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It is known that there was a mill as early as 1556. In the following centuries this mill has been regularly renewed. The last time that took place was in 1899. The existing mill (a ground sailor) was demolished and a scaffolding mill came in return. The lower stone part was built on site and the actual mill was from the Zaan region. There the mill was used as an oil mill. In Bunschoten the mill was converted into a flour mill.

Best Out West. Tomahawk Feeds. Sheridan Flouring Mills.


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Had last week a flour shooting with Cat Angelina at Beer's.

Here is one the result. Some more to be seen on Instagram


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For 120 pictures in 2020 #115 "Ways to weigh or measure", bakers frequently measure flour by weight, most home cooks measur it by volume. Here are both ways in one - a cup of flour on a kitchen scale. But I have to admit we almost never bake anything, so this flour went back in the canister to be used in the future to grace some onion rings or fried pickles.

Depuis la ville basse, sur les rives de l’Ander, on peut voir l’église Sainte-Christine devant la ville haute de Saint-Flour.

In the nature of Normandie, wheat on the floor during harvest time.

Epi de blé sur le sol, saison de la moisson en Normandie.

Flour through sieve on black background. Strobe : 1 * 1/2 through softbox on left, triggered by cactus, white reflector on right.


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Old Flour Sack Happy Vale Farms flour used to arrive in cotton sacks, at some place they changed to paper bags or boxes, this is an old one found in North Carolina.

Once there were about two dozen flour mills in eastern Washington. Now the Barron flour mill is the only one left. It was built in 1890 and finally closed in 1960.

Beautiful old flour mill in Port Adelaide, South Australia

More of Downtown Hastings Nebraska.

A visit to de Molen is a totally unique experience and a must do if you're passing through Foxton


De Molen was officially opened in April 2003. Built to plans/specifications obtained from the Netherlands, it is a full scale replica of a traditional 17th Century Dutch flourmill.


Tour the upper levels and working parts of de Molen. Stone ground flour, milled here in de Molen, is available for purchase along with Dutch groceries, (including licorice, Dutch cheeses and croquettes).


De Molen and The Dutch Oven are run by The Foxton Windmill Trust Inc. which is a non-profit organisation. All proceeds go into the upkeep and running of de Molen.


They mill flour using millstones in the traditional manner.


The traditional stone-ground flour mill, De Molen, has been out of order since storms in late February took panels off its blades and exposed rotting timber.


It sustained further damage in high winds this week




Tourism is a major part of the District and Foxton's economy. Foxton is the home of NZ's horse-drawn tram plus a sound and movie museum; flax stripper museum; dutch windmill and more


Foxton is a thriving township with local and national branded businesses.. Surrounded to the North, East and South by agricultural and pastoral farming, Foxton also supports a number of commercial and service industries and an all-weather racecourse. The main shopping area, and attractions, are situated one block from SH1 adjacent to the Manawatu River Loop on the northern bank of the Manawatu River.


Flour Power Day para Proyecto L'Atelier II - Muy divertido!!!!



Lunes / Mondays: Tema Libre

London Road, Dover, UK.

Built around 1840.

Now mainly residential.

The last remaining of five water powered flour mills in Garfield County, WA. The mill was built in 1878 and all the original equipment remains in place, although no longer operating. The current owners serve meals in return for donations to pay for upkeep and improvements.

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Good day to all!

Thank you for your visits and comments.


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Bonne journée à tous !

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Good day to all!

Thank you for your visits and comments.


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Mamshit - Nabatean city

This abandoned flour mill can be found by the Kings river near Enissnag, Co Kilkenny. It was three stories high and is very large. It was built in 1824 and was operational until 1948

My husband Sanjay investigates the same flour mill (from my earlier upload) operated by a running stream in Giu village of Spiti valley from outside.


Giu is a picturesque little village at a height of around 10000 feet near the Indo-Tibet border in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh.The tiny population is Buddhist.Giu is famous for a naturally preserved mummy about 550 years old.The mummy is believed to be that of a Buddhist Lama and is preserved in a sitting position in a glass case inside a temple on top of a hill above the village.

I thought my friends who appreciated my earlier upload would like this.:-)

Un değirmeni ,

Su ile çalışan eski değirmen .

Warracknabeal,in the Wimmera of Victoria.

This photo is of Pioneer Flour Mills in San Antonio, which produces baking-mix products for the retail market in twenty-two states in the South and Southwest and for food-service companies that supply hotels, restaurants, and other public institutions throughout the nation. The company also markets gourmet mixes for biscuits, gravies, muffins, and pancakes under its San Antonio River Mill store trade name to the direct-mail gift market and wholesale to specialty stores and frozen baked products from its Pioneer Frozen Foods subsidiary in Duncanville (near Dallas) throughout the United States.

Flour mill, Nederasselt (Guelders), the Netherlands.

This former grain mill was built in 1741 and rebuilt in 1973.


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Castleford, Flour Mill

From the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie, you can see part of the Guthrie on the left, a few of downtown's tallest skyscrapers, one of my favorite Minneapolis neon signs, the riverfront and part of the Stone Arch in front of the distant Hennepin Ave Bridge. A lot going on in this frame!

King Mill in Lowell, MI

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