase photos. Last night I sat in front of the computer and started erasing. So difficult :( And it's taking so long... Every time I see a shot I had forgotten about, I start playing with it! Anyway, this is a shot from my trip back home to the Canary Islands last summer. Happy Sliders Sunday!

The Journey Begins for Hamster Friends in Second Life!


Meet with your hamster friends in world and make your own photos along with the fun with them!


You can now get this pose from In~Stance on marketplace:

Just come off the camera, just kicking around in the garden after work...thinking of friends while exploring this whole new universe.

Taken at Fitzroy garden late this tree and its low spreading branch and when the two girls sat down, I acted quickly.....


Happy Tuesday everyone

Friends, sisters, confidants ... watch a sunset with your daughters is priceless. Especially when you know that soon you will see more of a sunrise waiting for them to get home...


Amigas, hermanas, confidentes... ver una puesta de sol con tus hijas no tiene precio. Sobre todo cuando sabes que muy pronto verás más de un amanecer esperándolas llegar a casa.... No crezcais nunca bichitos!!

Photographs from the Holiday and Christmas special event at the St. Regis Resort, in Monarch Beach, Dana Point, California

Tooey and Judith (Tooey has the whiskers & tail)/

Lean on me, when you're not strong

And I'll be your friend

I'll help you carry on

For it won't be long

Till I'm gonna need

Somebody to lean on


From a song by Bill Withers

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Elephants display complex social behavior, living in tightly knit families that are matriarchal—that is, headed by the oldest females. Families are composed of sisters, cousins, aunts, and nieces, and their young offspring, and range in size from 2 to 29 individuals. These animals may remain together for life

If they are separated even for a matter of hours, their reunion is marked by an elaborate greeting ceremony, which includes running, rumbling, spinning, trumpeting,

clicking tusks, and rubbing each other’s bodies with their heads


texture thanks pareeerica

A young racing camel (muffled) and her older training companion. Dubai, UAE

The Journey Begins for Hamster Friends in Second Life!


Meet with your hamster friends in world and make your own photos along with the fun with them!


Little TK finally found some friends, some might argue that he's found a "bad crowd," but he insists that he is "home."


All these guys watched a j@ck@ss movie last night. Somehow, they got this idea. I was just there to snap the photograph.

Sometimes the strangest things can happen in your own back garden.


Hope you like this and thanks all for recent support , if you can please leave a small comment they are always appreciated

Cheers :-)

My dear friend..

aldhanhani ©..!!

just wanna say hi 4 all..

his lInk..!!


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Tired after a long week...


This is 400mm HDRIx5 crop and sharpen.

Yo friends!


This is my 100th flickr upload. And i'm dedicating the photograph to all my flickr friends. Thanks a lot for your support and thanks for making this journey Interesting. :-)


And about the picture.. this is a small art that i've made out of 'JUNK' :D


P.S: Special dedication to Birthday babies Rags , Soj, Rasi nd Subs :-)

It's a wonderful thing to share your birthday with three of your good friends..


friend with Zenit...

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An unlikely friendship, wherever the donkey went the goose would follow.


Getty Images


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