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I got my laptop etched with the logo from my blog while at foocamp.

Kevin's freshly-etched Mac.

Open source mobile phone (Colin Cross)

at FOO Camp 2006 in Sebatopol

Phil Torrone helped me make get this engraved using the Make Magazine laser cutter..pretty happy with this..

Except I was someone else due to a mix up with the photos.

at FOO Camp 2006 in Sebatopol

at FOO Camp 2006 in Sebatopol

Being interviewed by chromatic.

danah and jane lead an intense warewolf..nice set of cards..some hardcore players there..

At Foo Camp this year, Mr Jalopy brought a gum machine rack, but instead of selling gum and toys, the plastic bubbles sold spare parts, like gears, tiny motors, and switches. One gum machine sold a little booklet that he wrote with tips on buying a used car. Brilliant!

Chumby alpha hardware distributed at FOO camp

Soccer playiing robot

OMG...I'm soooo happy...

danah's the werewolf energizer bunny.


The accommodations.


Dave and Danny had the perfectly-synchronized call-response snore going. I was able to sleep through my own snoring, fortunately.

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