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Mobile phone photography. Fotografia com telemóvel. Pedro Nogueira

We were born forgiving each other.



Do you remember me, guys? I've been absent from Flickr off-and-on for about a year and I hate it. Doesn't mean I haven't had the time to continue my work, though. Just wanted to let you know that I still exist, that I still care about the connections I've made over Flickr these past few years. Here is a piece that I plan on including in a future show I'll be having in November. I hope you enjoy it. To keep up with the madness in my life, feel free to visit my new website.

Dans le jardin de la maison Folio. Le "guétali" (ou gloriette).


Folio's house.

Demonstrating EMC Folio app for iPad

Labels for your Pen Pal Folio

Labels for Office Folio Project -

Click on arrow, bottom left of image, choose size to download, print as desired, for personal use, do not resell labels.

- I just ask that my images aren't sold in their digital form or mass printed and sold. As long as you print them out first and use them in your projects, its totally cool with me! =)

Impact! (1966)

Paste Pot & Scissors, No. PP&S88

Harry Volk Jr. Art Studio

Me estan raspando para pintarme. Fuí rojo y luego azul.

Bueu, 1999.

Slide 35 mm.

Mañana de desvariadas caseras la que me pegué el jueves.

Foliões Sábado Carnaval 2010 - Bloco Cerveja & Cia

Foliões Sábado Carnaval 2010 - Bloco Cerveja & Cia

A marchinha carnavalesca que mais ouvi foram eles que produziram. Felizmente 5 dias sem TV, sem internet, sem rádio e o único ser humano com que tivemos contato foi o jardineiro, trazendo novidades sobre as roseiras.


Bom dedicar essa para o claudio.marcio2!

Bloco tradicional Os Foliões. Madredeus. São Luís. Maranhão.

Having a play with textures .. taken on Formby's sand dunes.

Enjoy the weekend guys and thanks for viewing!


Textures & frames I use are often made by these creative people :

Laura, skeletalmess, vintage memento, Playingwithbrushes, Brenda Starr, ifdezelle, Lenabem-Anna, Parée, JoesSistah, DyrkWyst, Clive Sax, Sunset Sailor, osolev, darkwood67, Distressed jewell, xalamay, cathairstudios

I made this some years ago whilst playing with a "free" photo-edit programme.

This crocodile is fresh out of art school!

[better in all sizes, but it's a screencap so it's a touch fuzzy]


Figured I'd share a little process stuff while I cobble this thing together. Awk, still so much to do! I plan on loosely brushing a map out to lightly overlay in the background, sort of to keep with this travel/tour guide feel I want throughout. The 'layout' isn't final. I wish I had more design skills, but making do with what I know anyhow! It's been a good project anyway because it's making me think of branding, lettering, illustration, layout, all in one. Onward!


Really enjoying the llama's colorway. Makes me think of Mexico, sort of.

Carnaval 2009

Bloco Gigantes da Lira

Rio de Janeiro

Fevereiro 2009


O Gigantes da Lira é um bloco de palhaços, originalmente voltado para crianças, que desfila em Laranjeiras, Rio, sempre no fim de semana anterior ao do Carnaval.




Carnaval in Rio 2009

Gigantes da Lira Carnival Group parade

Rio de Janeiro

February 2009


Gigantes da Lira Carnival Group is composed most by clowns and children.


Spread from a Fundición Tipográfica Neufville type specimen brochure included in Bleisatzschriften des 20. Jahrhunderts international by Hans Reichardt (ed.)


This family overview differs from another one from Bauer by including an Extra Light Extended (breitleicht) style and not including an Italic Bold Condensed (Kursiv schmalfett).

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