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A proud family of Canada Geese works its way in orderly fashion across Lake Ellyn in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago.

Skipping away, the teddy bears followed Johnny The Pied Piper.

She must have told them about the teddy bears picnic.

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Camera Model : Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Exposure : 1/1000 seconds

Aperture : f/7.1

ISO Speed : 100

Focal Length : 105 mm


I just finished making this little (4.75") teddy bear. 1 of a limited edition of 2.

Brush your teeth with paint if u Hardcore !


Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula on our way to High Island rookery....if you click on the photo to make it larger, it is more enjoyable...:)


Flickr maps tagged this as is not

More Friasian Flag CLICK HERE PLEASE!


Finish F18


Bij de vliegbasis Leeuwarden hoef je je nooit te vervelen.


Er zijn altijd leuke dingen te zien.


Dit leek me de beste titel:


Follow the Leader


Er vliegt daar van alles door de lucht.



Taken during a snowy day during the Easter Holiday near Aberfeldy, Scotland

Created for Make It Interesting, Challenge #4 - Bird of Prey

(Winner - 1st place) (tied)


Starter image with thanks, from EDD07


And for EXPLORE Worthy, Playing with Textures #35 (featuring Temari 09)

(Winner - 3rd place)


Featured texture, Mine


= Also for GhostWorks Texture Competition #58

(Winner - 2nd place)


Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess (2x)


Metal collar from Mr Whiskers, DeviantSCRAP.


Boy image from my private stock. Texture - above, mine.

We follow them,

these selfish self centered and all about themselves ego driven liars we vote for.


We seem satisfied with our materialistic inanimate lives.


A 6 pack, a pill, obsessive conspicuous consumption, inane banal routine TV to wind down

while " our men and women " die in Afghanistan the formula for life.


very little critical thinking gets done anymore!



near SIam Reap


Christine and I decided we would both use apples a prop and see what we each would come up with. Here is mine, stay tuned for hers!


A subject that I am forever fascinated about are the ways in which we as humans are not so very different from our surroundings. In this photo I am portraying a form rather than submitting to an identity. I am a piece of food, I am an apple, I am nothing more than another figure in the formation.

just another "everyday" sight down my way...

Sunset ~ Great Blue Heron ~ FL Everglades

(click more comments to see 6-shot in-flight series)


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature

© COPYRIGHT. Dragon Papillon Photography. All rights reserved. 2014.

These are healthy pelicans, from the same general family as the Brown Pelicans that live in the Gulf of Mexico.


It's time to end the deep water drilling. We don't need it and don't need to kill anything else on our relentless search to find oil to drive our ever-increasing consumer needs.


Fortunately, these beauties live off Northern California.


I like the three stages of the wings in flight.

The cat was at the playground. She loves cats. So she decided to play Follow the Leader with the White Kitty.


A Gymnast in the making...balancing on the beam :-)'s a long way down!


My batteries died borrowed her mum's camera :-)

Sunset ~ Ibis ~ #27 in Explore

Florida Everglades U.S.A.


2nd Place Competition Winner ~ Fauna & Flora Group ~ March 2015




Duck, duck, goose, goose, goose, goose..........

Arrived at pond just as this family was on the move. (Shot with zoom...didn't disturb them)

Explore, Apr 30, 2007. Schubert loves his brother Jasper. He follows him anywhere. View Large.

Sunset ~ Ibis in the South Florida rays

Winter 2015 ~ Florida Everglades, U.S.A.


(note: the leader out-front is usually the

largest and strongest, dominant bird)


(one more in-flight photo in the comments)

Such is life, eh? Some are born to lead while others are born to follow

An earlier shot before the snow got DEEP

This pic is for Competition Corner.....the theme is Mellow Yellow.


Lots of white in this image too, but better than the "white" still piled up outside my door. The forecast is promising plus temp's mid-week, so here's hoping some of this snow will finally melt. It's spring break over here and it certainly doesn't look like it at the moment!

Le voyage à Nantes 2013


Place du Bouffay

Follow the leaders

Isaac Cordal

En écho à son exposition au Temple du Goût, Isaac Cordal s’approprie la place du Bouffay. Mises en scènes dans la réalité de la ville, ses sculptures composent une armée de figures solitaires et mélancoliques évoluant au sein d’un univers bétonné dans lequel une touffe d’herbe ou une flaque d’eau deviennent les fragiles fragments du monde naturel.


Sur cette place du Bouffay au caractère minéral, au sein d’un quartier faisant l’objet d’une rénovation urbaine, Isaac Cordal choisit d’implanter une île de gravats issus de bâtiments détruits dans d’autres endroits de la métropole.


Des centaines de sculptures de l’artiste évoluent dans cette ruine contemporaine, témoins du caractère éphémère des constructions humaines. L’installation impressionne autant qu’elle incite à la déambulation, à la recherche du détail, au parcours méditatif.


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Redhead Beach, Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

remember 'dont run on the ice' from last year? (see below) this is a 'ducks-on-ice' shot for this year!


hope everyone is ok in the snow! took me 4 hours to get home yesterday, didnt get above 10mph and was lucky to get into 2nd gear! accidents everywhere - very very scary!! - take care!



Have a Fun Filled Fourth of July!


Press L to view large and jump into that blue water : ))


To see some of "My" Favorite photos of Midnight, take a peek at my Albums

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