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Photographs from the Holiday and Christmas special event at the St. Regis Resort, in Monarch Beach, Dana Point, California



Lucas777 Vespucciano


"Let’s swear each with our pinky

We’ll be the best of friends

Until we are old and wrinkly!"

Quote - unknown




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This month marks a year since I started dating the love of my life. Who woulda known that with him came so many great people I now call friends (Some not pictured but they were thought of during this picture) You all have a special place in my heart now and here's to another year!


Friends, you and me....

you brought another friend....

and then there were three....

We started our group.....

Our circle of friends.....

and like that circle.....

there is no beginning or end.


Destination: FFP Sim

Sunset @ Garry Point Park, Steveston, B.C., Canada


I was intrigued when shooting this photo that, depending on how I tilted the angle of the camera, the sky grew more vibrant in colour or less. I'm sure professional photographers would be able to explain how this happens, but for now, all I know is I love the contrast of the silhouettes agains the brilliant sky!

If down or troubled,

unconditional love and

comfort. A warm paw.


Me, holding paws with Charlie...


Deep in the woods, I followed a trail aimlessly, high above Lake George. It had been a wet autumn, and when I came across a creek flowing nicely, I followed as the mountain steepened, and the pace sped up. Above a deceptively deep pool, I was captivated by a cascade, grouped together with a large erratic, bearded in ferns, and a beech glowing in autumn’s yellow. For quite some time I lingered here, unsure of what it was that drew me in. When I left, I still couldn’t see what I see here now. I had found a circle. It’s not perfect, I had to connect the parts. An anchor, deposited in some ice age, by a glacier that probably scraped the bedrock for the stream, whose part of the arc is fluid, changing. A tree, whose branches reach high and wide, to shelter, and embrace. It is a triad, an arrangement of subjects, and lately I realized they are not unlike the friends we are. They were thrown together randomly, like we were, since some time long ago, a time that begs remembrance, but won’t get it here. It suffices that we simply are. We could probably assign some element in that scene to describe ourselves. More likely, there are parts of all of these, in each of us. Sometimes we are lost from each other, invisible in a thick fog. Buried under a blanket of weather. Incommunicado in the darkest night. But the circle always comes back around, and completes as though it was never broken. There is nothing as precious as that ability-- to continue as though time has no passage. It is probably a trick of the mind, but I always think of us as we appeared to each other when we met. Whether our circle has expanded to great distances, or shrunk to the size of a three way hug, we are bound in our hearts timelessly, as surely as my glade in the forest…tres amigos. Friends.


My oldest daughter & her friends bathing at sunset - Tel-Aviv beach - Explored May 26, 2017

*Working Towards a Better World


Wherever we are it is our friends that make our world. -

Henry Drummond


This is the thirteenth in my new series, one which recognizes my friends here on Flickr. I wish to thank you for your friendship and your support! Some of you I work with, some of you I have worked with, some of you have given me opportunities and the rest of you my wonderful friends share an infinity with art and an ability to share our love, ideas and support thank you all!


freeatlast.52913 - Pat Jenkins




sinozaki.hisao1 久男 篠崎


Julio L.Soria - Julio Soria 


Rosa Dik 009








Rita Francisca


C E B A - Cem Bayir


leonlagben - Ben Witt


***** PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that there are so many of you who have befriended and support me, that if you have not already been mentioned, you will be. Please be patient, my list is long and will continue!!!


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! xo💜💜

Thanks to my friends, new and old, for your love and support in my life. It's amazing how the support of a few can really ease the burdens that can pop up in our lives. I feel so lucky that I can count my family as friends too. Just like the lyrics from the girl scout song, "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold". Each is a treasure!

Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow

“Friends ask you questions; enemies question you.”

― Criss Jami

My eldest is about to head to Spain to get her Master Degree, and will be gone for about a year. Friends and family came over today to visit and party before she heads off on this next adventure of her life.


It also allowed me to take some portraits. Here is a group capture with several of her friends taken after sunset. Took the camera to ISO 1000 here, and needed very little noise reduction applied. Really enjoy the high ISO capability of the Canon 5DMIII.

Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


Life long friends.

Happy Valentine's Day ........♥




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Friends are real, Friends are all, I am happy.. because I've friends.


It's good to have them :)



the usual gang plus one from amsterdam

Friends hanging out in Gonzalez, Louisiana.

Marta: our friend

Regina: my wife

Along the Oregon Coast.

my daughter's 13th birthday. The other girls are not related to us nor is the baby.


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