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Sorry for the poor photo but my little person 4, Franka, arrived today and I was desperate to take her photo!

The only problem was that my cousin and uncle have been here all day painting our house so I couldn't take her photo comfortably. I went for a walk though and took a few quick pics :)


I love her so, so, so much and it is lovely to have a new subject to photograph! More photo's tomorrow :)


Franka Solida Record.

Fortepan 400, Caffenol C-H.

Lith print on Forte Bromofort BN 5 from 1989, Rollei VC Dev 1+16 @ 28°C.

franka lederbogen@modelwerk

I made a special set yesterday with my new fabric of.. cat-skulls. Franka demanded ears to match.



Efke IR820 film. Rollei Vintage 132 (Fomatone) on Moersch SE5 1:30 20A+10B+20D


Taken with a Franka Solida.

Franka Solida III, Fuji Reala 100, 1/100 @ f11

Secretdoll Person04

Face-up by Tiina


Oh the grain, the grain. I waited to long to take todays photo, about 10 minutes before it went competely dark.

I made a little dress with my new swallows fabric. It's kinda pretty.


Franka 120 Film Camera

Kodak Ektar 100 film


Sunrise - photographed with a Franka film camera made in the US Zone - Germany circa 1948-1950


Taken on a foggy morning two weeks ago. Paper is Rollei Vintage 132 (Fomatone) developed in Moersch SE5 at 1:25 12A+18B+12D+80 Old Brown.


Taken with Franka Solida

Franka Solida IIIE with a Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar 80mm f/2.9 lens | Fuji Reala 100 film | Andreas Garcia

Franka Solida/ Fomapan 400 auf 200/

Kodakt Xtol/ 20°/ 07 Minuten/ 60 sec. komplett Agitation dann zweimal alle 30 sec

Franka Rolfix. Acros 100. Rodinal 1:50.

Down near Marsden there's a dark wood nestling alongside the canal. Twas here i took this picci which is a mere segment from the neg as i used the wrong red window for frame alignment and all the frames overlapped!

franka lederbogen@modelwerk

taken with franka kx-20,

all sizes for detail

Franka Solida IIE f3.5 75mm Ennagon Ilford HP5 Plus

Franka Solida IIIe with a Schneider Radionar 80mm f/2.9 Lens | Fuji Acros 100 film | Andreas Garcia

Sunset -- Going to miss This spot.


Franka 160nc rendered to mono..

..she's being a rascal.

Franka Solida Jr, yellow filter

Fomapan 400@200, R09

On Oriental Seagull, developed in Moersch SE5 at 1:25


Taken on Efke IR820 with Franka Solida

Franka Solida I

Ennagon 75cm f/3.5 C "Coated"

6x6 Format


Camera Portrait Project

Franka Solida 3 .. XP2

Photo prise le 3 novembre 2017

Camera Franka Rolfix II (1952)

Rodenstock Trinar 105mm

f/16 - 1/250s

Kodak Portra 160 ISO

Franka solida 3 , ultrafine extreme 400 w/ orange filter , rodinal 1/100 stand

with the prewar franka

Aufgenommen mit der Franka Solida III ...


... und danach ein bißchen bearbeitet ...

Photo prise le 4 avril 2017

Camera Franka Rolfix II (1952)

Rodenstock Trinar 105mm

f/16 - 1/250s

Kodak Portra 160 ISO

I had a bit of a mad camera buying weekend last weekend. Here's the result a Franka Solida IIIe, it's a tidy camera although the slow speeds don't appear to be working (I don't use them anyway). The rangefinder was gummed up but I cleaned it up and it's working fine now. This image was made with a Pentacon Six TL, which I also bought last weekend. Unfortunately it didn't come with a lens so this was taken with a Bronica ETRS 75mm f/2.8 lens, freelensing.

franka lederbogen@modelwerk

Yesterday was the birthday of the daughter of my beloved Dick.

She is the sweetest and most loving girl I've ever met.

She is only 7 years old, but her mature way of being is really surprising!

Franka thanks for all the love you give me!

Ik hou van jou mijn lieve Franka!!!<3

Franka Solida IIIE + orange filter

Foton NB01 (expired 03/1984) @50ASA + R09 (1:100)

1h@18^C 0-1' + 2x/20'

mage capturing device; Franka Rolfix

Image capturing media; Orwo single weight

Image Printing Media; AdoxMCC

MF sized Paper neg in enlarger onto fibre paper.

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