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Hey! Thought I'd post yet another blossom shot and may devote the entire week to the genre (despite the progressively fewer views...). For those who like flowers, enjoy. For those who don't (and I know who you are), please be patient...we will resume our regularly scheduled programming shortly.


As you may notice, my fiddling finger reemerges in this, creating a distinctly different feel from the original shown below in comments for those true believers. Please feel free to offer your opinion vis-à-vis the two variations....though generally ignored, it is always sincerely appreciated...;-)))


[Much more interesting larger, methinks...]

Bohemian Waxwing


( Bombycilla garrulus )


These were found in my local town of Irvine, when they decided to feed it was just a frenzy.

I so wanted to catch one with a berry in it's beak so really pleased with this.


With their bold colors and sleek appearance, bohemian waxwings have become one of my favourite birds.


This year has been a first for me, it was a joy to see, hear and of course photograph these beautiful birds.


Best seen Large on black - Press L

A Photoshop hand-assembled composite of 21 individual images of chickadees feeding.

Happy Sliders Sunday!

Lichen growing on a tree - close up.


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Photos and textures used are my own.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday. And, if you celebrate Easter - take it easy with those chocolate eggs! HSS!

This was exactly the idea I had in mind when I started building the new camera rotation tool so im very happy with this result. Still the tool needs rethinking and a proper rebuilt so its more easy to use in the field, but thats a matter of finding the right parts and time.


(done with custom built cam rotation tool, long exposure light painting photography)


- Nikon D90 - Tokina 116 - LED Lenser X21 -

JULY 2012 - one of five images shortlisted for UK Landscape Photographer of the Year

Michele and I went to the Japanese Friendship Gardens this morning. She wanted to get a

shot of a single fish with it's mouth open--once she started tossing the kibble in,

this is what happened, LOL!


These photos were taken outside the Louvre in Paris. We were having lunch and the sparrows were flying around everywhere. They were so cheeky and when Peter put some bread on his hand, they kept coming back for more. I just sat there snapping away and this is a selection of the many photos that I took.


#161 on Explore on 8th November, 2009.

Berlin, at the Memorial ... a

penny for your thoughts

Tons of birds at our feeders today. I hear we are going down to -10 degrees tonight. Well, it didn't make it. The temperature stayed at 6 degrees.

Alfred Hitchcock . . . eat your heart out.


This is actually the birds from 4 shots, cut out and added to a fifth shot. Shot at Bubblez, which is closing soon.

We just love watching the Sparrows. They are as entertaining as they are beautiful!

Poznan, Poland

Bigfoot Coffee Shop

Pasaz Apollo


Just having a bit of fun with all of this delicious light outside of my work.


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As difficult as it can be to set up your equipment and try and protect it from the elements, there's something exhilarating in capturing the full fury of a stormy day and the rewards can speak for themselves. This was he case for this shot taken as one of the first big Autumn storms rolled in over Hobson's Bay. The stunning colours belie the frenzy of the elements and provide a dramatic scene where there is usually such tranquility.

a pair of gulls scrap over fish bits thrown from a trawler...

The intersection of these two blossoms was like a frenzy of color.


Taken near a window in the Discovery Center at Blank Park Zoo.

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Two elderly people feeding birds at Dun Laoghaire Pier. Better large. (Reached #179 on Explore)

better on black or so I think. :)

Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis)


This is what happens when someone tosses a handful of full-sized bread slices into a pond full of ducks.


These are some of the first shots from my new lens!


Explored 11/27/2009

Not great focus, but I thought worth posting:)

Not that food was at all the topic... ;)


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