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Bin heute mal wieder bisschen durch den Wald gelaufen um ein paar Fotos zu knipsen. Das HDR Bild besteht aus 7 verschiedenen Belichtungen. Bearbeitet habe ich das Bild erst mit Camera RAW. Danach hab ich die Camera RAW einstellungen auf alle 7 Bilder synchronisiert. Dann mit dem Photoshop eigenem HDR Plugin den rest gemacht. Hoffe es gefällt ;-)

La vita è come una scatola di cioccolatini....non sai mai quello che ti capita !

Forrest from above, people walking and looking up.

although it is three photos combined. una del ballet, otra de un bosque en byfield y una textura de skeletalmess.


although it is three photos: one of a ballet, another one of a forrest in byfield and a third one that belongs to skeletalmess

This was taken at Forrest Park in St. Louis. Finally saw some sun today, so I took my camera out and dusted off the cobwebs :). I'll be posting the photos from today soon! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Upper Teesdale , County Durham , UK .

A mono version of a recent upload .

Upper Teesdale , County Durham , UK .

..I was taken by the connecting shapes of the trees akin to Chinese writing - perhaps its saying 'follow the light'..

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1966 Rolleiflex 3.5f Planar, Type3 (k.4F)


Ilford Delta 400@400


Ilford DD-X, (1+4), 20ºc, 8mins


Epson V600



Drone Shot Hintersteinersee Austria

The sign says " If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman there to hear .... is he still wrong?"... and your answer is?



This is a shot thats a rip from Brentbats page (he was there so its not that bad a rip I guess). I opted for the soft flowing edges rather than the hard shelfs. Anyway. there you go.

The OMD strikes again with its fantastic Dynamic Range, Olympus 9-18mm lens used at f8


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La caída de la pluma al principio y final de la película de Forrest Gump, simboliza lo volátil e impredecible que es la vida.

Esta película nos enseña, que a pesar de las dificultades que nos podamos encontrar a lo largo de ella, tenemos la capacidad de superarlas en lugar de estancarnos en nuestras limitaciones.

En muchas ocasiones nosotros somos los principales responsables de nuestro futuro.

No puedo evitar al ver una pluma volar, acordarme de ella.

A stitch of 4 pics at 85mm/f2.2 combined to give the effect of a much shallowe DOF than usual. The so called "Brenizer method". A proper Brenizer pic should have used many more photos for an even more dramatic effect.

Canon 5D2 + 16-35mm f/2.8 @ 16mm and f/9, 45 seconds.


Using Lee 10stop ND filter + Lee 3stop grad ND hard


Explore #22 on 3/6/11

Headed down the coast to shoot Forresters rockshelf with my good mate Bricktop AKA Don

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