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thought this was the perfect fence for this week.. the rainbow theme just seems to work :)



already that time again!! Another Fence Friday.. hoping for some kind of adventure this weekend.. Hope everyone has a fantastic fence friday...and a great weekend!

Wish you all dearest friends a serene Advent.weekend.


***************************************************** the Vakil Mosque (Persian: مسجد وکیل ‎ - Masjed-e Vakil)

♡Happy Fence Friday♡

and I wish you all have a relax weekend!!




I love to view night shots on flick but it's not very often I try a night scene as I never have a tripod with me when I'm away so tried this one hand held.


I'm off travelling again next week for a late summer holiday so take care everyone & enjoy a lovely weekend!


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Fence along the walkway leading to the Sydney Opera House.

Image in old camera style.


Glad it's Friday! Looking forward to the weekend, looks like beautiful sunny weather in Sydney.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Fence Friday!

Unless I find time to get out and shoot this weekend, I will have to post some more images from last years files ( and there are still plenty left)!


Looks prettier on black!

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See most interesting here:


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really, really appreciate it :-)

I will always try to reciprocate with a visit back to your stream


For Fence Friday.

Happy FF! no snow here now.

This is an old photo, with texture from Clive Sax and filter from



Somewhere in East Ontario.


Thanks for viewing and commenting everyone ..

2015-03-13 3493-CR2-L1T1


Tonight's sunset at Holland State Park and "Big Red". It is so hard to make this lighthouse look straight with a straight horizon,

Almost forgot to post this! I'm off to bed now. Goodnight all =)


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for autumn 'roid week


ezra//crater lake, oregon//day one//cross country road trip home//PDX to ATL//june 2014

I wish you all have sweet Thursday

And happy Friday ,tomorrow ...(*^ ー ^)

iced coffee

murder mystery

tv remote

apple laptop computer

heating pad on pillows



UPLOADED FOR THE TFIF group.....check it out.

Happy Fence Friday!! x


Explore best position #215.


Playa de C'an Picafort, en el levante de Mallorca.

C'an Picafort beach in Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

The world can look wonderful on a Friday night with a pocketful of wages and a bellyful of beer

© Copyright SVETAN Photography™ - All rights reserved.


Office window view

Houston, Texas

Enterprise Plaza

to John.... Happy Fence Friday is a group that you post a fence shot in each Friday.... so HFF!

This is my first posting for Happy Fence Friday. Since so many of my contacts participate I thought I should jump on board.


I'm not official though since they haven't accepted me as a member yet.


Does anyone? (cinda, Judi) know what kind of bird this is?

Happy Fence Friday.. This is gutter guard for anyone who is curious!

plece : al3ded ( alde7ah ) ^.*


بس للأسف ماكان عندي ستاند مشينا نفسناا المهم


Friday's Child is Loving and Giving...

happy fence friday :)

I am now also on Facebook. Follow me there if you like my work :)

used coffee shop butterscotch vintage here.

Glad to find another HFF shot from my old files;

and in the comment is another shot which shows the original tone.

Gosh I'm so behind, hope to catch up with everyone real soon...


Happy Friday All! x


Getty Images


Taken with Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5


Stephanie Palm Fotografie


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Painting Title - Winter Magic

Painted by - Robert Addison (1924 - 1988)

Painted - 1981


As my long time Flickr friends know, my favorite realist is a relatively unknown artist, Robert Addison. Known throughout the art circles as a master of light and shadow, Addison was dedicated to preserving the American past. One of his favorite subjects was neighborhoods and our past Friday Art History paintings have seen many sidewalk lined streets in the summer.


Today I bring you one my favorite winter scenes by Addison. Those of us who have lived in these neighborhoods growing up recognize every detail of this scene.



"The realism in Robert Addison's paintings goes beyond his crisp technique and clearly seen depiction of these often modest structures. His realism is as well an implicit understanding that this scene is continually being altered. In his paintings then house and building are symbols not alone of American life emblem of the passage of individual lives, our own, within the irresistible pull of an urban-industrial civilization that has and will transform country and city alike...his art is clearly about the reality of the American landscape and its human shelters..still his caring eye allows his work to be read as an abstraction of geometric objects in intricate arrangements; and as three-dimensional spaces filled with patterns of rhythm and color."

Dr. Joshua B. Kind

Professor of Art History

Northern Illinois University

When Friday the 13th and a full moon coincide, venture out at night and you may see the ghost of the Headless Horseman as he rides again.

Thanks for viewing.

© All rights reserved. Please do not use without my permission.

I had to post today, because it is Friday the 13th (we already had one in February!)


Spring is around the corner!


This was taken in May 2008 in the village I grew up in Switzerland (Nassenwil, called Nashville by the locals!)


My friend Susan and I are posting the same fence today, but from a different view. Check hers out!


Happy Fence Friday, flickr. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

~Happy Friday~


I really appreciate your visit and kind comments.

Special thanks to all who fave my work.


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Texture by: Lenabem-Anna thank you !

Joined by Kim, we had a lovely walk in Wareham Forest :o)

This small town is always so busy at Friday night.

Horse portrait taken with 400 mm telephoto. Minor photoshop edits.

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