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La "Fajeda d'en Jorda" is the beech forest (Fagus sylvatica) which grows at the lowest height in Europe: 550 m. La Garrotxa, Girona, Spain.


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Around Almere the forest is quite young, only 40 years old.


First I thought these trees were birches, but they aren't . It's populus x canescens. A cross between populus alba and populus tremula. In Dutch it's called 'grauwe abeel'. I don't know the english name. On wikipedia there is a page in dutch about this tree, but it is not in english.


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changing weather situations.. because of the clouds..


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A picture at sunrise time in a forest in the Netherlands.


I've promised myself that, if there was a picture I've uploaded on 500px, that reaches frontpage, I'll (re)upload it on Flickr as well. So here she is, a golden/blue oldie. Reprocessed and more blue then ever!

.... sunrise .... dark forest .... morning walk with tripod .... no-hdr



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Pentax K-5

Kepcor Auto Wide Angle MC 28mm 1:2.8



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Most times the forest around our home is lovely. Each season having its own special charm: spring with new life and luminous light; summer with lush, green foliage and active wildlife; fall with spectacular color and golden tones; and, winter with silent, magical snow-covered beauty.


However, in that brief period between the end-of-winter and the beginning of spring, when the snow has melted and weather conditions are just right, the forest can take on quite a different flavor and the colors and shapes assume a dark, sinister quality. Then you'd best take care when entering, because my friends, there may be monsters.


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Otago Peninsula


Enjoy your Sunday :-)

walk on a sunny day -

( best viewed on black ) -

Explore - February 10th,2013 - thank you ! -


les lumières de la forêt -

promenade par un jour ensoleillé

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Our forests looks nothing like this. But it sure would be a more interesting walk if it were.

just a quick jpg shot with the small D5100 ... when walking along ...

... early morning ... forest walk ... hdr



Through the forest

Nikon d800

50mm f1.4


Early morning sunshine breaking through the trees at Arne Nature Reserve in Dorset; November 2014.


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~came out covered in mosquito bites, argh!

But what a great time we had!!!


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Het Baarnse Bos, The Netherlands

Looks better large

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Beech forest at Mullaghmeen, Co Westmeath

Ecola State Park



On our first day out of Seattle, we took a short drive to Ecola state park north of Cannon Beach. It took us a while to get to the park itself as we kept stopping at scenes like this! I had a bit of fun post processing this shot (I have a non motion blurred version as well). Does this make you feel at peace or just puzzled lol?


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Holiday memories from Thuringian Forest, Germany 20:

Hiking path towards the viewpoint Hundskopf (= dog's head) near Allzunah, Thuringian Forest



Urlaubserinnerungen aus dem Thüringer Wald 20:

Wanderweg zum Aussichtspunkt Hundskopffelsen bei Allzunah

From a walk in Atholl woods near Dunkeld a while ago.

The Shropshire Union Canal weaving its way through the forests as the canal heads back into Staffordshire.

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