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Morning Nature @ Lake Crabtree County Park. Reflection winter fog.


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So glad we got this instead of snow this winter. One of those cut it with a knife foggy mornings. I actually remember how dangerous it was driving to get here...couldn't see 10 feet in front of me. I need to get my quota of naked trees in before the leaves come out in full force. how I find the mix of frost, fog and early morning sun.


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This image probably will not be to most people's liking, but that's OK. It was just kind of that kind of day and, as my contacts know, I'm predisposed to the mood this portrays.


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This is in Inman SC at Lake Emory.

I know some of you...heck, most of you....are getting tired of these fog shots. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to fix my software problem and I haven't had time to shoot anything new. Hence, more from the archives.


Large on black: 'Forever Fog.' On Black

Fog, wood pilings and birds.

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29 de diciembre de 2012-IMG_1512-Editarbb

My birch tree last autumn before the ice storm broke it in half.

Mt. Douglas Park, Victoria BC


It's been pretty foggy the past few days in Victoria. I stopped at one of my favourite places on the way home to try and capture the fog at a higher elevation. I love the way the light comes through the clouds at the top of the mountain.


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On a recent morning here, it was very foggy as I went to work. I grabbed a camera on my way out the door, and stopped for a few minutes to take some shots. As evidenced by these two shots, I have much to learn before I master even the rudiments of shooting in the fog. I believe that if you can find a quiet place in the fog, you can hear it whisper your name.

Shooting blind. Have you ever shot a photo and said, "Let's see what shows up" ? This is one of those shots.!/SeanSweeneysPhotos

The sun had just broken through the clouds to illuminate this foggy valley at Pounding Mill Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is similar to one of my previous uploads, but I wanted to experiment with editing pictures of fog and clouds. I tend to boost the contrast too much and spoil the soft character of fog. I am trying to find the balance between bringing out what is behind the fog while preserving its soft texture.

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29 de diciembre de 2012-IMG_1536-2bc

Foggy December afternoon.

All alone in the freezing fog. On Explore: 31 Dec 2008 #236

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