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Alpiarça, Portugal


Thanks to Lenabem for the texture

The red eyed frog is one of the beautiful frogs that can be found in the fauna of Costa Rica.

They are really magnificent little creatures to see. They are often seen in the evening when the light is low but photographing them with flash can be very harmful to their eyes so you really try to find them when it is daylight if possible. These two seemed to be enjoying the day and we certainly enjoyed seeing them.


Wishing you a lovely Wednesday

Parco del Ticino (zona Ronchi - Vigevano) - Una Coenonympha pamphilus (sx) e un Polyommatus icarus (dx) in amichevole conversazione.






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thanks to Kerstin Hers / Paintedworks / skeletalmess / Anna leabenm for these textures


Simón73 Carmelo Garcia's photos on Flickriver

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sweet, little lady Princess.

Lakebay, Washington State


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Thanks for all the comments and fav's!!!


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lalbag flowershow ,bangalore , 2009


Obrigada por tua amistade e muito bonita testimonial....beijooooos.

Some of her incredible soulful images..check here

Nature Finest Group - November 2007 Week-3 Winner



Mostafa Hamad

مصطفى حمد

Camera:Canon IXUS 110 IS




Someday you're gonna realize you've burned the bridge to the greatest friend you have ever had and it will be far too late to rebuild it.


The greatest evidence of true friendship is loyalty. A loyal friend will be by your side through good times and bad, and will always represent your best interest.


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Dawn Golden - All I Want


We all need more talk,

more rest, more calm,

more positive, more like,

more LOVE.


Don't be SERIOUS :P


Just Play and FUN ! yeah <3


Thank you so much take a pic with me Frey always ILY *O 3O*


'A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.'

Jerome Cummings.


Parque Natural de Garaio, Alava, Spain.


I don't know what they are but they appear to like each other : )

I've seen fire and I've seen rain

I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end

I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend

But I always thought that I'd see you again..."


backlight glow friends deal is back again, buy the presets today and get a set for a friend, for free. Split the cost, and pay just 50% each, Super bargain, today only. Write friends deal in the comments box on paypal and add your friends email address too so you both receive the set / sets. Flickrmail me with any questions.

I want to take this time to thank my dear flickr friends who thought about me, commented and wrote to me, inquiring about my health and wishing me well and praying for me! I could not have asked for more! You are a group of very QUALITY people!

God Bless you!!

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Explore # 396 December 16, 2008


Front page - All kinds of beauty - Thank you

Front page -America, America

This creation is a dedication to one of my special friends here at Flickr. Happy birthday sweet Susanna !

Enjoy your day and happy many returns my soul-sister!

Hugs and love, Addy and Red Prince Alfie ♥


Thanks to Shadowhouse creations! (JJ) for his beautiful texture.

This is not the shot I planned to upload today but my husband has told me I need to erase photos. Last night I sat in front of the computer and started erasing. So difficult :( And it's taking so long... Every time I see a shot I had forgotten about, I start playing with it! Anyway, this is a shot from my trip back home to the Canary Islands last summer. Happy Sliders Sunday!

These caterpillars enjoyed a night of feasting on my green peppers!

Yesterday i was showing Rebeca Cuore di Amore and we explored that beautiful place. I took a snapshot, she was standing there and i fild it with flowers and some other stuff and made this romantic picture. Beca dear friend i could not resit to put you in this picture, i enjoyd to make this.

Rebeca's stream


Becouse of the weather (it's 25-30 degrees) im not much behind my computer. I wish all people a wonderful and sunny weekend! (-_-)

Taken at Fitzroy garden late this tree and its low spreading branch and when the two girls sat down, I acted quickly.....


Happy Tuesday everyone

The Journey Begins for Hamster Friends in Second Life!


Meet with your hamster friends in world and make your own photos along with the fun with them!


You can now get this pose from In~Stance on marketplace:

Just come off the camera, just kicking around in the garden after work...thinking of friends while exploring this whole new universe.

... Cause our hearts in big and small ways

Will keep the love that keeps us strong


And friends are friends forever

If the lord's the lord of them

And a friend will not say "never"

Cause the welcome will not end

Though it's hard to let you go

In the father's hands we know

That a lifetime's not too long to live as friends.


Com essa bela e antiga cançao, deixo aqui minha pequena homenagem a memoria de uma queria amiga que a dois anos partiu deixando orfã não apenas sua unica filha que não viu completar um ano, mas todos seus familiares e amigos que como eu sentem muita saudades.

Esta era uma canção que ela gostava muito e que tem uma mensagem muito bonita, sobre amizade e amor, para ouvi-la basta clicar na letra, o video esta com legenda em Portugues.


* Todas as fotos estão abertas, a primeira foi postada a dois anos atras quando ela foi estar nos Braços do Pai e a segunda conta um pouco do que aconteceu.


Amigos desculpe a falta de visitas, mas ontem passei o dia todo fora e hoje e amanha provavelmente será a mesma coisa, mas desejo a todas as pessoas de Boa Vontade um excelente fim de semana, repleto de saude, paz e alegrias.


Foto: Gaivota no Por do Sol - Praia de Grumari - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Video: Friends - Michael W. Smith - Legendado


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Conforme a Lei 9.610/98, é proibida a reprodução total e parcial ou divulgação comercial ou não sem a autorização prévia e expressa do autor (artigo 29). ® Todos os direitos reservados.

Friends, sisters, confidants ... watch a sunset with your daughters is priceless. Especially when you know that soon you will see more of a sunrise waiting for them to get home...


Amigas, hermanas, confidentes... ver una puesta de sol con tus hijas no tiene precio. Sobre todo cuando sabes que muy pronto verás más de un amanecer esperándolas llegar a casa.... No crezcais nunca bichitos!!

Thank you to everyone who visits my stream and leaves great comments and invites. Also, some friends who are not feeling well at this time- well wishes and Happy Easter to all. xoxo

friend with Zenit...

The 1909 Schoolhouse in Friend, Oregon is used as a Community Center and is in pretty good shape compared to many others built in the same era.

043 :: 365 :: 12th February 2013 :: EXPLORED #231

Edit: Week 7 Theme :: Focus Pocus

ODC :: Out of Focus :: 11.02.2013


Maddy and her Christmas Bunny, her gift for Christmas a few years ago. She still has a place at the end of her bed.


When I saw the ODC challenge I was instantly reminded of a Flickr friend who has not been to Flickr for over a year, her name is Michelle and her soft focus photography is definitely a work of art, if you have some time pop over and check out her work.


Edit: Didn't realise the Week 7 theme is also soft focus related, so guess one image fits two challenges.

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