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I'm not sure but I think this species is new to my stream. I have seen it before but I cann't remember if I could make shots in that time. A mid size hummingbird that you can find at some altitude. Stay home and safe my friends!

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One of my all time favorites:

starting very early in darkness from the trailhead along the Left Fork of North Creek (part of Zion NP) with headlights to my destination, the "Subway", i reached after 3 hours this picturesque location.


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Wild South Africa

Kruger National Park


This drab colored bird is a common resident in the Kruger National Park but you should not be misled by its appearance. The Drongo is a highly intelligent bird and has the ability to mimic calls of other animals and it uses this skill to distract them to steal their food.

Wild South Africa

Kruger National Park


The Reserve has opened its gates again, conditionally of course!

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Drinking in the beauty at the Big Fork River Wayside on Minnesota Highway 1 near Effie, Minnesota.

►EN🇬🇧◄Designed by the Neuchâtel plastic artist Jean-Pierre Zaugg (died June 25, 2012) for the tenth anniversary of the Alimentarium, the stainless steel work of art [the Fork] (8 meters high and 1.3 meters wide) is planted in the lake, off the museum, in February 1995, for a year. In September 2007, the fork made its return on the occasion of the temporary exhibition "Couverts découverts" (Cutlery discovered). Spring 2007, a support committee circulated a petition asking for its conservation. The Municipality of Vevey in turn took steps which this time proved to be fruitful since at the end of 2008, the canton's decision fell: the Fork can now be part of the Lake Geneva landscape. Since 2014, it has been registered with the Guinness World Records as the largest fork in the world.►FR🇫🇷◄Conçue par le plasticien neuchâtelois Jean-Pierre Zaugg (décédé le 25 juin 2012) pour les dix ans de l’Alimentarium, l’oeuvre d’art en Inox (8 mètres de haut pour 1,3 mètre de large) est plantée dans le lac, au large du musée, en février 1995, pour une année. En septembre 2007, l’ustensile fait son retour à l’occasion de l’exposition temporaire Couverts découverts. Au printemps de la même année, un comité de soutien fait circuler une pétition demandant sa conservation. La Municipalité de Vevey entreprend à son tour des démarches qui se révèlent cette fois fructueuses puisque fin 2008, la décision du canton tombe: la Fourchette peut désormais faire partie du paysage lémanique. Depuis 2014, elle est enregistrée au Livre Guinness des records en tant que plus grande fourchette au monde.►IT🇮🇹◄Creazione dell'artista plastico di Neuchâtel Jean-Pierre Zaugg per il decimo anniversario del "Alimentarium", l'opera viene piantata nel lago, fuori dal museo, nel febbraio 1995, per un anno. Nel settembre 2007, l'utensile è tornato per la mostra temporanea. Nella primavera dello stesso anno, un comitato di supporto ha diffuso una petizione per chiederne la conservazione. A sua volta, il Comune di Vevey ha preso provvedimenti che questa volta si sono rivelati fruttuosi poiché alla fine del 2008 la decisione del Cantone è caduta: la forchetta (The Fork) può ora far parte del paesaggio del Lago di Ginevra. Dal 2014, è stato registrato con il Guinness World Records come il più grande forchetta al mondo.►DE🇩🇪◄Ein Kunstwerk, 1995 erschaffen vom Plastikkünstler Jean-Pierre Zaugg zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum des Museums der Ernährung, Alimentarium. 8 Meter hoch, glitzernd in ihrer Robe aus Inox lädt sie ein, die Schönheit der Landschaft vom Genfersee zu geniessen. Seit 2014 ist es bei den Guinness-Weltrekorden als größte Gabel der Welt registriert.

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Wild South Africa

Kruger National Park

Inspired by my favourite documentary fork over knives, which changed my life 8 years ago.


Have a beautiful Saturday!!

Update as this photo was taken just 2 days before the Slide fire started 1,000 acres have burned so far...sad............................. West Fork Trail (Oak Creek #108)

----which is north of Sedona,Az off 89A. If you ever visit Sedona--- this is a great trail to relax and take in the sights.

A herd of Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) graze on green grass in a pasture in the South Fork Valley southwest of Cody, Wyoming. This view combines the green grass of summer with the snow of winter. This unusual combination resulted from a Labor Day storm that dropped sow and temperatures across Wyoming. Only a temporary snow cover however since temperatures in the 70s and 80s are expected by the weekend.


The field lies the valley along the South Fork of the Shoshone River. The trees in the center of the photo lie along the river. Although this area is within the boundary of the Shoshone National, the field in the photo lies on one of several ranches that are private inholdings within the forest.


The name elk was given to these animals by early European settlers in North America. "Elk" is a word usually used in Europe for a moose. This causes some confusion among some European visitors. The other name used for elk is wapiti, a Shawnee word which means “white-rumped deer" or "white deer". There are 3 subspecies of elaphus recognized currently in the United States. The Rocky Mountain Elk have the largest population and the widest distribution. To make things even more confusing, Cervus elaphus has also been called Cervus canadensis. The name is still in use by some.


The Cliffs that rise above the valley flow consist of stacked lava flows, flow breccias and debris flows that are part of the Absaroka Volcanics Supergroup. This group of igneous rocks are the remnant of a volcanic field that was active in the Eocene between 53 and 43 million years ago.

Another lifer for me last week in the wetlands along the Medio Queso river. There were some of them and there were two nests, that is what I saw and one of the nest had a chicken. Have a great sunday me dear friends!

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Kruger national park, South Africa.


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Taken very early in the morning at Okaukuejo Camp.


Etosha National Park - Namibia

Small peak on the north side of entrance to American Fork canyon. American Fork, Utah.

Traveling eastbound on Union Pacific’s North Fork Subdivision running out of Grand Junction is an Operation Lifesaver special between Payne and Rogers Mesa, Colorado, on June 14, 2009. Powering the passenger train is Rio Grande heritage locomotive No. UP1989 and E9B No. 963B, and on the other end is GE AC4400CW No. 7250 used on westbound trips on the branch.


Moss covered rocks line the streams of the Roaring Fork area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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METAL in BLACK and WHITE... is the topic for Sunday ~ January 26th, 2020Group Our Daily Challenge

Roaring Fork River near Carbondale, Colorado...cloudy day occasionally giving way to breaks in the overcast.

Smile on Saturday Theme/ Spoon& fork


One fork on one spoon :-) No editing


I so appreciate your kind viewing, all the faves, and generous comments!



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… sorry if I can't reach your page, there's Bad Panda's in the way ;) ...



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Macro Monday ....... Theme Silhouette

... you tell me ...

hss :)


yes I am doing the dishes again! Having a play with my new lens and blowing bubbles !

just some fun in the kitchen

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