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Perth’s Graham Farmer Freeway provides a vital east-west link from the busy eastern precincts of Burswood and Rivervale through to the bustling centres of West Perth and Leederville.


The 1.6 km Northbridge Tunnel is a key element of this freeway, offering drivers a valuable, time-saving option to driving though the Perth CBD.

All Melbournites should know where this was taken.

Mount Shasta over the I-5 freeway somewhere south of Yreka, California. This is from a bridge over the road, a freeway exit that serves only local roads.


The road photo means I will be traveling soon, it's only for one week, this time I will have a new laptop with me instead of the iPad, so I will be able to upload and participate along the way, unless the laptop or wifi sucks, or something goes wrong.

A non-classic view of Sydney city looking back along Warringah Freeway. So happy to be back out shooting, even if it was a quick urban adventure.

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Driving back from Bacchus Marsh after photographing a confirmation I decided I wanted to do a long exposure of a freeway. I got home, grabbed my camera and went to the closest overpass in Ballarat. As my cable release is broken I could only shoot 30 second exposures with the ISO cranked to 1250. Time to get an intervalometer and do some massive ones everywhere cause I actually loved it!

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Gloucester Road is one of the few roads in Hong Kong that could be called a freeway.

Spring flowers along Texas I-45, the first freeway in Texas. Somewhere between Fairfield and Madisonville.

Actually I-25 was quite fluid on this day. Somehow though, this photo reminded me of that old Jeff Beck tune. If you're retired and not subject to drug testing, you could twist one up and think about it? ;-)

But anyway, here we view (if you look closely) New Mexico Rail Runner train #705 heading south (or would you say west?) out of Santa Fe on a beautiful and sunny 50 degree plus November 15, 2014 day. The next morning we would wake up to snow.


Shot with a Nikon F on Velvia 100.

10 Image panorama looking south with Brisbane CBD visible in the distance

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That crazy Dubai freeway intersection.


ISO: 200

Shutter: 10 Seconds

Aperture: F/10

Camera: Canon 5D MK III

Lens: Sigma 85mm F/1.4

I'm pretty sure just about everyone within a 50 mile radius of Seattle has this shot, but I live 10 mins from this place, so it seems like a waste not to take advantage.


2 exposure manual blend

The 101 freeway north of Los Angeles photographed from the observation deck of City Hall. Tilt shift effect added manually in Photoshop Elements.

Just playing around with some new Lightroom Plug-Ins

Glacial Freeway this way!

Taken from the Mulholland Drive bridge.

Another walk over the 110.

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