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A wall quilt.

13.5"x 14.5"

Paper pieced. Machine quilted. Assorted cottons in tangerine and various oranges, background is Kona Charcoal.


me ،،

لي مبدأ ولي نظره وتحكمني قناعاتي

Made a couple alternate blocks yesterday and I don't really like them.


I was originally thinking 3 dresden blocks but that makes the quilt bigger than the swap requirements.


Back to the drawing board with the alternate blocks. (a view into my process...)

It's done! Just have to add a label.

The triangles stayed.

Hope you like it, partner!

I was too anxious to see it ready, to test my idea ( I was not sure if it would work or not! :))

And as all of my bitty blocker-friends know, I loooooooove tiny things! So this one will be mine!!

And now I know: it works!

Dear Partner, do you prefer a white backgroun? or gray?

As I will make it bigger, Do you prefer solids or prints to the rainbow pieces? Or a mixed one?


Eu estava super anciosa prá ver isso pronto, prá testar minha idéia (eu não tinha certeza se iria dar certo, ou não! :)))

E como vcs sabem que eu adoro miniaturas, eu fiz este pequenininho prá mim!!


Querida partner, você prefere o fundo branco? ou cinza?

e como eu vou fazer maior, você prefere que eu use tecidos lisos ou estampados para fazer o arco-íris? Ou um mix?

Now, all it needs is a label... More to come! Made for Onetexun...

Do you liked?

How should I quilt this Mini, partner??


Você gostou? Como eu deveria quiltar este mini, partner?

Is this palette too sweet for you or do you like it?

From the wonderfully talented Silvana (Silort). What I hadn't realised as I saw this wonderful quilt being pieced was that those rainbows are pieced! Tiny little quarter inch pieces. This quilt is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE in person. Very vibrant and the piecing and quilting are just perfection.

The New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese quilt I created for Kim for FLQS. She was such an inspiration and I LOVED making this quilt and all the little details. I hope you enjoy it!!!


It will be 18" x 18". What you prefer? Black or White?

I decided to finish the "Polaroid of a strange sun" ... I din´t feel like finishing up the bird and tree quilt - sorry! I didn´t like this one soo much - but as I added the dense quilting on the border - I really like it now!! The border loeked "naked" before ...


So this is the one I will be sendung to you!!

Hope you like it partner! Wrapping her up and winging it's way to you ....East, West North or South?

It's done! My mini for FLQS! This is all you get to see for now. The center and back w/ label will have to wait until my partner has it.

I wanted to include some patchwork, which was not as easy as I had assumed it would be. It's less edgy now, but I am hoping it has not become cute, what do you think?

This circle is 9" in diameter and the pointy bit was taken from a pattern by Barbara Barber in a book called The Experts' Guild to Foundation Piecing. The centre was 49 1" squares which I pieced (so they finish at 1/2" square) and then cut into a circle. The centre circle is 3" in diameter and was appliqued in place.


I'm studing the values of the prints to prepare the colors squeme! What you think about it, partner?

Title: Emblemata moralia, et oeconomica, de rervm vsv et abvsv, olim inventa et Belgicis rithmis explicata à Theodoro Cornhertio rerum politicarum auo tempore, inter Belgas peritissimo; nunc verò varijs carminum generibus recens illustrata à Richardo Lubbaeo Broeckmerio Frisio ..

Identifier: emblematamoralia00coor

Year: 1609 (1600s)

Authors: Coornhert, D. V. (Dirk Volkertszoon), 1522-1590

Subjects: Emblems

Publisher: Arnhemi, apud Ioannem Iansonium bibliopolam ibidem, sumptibus Theodori Petri bibliopolae Amstelrodamiersis


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MORALIAiETOECa NOMICA/DERERVM VSV ET ABV- :SV, OLIM INVENTA ET BELGICIS RITH- mis cxphcataa Theodoro Corrihertio rerum politica- rumfuo tempore> inter Belgas peritiflimo ; nunc rcro varijs carminum generibus recens illustrata a Rkhardo Luhbaeo Broecmerio Frijto, Mcnande*: M A K AP 10 2 Ow2 TIS O T*2 lA N K A Iv N 0 T**K B*X II^t^TAl TAf[ Q-flQS m A* AEf JATTJ^KAAtfS.; ■ <■ Uf<$j.£y&st. * c Aa n he m i. Apud Ioannem Ianfonium Bibliopolam ibidem?iumptibus Theodori Petri Bibliopelsr Amftelrodamien£s4 i € © $, - -. -^ - OpTLfcfrTIA WON EXHtLARAr7 necpaupertas contriHat.Melior eft buccclla p&nis cum gaudio,quamdoiaus plcna vi&imis cumiurgio»¥rouerb.i?j*


