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All images © 2012-2013 Eric Goncalves.


La "Fajeda d'en Jorda" is the beech forest (Fagus sylvatica) which grows at the lowest height in Europe: 550 m. La Garrotxa, Girona, Spain.


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Apeldoorn, Berg en Bos

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Around Almere the forest is quite young, only 40 years old.


First I thought these trees were birches, but they aren't . It's populus x canescens. A cross between populus alba and populus tremula. In Dutch it's called 'grauwe abeel'. I don't know the english name. On wikipedia there is a page in dutch about this tree, but it is not in english.


Submitted 06/05/2014

Accepted 30/05/2014

A picture at sunrise time in a forest in the Netherlands.


I've promised myself that, if there was a picture I've uploaded on 500px, that reaches frontpage, I'll (re)upload it on Flickr as well. So here she is, a golden/blue oldie. Reprocessed and more blue then ever!

.... sunrise .... dark forest .... morning walk with tripod .... no-hdr

f/8 | ISO 100 | 29mm | 1/40"


Chitwan National Park, Nepal




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Otago Peninsula


Enjoy your Sunday :-)



Pentax K-5

Kepcor Auto Wide Angle MC 28mm 1:2.8



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just a quick jpg shot with the small D5100 ... when walking along ...

Most times the forest around our home is lovely. Each season having its own special charm: spring with new life and luminous light; summer with lush, green foliage and active wildlife; fall with spectacular color and golden tones; and, winter with silent, magical snow-covered beauty.


However, in that brief period between the end-of-winter and the beginning of spring, when the snow has melted and weather conditions are just right, the forest can take on quite a different flavor and the colors and shapes assume a dark, sinister quality. Then you'd best take care when entering, because my friends, there may be monsters.


All images processed with a combination of NIK/Google Color Efex Pro4 and Lightroom.

Hidcote Batrim, Cotswolds / Website + Twitter + Getty


Alternative, and much closer to the original, wide angle image of low winter sun in Delamere Forest, Cheshire. I was going to call it 'The Walking Dead' as it reminds me so much of the scenes in the forest (Series 2) but I keep being reminded that not many people in this country have seen the show !

From a walk in Atholl woods near Dunkeld a while ago.

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All images © 2012-2013 Eric Goncalves.

A few shots from Tollymore Forest

... early morning ... forest walk ... hdr



... a forest road in Upper Palatinate ... morning walk ... no hdr


Thanks ..... Danke !

Early morning sunshine breaking through the trees at Arne Nature Reserve in Dorset; November 2014.


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