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La "Fajeda d'en Jorda" is the beech forest (Fagus sylvatica) which grows at the lowest height in Europe: 550 m. La Garrotxa, Girona, Spain.


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Forest view from Espoo, Finland

Otago Peninsula


Enjoy your Sunday :-)

Forest view from Espoo, Finland

.... sunrise .... dark forest .... morning walk with tripod .... no-hdr

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Around Almere the forest is quite young, only 40 years old.


First I thought these trees were birches, but they aren't . It's populus x canescens. A cross between populus alba and populus tremula. In Dutch it's called 'grauwe abeel'. I don't know the english name. On wikipedia there is a page in dutch about this tree, but it is not in english.


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Accepted 30/05/2014

Went to the local forest with my son this morning and got a few shots.

I've done this effect a few times and quite enjoy doing it.

I would say it looks better in big!!! Click on the pic and have a look!! :)

I don’t know how many times I was already here in this wonderful area of a forest in the Swiss Alps. I would say that I visit this location a dozen of times during the year, and I can always find some new places and spots. This day when I made this shot here was really a bad day. Dark and gloomy and it rained only once … from the morning to the evening ;-) But nevertheless I thought perhaps I would be lucky and made my way here. And in fact … just when I arrived, the rain stopped and the area began to hide behind an upcoming foggy atmosphere. Just the right time to make some shots before the visibility were to bad!


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Chitwan National Park, Nepal


The picture is taken in the nearby (for me) forest of Bråstad (Braastad) Norway. There are many different falls within this area (if you know were to look), although this waterfall is somewhat typical for what you might find in the norwegian nature.


This one, (I personally belive), is one of the most esthetically appealing. The drop is about 5 m, and the waterfall is located in the middle of a 30 m deep gorge surrounded by "walls" of pine trees. I´ve taken many pictures of it earlier (thru the winter and spring) - and for some reason I keep coming back...


The waterfall is constantly changing wether it´s due to rain or the snowmelt in the spring, or icecaps in the winter. This waterfall for me - somewhat describes the scandinavian soul - a little dark, but with a dash of depth and serenity. The shot is taken on a cloudy afternoon, using a ND8 filter. Hopefully you can enjoy it, as I do.


Have a great day friends ; )

You know what I love most about the forest. It's his smell I can't get enough of it

Ya que esta primavera no he podido visitar este rincón, aqui os dejo una fotografia de mis primeras andanzas por este hayedo que cuando las condiciones se dan se llena de magia, espero que os guste y muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios, feliz semana!

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