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My fave shot so far! Check out my blog post about this photo too :)


This photo was selected by Flickr to be 1 of the 20 featured in their "Flickr333" 3rd anniversary benefit auction. w00t!! It is being printed, matted and framed for the auction that will be on March 3, 2007 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street (San Francisco, CA) 6-9 PM. Click here for details. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Kids with Cameras.


When I took this photo back in 2003, it was actually not that well focused - I could only do so much with my old Fuji point&shoot. However, post-processing pays off 3.5years later!


Shown on Nikon Stunning Gallery week of Feb.28, 2007.


Shown on HP Resolution on Thurs, March 15, 2007.


Phriday Photo for February 15, 2007.


(DSCF0539-edited. See here for the original.)

I'm very happy find that this shot was selected among 19 others for the Flickr 333 benefit auction. The proceeds will go to Kids with Cameras. Well done to everyone that took part!

To celebrate "Flickr Turns 4" we're hosting an event for all the Maldives users on Flickr. And we appreciate all your presence. Meet up for a chit chat.. or grab a piece from our anniversary cake :). read more


Male' Capital of Maldives

Sea House restaurant.


Time: 18:30 - 20:00 hrs

Date: 15th March 2008

From our visit at my mom's on Saturday. These are on her dining room table and are from one of her plants outside. Can someone tell me what they are. I know they are a common flower but, i'm just not a flower kinda girl.


Was playing with curves, levels, and exposure. At frist I was going to post this more "real" to what it looked like, exposure and color wise but ended up with this and liked it.

Koi fish go crazy while I feed them at a Bonsai park on Jeju Island, South Korea.


Thanks to Flickr 333! This is one of 20 photographs selected for the Flickr 333 birthday party and benefit auction.


All the proceeds from the auction go to Kids with Cameras.

One of my favourite photos from Barcelona trip!

Flickr Explore 15th January 2007

Ya, well, there you have it..... my genuine intention written in ink and recorded by the camera!


A variation on this work by John Baldessari


My January rules: titles and/or descriptions.

for a friend of us: susi


if you recognize yourself or anything else in these pics, please feel free to add a tag, note, or comment :)

the rest of him is pretty famous too

Taken at the Japanese Gardens in Forth Worth, Texas. I love the fall there!


Entry for the Flickr333 charity auction. If selected, the full res version is located in my Flickr 333 set marked "private"

thanks mark! more photos from flickr 333 here.

Pink and blue yip yips!

"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun." — William Shakespeare

"I'd go out of my mind but for you" — Sting, Sister Moon


One of my first experiences with Compact Disc Digital Audio was upon hearing Sting's album, "...Nothing Like The Sun." I was visiting a musician friend in L.A. and we decided to check out the IMAX Theater (at the Museum of Science and Industry). Though this was my first IMAX viewing, I cannot even remember what movie played. What I do remember: the surround-sound audio system installed in that theater. While everyone waited for the movie to begin, they played this (newly released) Jazz-Rock-Fusion album from Sting.


I must admit, for me, listening to this album was a near-religious experience. I had never heard pure-digital, surround-sound, that before. The best of "...Nothing Like The Sun" played for about 20 minutes that afternoon. They completed the set with the Jimi Hendrix cover, Little Wing. I have never been (quite) the same since.


Ron A. Parker



Music Lover


or maybe the other way round...

With her Canon Rebel XT (?)

Based on the face of the yip...and expression in its eyes...yips need their personal space

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