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Examining XULRunner directory structures - Brian King's talk at FOSDEM

So roughly in the center is a Linksys wireless router or access point. The FOSDEM dudes were trying to provide the entire room wireless internet access with just that one little box. That's probably more than a hundred laptops, all with wifi. Way more than one puny linksys can handle.


FOSDEM people: think about the wireless next time, we need it and it sucked. Supposedly the wired network was fine. You need more than one Access Point per room.

In Ekiga stand.

Jonita, and Damien, thanks for your patience.

Un HP Jordana tournant sous NetBSD.

Geeks wait for Ian Pratt

Thomas, Eric, Flore, Alan, Sébastien, Sébastien

Flore, Thomas, Eric, Alan

Stand OpenBSD.

Stained glass roof in the art deco Falstaff restaurant in Brussels

Belgian flag in front of the bottom sphere of the freshly reopened Atomium in Brussels

ChatZilla on FOSDEM, or why free publicity rocks.

Lovely stained glass in the Falstaff restaurant in Brussels

ChatZilla on XULRunner connecting to moznet at FOSDEM

Robert Kaiser talks about SeaMonkey

Robert Kaiser talks about SeaMonkey

Mozilla Dinner at Le Grand Café, AviaryPL Team's table / Mozillowy obiad w Le Grand Café, stolik AviaryPL.


From the left / Od lewej:


Stanisław 'staszyna' Małolepszy, Adrian 'Adrianer' Kalla, Marek 'marcoos' Stępień

In front of the biggest rockstar of the free software.

Frans Pop at Debian dev's room

Preparing up things in the Mozilla meeting

apple pie flambe at openSUSE teamevent.

It doesn't look like it, but there's a hangover somewhere there waiting to pounce on andy.

David Baron talking about reflow refactoring, Mozilla Developers' Room.


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