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Fried Rice like Benihana. Fancy knife-wielding and teppanyaki table not required.


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Veg Schezwan Fried Rice recipe with step by step pics, a mildly spicy, hot, flavourful and vibrant main course rice variety from the Indo - Chinese Cuisine. I used homemade schezwan sauce (click here), but you can use store bought ones also. You can add mushroom, paneer and even baby corn to make the dish more kids friendly and interesting. I used spring onion which lends the original Chinese flavour but if you don't have spring onions in hand, go ahead with regular onions.

Chings schezwan fried rice recipe is one of the best and all-time favourite and it’s always there whenever you wish to have Chinese food at home. Its Quick and Easy Schezwan Fried Rice Recipe. It has the great taste of Two Cuisine in one Bowl.

Cycle did not come off. But the luncheon at the Baan Klang Nam riverside restaurant was pretty cool.


The above is a photo of Samak Sundravej, ex Prime Minister of Thailand in the Thaksin days. Back in 1976 he was involved on the government side in the Thammassat University masscare and in an interview by Al Jazeera lost his rag about it at 09.30.


Samak passed on some years back. He was a colourful character, to say the least...


Thai PM Ousted over Cookery Shows

Hannah Beech

Time Magasine

September 9th, 2008,8599,1839758,00.html


Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has a notoriously big appetite. In an interview with TIME earlier this year, he spent far more time expounding on his favorite fried-rice recipe than detailing just how he would tackle rising prices of the grain. But on September 9, Samak's food fetish looked like it would cost him his premiership when the nation's constitutional court found him guilty of conflict of interest for having hosted several episodes of a commercial T.V. cooking show earlier this year. According to the Thai constitution, the P.M. may not accept compensation from a private company while in office. The Thai company, Face Media, that made the shows, says it paid Samak around $2,300 for several appearances, an amount that the 73-year-old Premier maintains was used to buy ingredients and cover transportation costs. But the court didn't buy that argument, ruling that Samak and his entire cabinet must resign. "The defendant has violated Article 267 of the constitution, and his position as prime minister has ended," the head of the nine-judge panel, Chat Chonlaworn, declared, adding that the cabinet should remain as a caretaker for 30 days until a new p.m. takes office.


Samak's unlikely ouster comes as thousands of protesters with the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have been besieging his office compound. Since Aug. 26, they've turned the manicured grounds into a rallying ground for opposition orators, and they greeted the court decision with loud cheers and claps. Members of the PAD staged daily protests in Bangkok since late May, calling for Samak's resignation. But they upped the ante when they stormed Government House late last month and forced Samak to abandon his normal offices. PAD leaders claim Samak, whose People Power Party (PPP) won elections last December, is little more than a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was himself booted out of office by a bloodless military coup in 2006. (Thaksin has been charged with corruption and fled to Britain earlier this summer, claiming he will not receive a fair trial back home.) Last week, Samak declared a state of emergency, giving the army the right to forcibly remove the protesters from his office compound. But the military, so far, has refused to evict the demonstrators.


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Some chapati lying in your refrigerator idle for days? No need to waste it. The leftover chapathi take a new avatar, join hands with chinese cuisine and transforms into chapati noodles recipe. I combined both hakka noodles and fried rice recipe already shared in my blog and prepared this leftover chapathi recipes. You can send this chapati noodles in your kids lunch box and they surely eat it happily without any complaints. As hubby is on a trip to US, taking care of my kids, sending them to school itself is a big job, so I am posting very simple recipes that can be done in minutes. For variation have a glance at tips section and if interested in knowing how to make soft chapathi? click this link.....


Have this interesting breakfast this morning and revitalize your day with this sumptuous bacon and egg fried rice. This is a perfect 400 calorie breakfast with balanced proportion of proteins, carbs and healthy fats. You can use the rice leftover from the dinner and add bacon and fried egg and some herbs on the top.

I remember reading about Jean-Georges' fried rice recipe on Serious Eats some time ago. Like so many recipes that I come across, it sounded interesting, but it didn't make it to our table. Looking back at the original recipe, I suspect that is because the first ingredient is 1/2 cup of rendered chicken fat*. It's not that we're fats-adverse, it's more that rendering chicken fat takes this recipe from super-simple to a bit more involved. It's only fried rice, after all; it should be simple.


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Learn थाई एग फ्राइड राइस रेसिपी Thai Egg Fried Rice Recipe in Hindi and get more Egg recipes in hindi Click here

Chicken fried rice is a Non vegetarian dish .This dish is very tasty and easy to prepare..Chicken fried rice is one of the most popular chicken dishes .Chinese style chicken fried rice is very popular and very tasty and take less time to prepare.

I almost always cook with recipes. But when my former roommate moved out several years ago, I found that she'd taken her Thai fried rice recipe with her before I'd had the chance to copy it. It was definitely from a magazine, but I don't recall which one. Luckily, I was able to remember it for the most part and reproduce this most excellent dish!


You use day old white rice as the base. Cook up some chicken and shrimp in a wok that you've toasted a 1/2 tablespoon of curry in. Remove from the wok and set aside.

Then saute yellow peppers and garlic. Set those aside and scramble two eggs in the wok. In a separate bowl, mix up soy sauce, fish sauce and a little brown sugar. Toast a little more curry in the wok for 30 seconds and then add the soy sauce mixture, letting it cook for just a minute or so. Next, add the rice and toss until it absorbs all the soy sauce mixture. Throw the other ingredients (chicken, shrimp, peppers, egg, etc) back into the wok with the rice. Add chopped cilantro and jalapeno into the wok and stir, until all ingredients have heated. Garnish with scallions and fresh lime juice.

Check out my blog to learn how to make fried vegetable rice recipe in hindi.

I've had the Mr. Bento for some time, I just picked up some silicone muffin cups to use as dividers.


Here is the vegan fried rice recipe, if anyone is interested


478 calories, 13g fat, 71g carbs, 16g protein

Photos from my fried rice recipe.


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Video Recipe for Chinese Take-Out favorite: Fried Rice

Check out my blog to learn how to make Chinese fried rice recipe in hindi.


Making no claims to authenticity, this easy to whip up and tasty fried rice has bits of chashu to keep it within the limits of Japanese fried rice. Recipe here!

baby's first bottle of sriracha! trying a variation of the fried rice recipe, scared out of my mind, etc.

So here's the about to eat version of your kimchi fried recipe. I think it came out very well. Certainly happy with the taste and my fellow taster also loved the look.

japanese garlic fried rice. Uploaded by

Photos from my fried rice recipe.


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Photos from my fried rice recipe.


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Chicken fried rice Recipe

Easy spicy fried rice recipe with egg, spinach and topped with crispy fried onions..

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