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Berries In Fall


There was this beautiful tree laden with beautiful red berries right in fround of our apartment. The morning showers had drenched the tree and the berries were soaking wet. They looked amazing


This picture was featured in EXPLORE - Thanks to everyone for your valuable comments and invitations. Thanks A lot...


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I need to learn how to weld.


Anyone know anything about this building? I think it is on Rivington St, in the Lower East Side (NYC)


#401 on Flickr Explore, June 23, 2008

A busy bee enjoying the world of a sunflower. For those who like to see things in more detail (i.e. large).


Reached interestingness #2 on 16 May 2006 and appeared on the Explore page.

Winner 200 views weekly photo competition - Week 40

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colorful building seen on my boat intercoastal Riviera beach


Lots of colors for a warm and wonderful day.

Casa Deo Bepi Sua Door. Colorful house in Burano, Italy painted in geometric patterns. Color photography by Donna Corless.


Prints and notecards are available for purchase from my site at from the Italy in Color Gallery.

Good morning. When it comes to candy to nibble while watching a movie in a theater or at home...DOTS definitely rule. Except for Jube - Jubes nothing is better. Except for maybe Juicy Fruits :-)


And I was finally able to find a place that sells the large boxes of candy you typically find at the concession stand in movie theaters/complexes. When I did it prompted me to take a few photos on one of my truly favorite candies.


Take care...and I hope everyone has a great day.




ISO100, aperture f/19, exposure 6 seconds (6) focal length 70mm

a portion of a stained glass window at my church (14th street CRC in Holland Michigan)


A bouquet had a variety of flowers but I liked the red carnations best. I tried for a look like a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Chosen as one winner for September 2008 in the pool A Universe of Flowers.

Please, repeat more times the stops!



This shot was taken for the 'pairs' theme on the Nottingham Flickr Group.

I even broke out my multicultural crayons for the event.

Strobist info: Off-camera flash behind the subject (SB-600 TTL 0.0 w/green gel);

Off-camera flash bounced off myself (SB-800 TTL 0.0 w/red gel) and

built-in flash as wireless commander (TTL -3.0)

Strong colors haven't been modified except by camera settings (vivid mode).


I went to a candy shop today and got a load of candies. I am just suprised any candy made it home long enough to be photographed at all! Yep, it's candy, not a berry.




Tablelight lighted the right. Computer screen behind lighting the glass table to give blue light in the back. SB-600 in TTL mode to light the left side. SB-600 light shot through an umbrella at 50mm. I believe it is -0.7 flash output.

A side street in Quito,Ecuador

Heh. I blame Luke and Chris.

If you're wondering what this is about, check the Flickr Blog.


Update #1: the competition is looking really good - be sure to check out the other entries.


Update #2: And the winners are ...


Update #3: Well, not a beer, but I did win a glass of lemonade! See below.

Original Clogged Crayon Art: UnTrapped Melted Blue Splodge


Here it is . . . the unmanipulated, straight from the wrapper, melted crayon art! (and Chris, I thought I was done posting!) . . .

Good morning. Just three postings this morning of wild flowers taken last summer when out in the field photographing butterflies. Unfortunately all I had with me was my 70-300mm zoom lens, which isn't the best for flower macros. And thanks to flickr friend Adrian Warren I was able to identify this as a Oenothera, or "Evening Primrose" as it's more commonly known. In Japanese it's called matsuyoigusa, which literally means grass-waiting-for-early-evening.


Take care...and I hope everyone has a great Friday and upcoming weekend.




ISO200, aperture f/5.8, exposure .001 seconds (1/750) focal length 300mm

An ant’s view narcissus tete a tete .shot using a mirror in my back garden

My donation to the Flickr colouring in contest.

I think I should stick to photography. However, besides learning that, I also learned that coloring for awhile was kind of fun and therapeutic. I want to win the pro account. Left side is some pansies that, after I drew them, I realized I was remembering them wrong. I learned that when you need a picture of a pansy, and you have looked completely through a gardening book, and a recent magazine, that pictures are hard to find when you need them. So I continued to draw them from memory. I'm afraid the memory is almost as shot as my drawing skills. The main difference between the two is I used to have a good memory to lose. I also noticed my circles that I began with are more fried egg shaped now.



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