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As in Vietnam rice feeds millions around the world.

It needs to be fed in return,

Day 348. This is all that is left from the raspberries our neighbor brought us from her garden. I could easily eat fresh berries every day.

just some berries . Cherries are my most favorite fruit , blueberries are my second favorite . Though the cherry kept on falling down and it got me kinda mad. I almost killed my canon today . I got mad at my brother so i threw pillow at him , and the pillow hit this big metal tiger statue , which fell down and hit my camera and my camera fell on the edge of the table and he almost fell down . I don't throw stuff anymore. My brother thought that was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing for a couple mintues .

yoghurt, cereal, and strawberries.

Monday is not as blue with friends like you!

And this is not a damage control and there is no need to comment:-))))

my previous comment was meant only for some, and I know I don't need

to comment but I want to.

Please view large.

My first food photography..



I welcome any comments, especially any thoughts on how to improve.

Winter cheer from sweet January strawberries

It will start to snow heavily from midnight in this city.

Be safe everyone.


I can't help it. Their polished good looks seduce me every time I'm in the store.

Speaking of polished good looks.. I'd really like to run into George Clooney at the grocery. Just an .. after-thought...

Canon 550D // T2i

Canon 50mm 1.8

Canon speedlite 600EX

Mode M

Aperture f/5.6

shutter speed 1/40

ISO 400

Taken by Me & Wife :heart:

"World Food Stage"from chinese food..

name:Sugar-coated bullets

Made in China


Traditional candy from China, has a long history ..

Halloween Haul.


It was suggested that this would make a good desktop pic if it was just the food by @ultron32 on Flickr so here you go


Prints, laptop covers, phone covers and mugs of this are also available on


Chocolate bars, beans and drinks from @firestartoys the other food stuffs are from various sets.


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I've been working on prepping files for the printer this morning. Getting together some new bookmarks, stickers and cards-eep even printing some holiday cards already and I came across a folder full of photos of eggs. I have SO many egg photos it is ridiculous. Here's another to add...

Food Styling: Nguyen

Photograph by: Rong Vang

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Another from this morning.

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