Text Appearing After Image:

iMem homlnis varh remmjtmulachra figufatoHimnonluxaru ducit ^Adamus Eden: Btpius &rumnas tolerat»ecfentit amara^Sed cQtemfdei deputat ejfefitt* I v~. DE R€RVM. VSV ET ABVSV


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This is the second quilt audition for my Fab Little Quilt Swap partner. Hand quilted with perle cotton.

I know you like circles,modern fabrics and these colours, so is it too boring being too similar to what you usually make/see/like?

Basted and ready to quilt!! Hmmm just not sure how I want to quilt it!

Hiya partner! Here you go another update on my progress! Thanks to all the comments, I redid my center panel and added a bud and a wilting flower too. I mixed up the flower colors from dark to light also. I have one more flower to add, but it must wait for the main attraction to this mini..Wonder what it will be????

A wall quilt.

13.5"x 14.5"

Paper pieced. Machine quilted. Assorted cottons in tangerine and various oranges, background is Kona Charcoal.


Received just now from Silvana (Silort). Look how vibrant this quilt is. It is absolutely stunning.

This is all the more you get to see, partner! I can't even show the center, because it may give it all away.


And ready to ship... as soon as I get the label sewn on. Hope my partner likes it.

And I hope my mama & my partner don't mind that it's a little unconventionally shaped. The size came out to be approx. 11" x 29". More like a table runner. Ooops!

I'm really pleased with how this came out and hope you are too, partner! If anyone is interested in where the inspiration came from for the design I have written about it here:

Hi partner ( and fellow swappers!).


I was wondering which color flowers do you like better? Either the darker, or the lighter printed peachy? I have started quilting the darker flowers, and I feel they pick up the darker peach in my borders. But, I'm at a convenient spot to stop and re-due my center panel if you would rather have it lighter! ( My borders are not sewn in yet...)


Any thoughts, love input!

I am SO lucky to get this beautiful quilt from Lucinda (Lucyellen06). I fell in love with this as soon as I saw and I knew it was so perfect for me. So I was so happy and excited to get my parcel this morning and see Lucinda's name on the front! I can't stop looking at it!!

It is on the way to its new house!! Hope my partner like it!!


This mini quilt is a 15.5" square, made of assorted cottons in yellow, orange and red with a kona charcoal background, binding and back. Quilting is with dark grey thread and red thread around the centre red circle.It is for my partner in the fab little quilt swap.

sorry, I just had to add a few of my was just such a perfect place for them...If you prefer it without birds....I'll make you another.....



Morgenstern ach scheine

auf die Liebste meine

Wirf ein warmes Licht

auf ihr Ungesicht

Sag ihr sie ist nicht alleine.


è che il crepitio d'un tratto è diventato un boato,


... at least a little "spring" pouch will be added :)

What do you think, partner?

Is this something you could like??


Still needs to be basted and quilted...



I don't know if it was what I had in my mind... I will try another idea!


Eu não sei se era o que eu tinha em mente...vou tentar outra ideia!

Woop woop..its all mine and I LOVE IT! It is so beautiful in person. It is a tough mini to take photos of. I tried my best here in the daylight...


Elaine., thank you so much this is just so beautiful. Wow I'm still getting over the shock it came to me!! Thank you partner!

And ready to ship... as soon as I get the label sewn on. Hope my partner likes it.

And I hope my mama & my partner don't mind that it's a little unconventionally shaped. The size came out to be approx. 11" x 29". More like a table runner. Ooops!

Finished size is 13 X 18. I love the way this way turned out...I hate to send it off...I hope my partner likes it!! Just need to pull a few goodies together and it will be in the mail!

Yellows and oranges on Kona Charcoal. This circle is 9" in diameter. There may be more points or maybe not.



144 little paper pieced blocks waiting to be sewn together into a miniature storm at sea. Spot the mistake it yet partner?

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