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"Freedom is my birthright"

- Bal Gangadhar Tilak


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[...] No nation ancient or modern ever lost the liberty of freely speaking, writing, or publishing their sentiments, but forthwith lost their liberty in general and became slaves [...]

-- Quote by John Peter Zenger (1697 – 1746)


Nikon D70, Sigma 70-300 f/4-5.6, 300mm - f/5.6 - 1/250s


Fiumicino, Italy (June, 2008)





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Teken de petitie Freedom for Burma

Sign petition - Freedom for Burma



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J'ai descendu dans mon jardin {x2}

Pour y cueillir du romarin.



Gentil coqu'licot, Mesdames,

Gentil coqu'licot, nouveau !


Pour y cueillir du romarin {x2}

J' n'en avais pas cueilli trois brins


Qu'un rossignol vint sur ma main


Il me dit trois mots en latin


Que les homm's ne valent rien


Et les garçons encor bien moins !


Des dames, il ne me dit rien


Mais des d'moisell' beaucoup de bien.


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Shooted in Myanmar, somewhere between Kyaiktyo and Bago


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A late dedication to the red call of Burma's Freedom.


Posting another shot from the carnival here in Tripunithra, a town close to Cochin in Kerala, India.


It is an amazing and overpowering mix of religious themes and symbolism. A part of the Onam Festival in Kerala this grand procession is called "Athachamayam"


This powerful shot in red is of a dancer symbolising a male God in the dance form popularly known as "Theyyam". This is a crop to show the face and the elaborate headgear. There appear to be no good shots online of a Theyyam dancer with a full costume on. Nor do I have one from the shoot.


Theyyam is a popular ritual dance of north Kerala,………..

………..The dance or invocation is generally performed in front of the village shrines. It is also performed in the houses as ancestor worship with elaborate rites and rituals.

There is no stage or curtain and other arrangements for the performance. The devotees would be standing or some of them would be sitting on a sacred tree in front of the shrine. In brief it is an open theatre………………(((.Excerpted from the /wiki Theyyam )))


......A male dancer dons an elaborate mask-like make up. The wearing of spectacular costume further enhances the illusion of becoming a divine being. The unique quality of Theyyam is that its deities can manifest themselves in the bodies of empowered men as dancer-performers, and appear before their devotees while interacting with them by answering questions, mocking the pompous, ridiculing the vain, and humiliating the arrogant. (( Excerpted from theyyam ))


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(Workflow DSC_0899 exp +-, Cu, Sh, Le crop )

Blood of my blood


«In support of our incredibly brave friends in Burma: May all people around the world wear red shirt on Friday 28. Please forward!»


for my love C A R I N A



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eagle1effi effiart


without tripod:


Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)

Aperture: f/2.8

Focal Length: 5.8 mm

ISO Speed: 100

ppc: colors revived and more shadows



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Red carpet reception to freedom and peace.


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"An action is a thought which manifests itself."

Paulo Coelho.

Seen in a village on the Eastern shore of Inle lake, Shan state.

Indein Archaeological Site. The pagodas were built between the 17th and 18th Century. There are about 1000 stupas in the area.

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#22 Oct 4 '07

...that is being spilled in the name of freedom right now in Myanmar (previously, Burma).


To millions of people who fought, bled and perished for the right to be free, independence is a cherished birthright.


To Filipinos like myself who have been blessed enough to witness the bloodless "People Power" revolution against a ruthless dictator in 1986, Myanmar is a brutal reminder of what we could have been subjected to.


I pray for the Myanmar people.






This is the same blood-colored sunset that cast the color tinge

on the two birds in my previous picture.




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Il mio blog:

Free Burma!

la mia foto preferita... non è perfetta, ma io la doaro...


Da allora il gusto di catturare ed avere sempre con me i ricordi, l'inizio di tutto e della memoria.

I wish a peaceful and joyful time for all


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shutting down freedom and the net


Monks cannot go out from their Monastery any more in Burma


Sign the petition online UN:



This was a door to a (jail shot taken in a famous castle in Germany

"Hohenzollern Schloss", Baden-Württemberg.


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For the victims in Burma

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